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Looking For A Leather Satchel For Men? Here Are 14 Of The Best

by Jasmine Waters
Leather Satchel For Men

Don’t shoot the messenger, but a leather satchel could be the bag you’ve been looking for. It can be hard to find the perfect bag that’s in between holding your stuff in pockets and carrying an overly large rucksack – because everyone’s decided they want you to help carry their things, too.

This is where the satchel perfectly fits in. Initially designed as a piece of light luggage, this is the kind of men’s bag that works from a day in the office through to a chic piece of arm-candy in the evening. We’ve put together a list of the best leather satchels for men available right now to save you the search. 

A Brief History Of The Messenger Bag For Men 

Messenger Bag For Men Outsons
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Don’t be confused – a messenger bag and a satchel are two different choices, all dependent on whether you choose to add a shoulder strap. From first being associated with book carrying, these leather bags have only continued to grow in popularity as the years have passed.

A leather bag is one that is going to last you a lifetime, keeping its durability and aging well. A style that always makes practicality a priority, the convenience of a satchel has become an essential. 

For an updated twist on the look, a satchel style rucksack is a perfect hybrid. Still in-keeping with the messenger bag feel, additional storage keeps those all-important essentials in easy to use reach.

Cuero DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

This model might be more price high on the men’s bag scale, but it’s also high on quality. With an included adjustable strap with shoulder padding, the main laptop compartment comes with extra zippered pockets to help sort your valuables with ease.

Newhey Mens Laptop Shoulder Canvas Messenger Bag

If you’re struggling to pair colour in your outfit to your bag, why limit yourself to one? Made from high quality water-resistant wax, convenience has never looked more retro or stand-out. A price low for this type of style and quality, shop the bargain before it’s gone. 

STILORD ‘Nico’ Large Shoulder Bag

A different take on the typical satchel look, this Stilord men’s bag brings an air of premium to the shortlist. With a price to match, the bag is 100% genuine leather and can fit a laptop or notebook of up to 15.6 inches. Perfect to be used as a business and travelling bag, it’s the first on our list to close with a zip, giving it an extra feel of old meeting new.

ASOS DESIGN satchel 

For a feeling of satchel chic meets streetwear, this ASOS design is both of a price low for the look while maintaining a high-end essence. This leather is completely wipe-clean with a matte finish, and extra features of a grab handle, flat top and additional adjustable strap. 

Vintage Casual Leather Backpack

This men’s leather backpack is a great midway point between casual and formal, satchel and backpack. Available in multiple colours, shoulder straps can be tightened for carrying comfort, with a range of pockets for all your belongings. At an extremely low price point, it’s a perfect classic, vintage bag to finish off any outdoorsy look. 

Xieben Vintage Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

Another variation on a men’s messenger bag, this chic but sleek bag is a great choice for any outdoor activity day. Low on price but high on quality, made of real cow-hide leather and high-quality fastenings. Available in multiple variations and colours, these leather bags are ideal for multi-purpose use. 

UBAYMAX Men’s Leather Messenger Satchel Bag

A price low for a premium look, this Ubaymax bag combines the best of both worlds, with slimline features for an effortless overall impact. Showcasing its great craftsmanship, there’s plenty of room to sort essentials while still being modern and casual. Made from real buffalo leather, this model proves that leather bags can really be whatever you need.

Bison Denim Mens Genuine Leather Briefcase

Want to shop for something sharp? This Bison Spirit bag exudes functional business at its best. Lined to enhance its function and longevity, it’s handcrafted to fit any belongings up to an A4 size. It might have a price high for these kinds of men’s bags, but it continues to deliver in its look, function and long-spanning lifetime. 

S-ZONE Unisex Mens Shoulder Messenger Bags 

Leather satchel meets leather saddle in this bag design that we didn’t know we needed. This military-style bag with a price low for any style, leather is infused with a collection of other fabrics to create a bag that’s lightweight as well as long-lasting. Worn over the shoulder, this bag will close with traditional buckled straps and has the best use to store and sort belongings for sports and fishing trips. 

STILORD ‘Johann’ Classic Leather Briefcase

For an all-out traditional take on the men’s leather bag, look no further. These bags still have a lot of popularity thanks to our love of all things vintage, that can still sort your stuff into a number of different sections, including one for a 15.6 inch laptop or iPad. Use this bag for a full day at the office, offering a 2-in-1 concept of handheld and shoulder carry while also having the option to close with a clasp.

Bugatti Citta 

Did someone say Bugatti? Sadly, it’s not the one you’re thinking of. Instead, this black leather bag offers the ideal medium sized bag to help with carrying those essential items that don’t quite fit into other sizes. A price high that’s a fit for better quality, this new design includes a padded tablet pocket and will close with a magnetic seal. With a contrasting grey inner lining, this bag is a great choice when looking for something a little bit different. 

Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Bag

Although it’s unusual to see leather bags without any obvious outer straps, this men’s bag is sleek and compact while being quintessentially a messenger bag. Durable, luxurious and roomy on the inside, there’s easy access to your items that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. This new style of bags makes it easy to search for what you need in a hurry, while maintaining a competitive price point. 

Jack&Chris Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase

Want to put your laptop first? Shop for this bag to mix new priority with old-school looks. Both lightweight with anti-dirt protection, these bags will be in high demand to get you through a long working day. Shop this bag for high quality cow-hide leather that will last long-term while new bags falter.

Komal’s Passion Handmade Briefcase

Rounding off our search with a price low for what it offers, this men’s bag shows a new take on the traditional, all-leather messenger look. 

Best Leather Satchel For Men Checklist 

Can’t decide which leather bags will suit your best? Shop from these choices of men’s bags to help end your search or check out our article on The best commuter bags for men

  • Cuero DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag
  • Newhey Mens Laptop Shoulder Canvas Messenger Bag
  • STILORD ‘Nico’ Large Shoulder Bag
  • Vintage Casual Leather Backpack
  • Xieben Vintage Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag
  • UBAYMAX Men’s Leather Messenger Bag
  • Bison Denim Mens Genuine Leather Briefcase
  • S-ZONE Unisex Mens Shoulder Messenger Bags
  • STILORD ‘Johann’ Classic Leather Briefcase
  • Bugatti Citta
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Bag
  • Jack&Chris Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase
  • Komal’s Passion Handmade Briefcase

Feature image: Álvaro Serrano

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