101 Awesome Spiky Hair Ideas For Men

by Jamie Wilson
Awesome Spiky Hair Ideas For Men

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Spiky hair has been associated with that edgy rock ‘n’ roll look for quite some time. But in today’s modern world, spiky hair can take many forms. It can be cool and edgy, or simple and classy. It can also work great with short, medium, and long hair. Therefore, it is no wonder why it is such a popular hair choice for many. If you want to find out some of our Favorite Spiky Hair Ideas for Men, keep on reading!

How To Make Your Hair Spiky

In case you don’t want to go to your barber to get a new haircut, you can always achieve the spiky hair look by yourself. You can use gel or gel-like-products in your hair. Do upward-moving motions with some parts of your hair for that spiked hair look. Be aware that this is only a short-term solution, and your spikes will probably be gone by the end of the day. But if you are looking for something more long-term, here are our favorite Spiky haircuts!

1. Buzz Cut Spiked Hair 

Buzz Cut Spiked Hair
@Hannah Skelly via Unsplash

Spikes on your hair don’t need to be super long. This buzz cut shows how styling your spiky hair doesn’t need to be hard. It is short in the middle with somewhat messy spikes. You can always add some products to your hair for a more textured look. This hairstyle can work for pretty much anyone. Style it a bit more professionally for work, and go all out for your party look.

2. Texture Short Spiky Haircuts

Texture Short Spiky Haircuts
@Erik Lucatero via Unsplash

Styling spiky hair doesn’t need to be a hassle when you have naturally wavy hair. Keep your hair in the middle short, and do a buzz cut on the side. This will make your hair spiky immediately while adding it to some texture. For an extra pop, you can always change your hair color to a blonde or any other cool color.

3. Short Spiky Hair Fade 

Short Spiky Hair Fade 
@Mubariz Mehdizadeh via Unsplash

When your spikes are short, there is no need to answer the question on how to spike hair. Short spikes give you a natural cut, which is very easy to wear. There is no need to add any products since your spiky hair is going to look spiky naturally. This hairstyle works great for people who need to have their hair look neat at all times.

4. Short Spiky Haircuts for Over 50

Short Spiky Haircuts for Over 50
@Phuc Pham via pexels

Spiky hairstyles are mostly seen on younger people, but that doesn’t mean that older men can’t wear it. By doing short spikes and connecting them with your beard, you get that fine hair spiky look. These hairstyles are easy to maintain and give you a younger look in general. They can also work for any occasion and are quickly styled.

5. Short Spiky Hairstyles For Fine Hair 

Short Spiky Hairstyles For Fine Hair 
@Ralph Rabago via pexels

Maybe you don’t want your spiky hair to be all in spikes, but just a few spikes at the top of your hair. If that is the case, then this cut is for you. With natural hair on the sides and just some spikes at the top of your hair, this spiky hair looks very well put together. It gives you a super smooth look, and it is very easy to style. Just add some gel to it in the morning, and it will look good for the whole day!

6. Faux Hawk Spiky Hairstyles

Faux Hawk Spiky Hairstyles
@Joes Valentine via Unsplash

Faux Hawk is one of the hairstyles which some know as spiky hair. Spikes on this cut aren’t as prominent, but still, give you that edgy look. They are mostly combined with a buzz cut on the side, while the spikes are styled on one side of your hair. The faux hawk hairstyles don’t need that much styling and are very versatile. They can work great as both professional and laid back hairstyles.

7. Undercut Spiked Up Hair

Undercut Spiked Up Hair
@Panos Sakalakis via Unsplash

In case you want your spiky hair to be out there and don’t mind styling it, then this undercut spiked up hair is for you. With a few prominent longer spikes in the front and an undercut on the side, this hair created a layered look. It is very modern and fashionable. Therefore this hair may not work with everyone’s styling. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic option for people who aren’t afraid to be trendsetters. 

8. Messy Short Spiky Hair 

Messy Short Spiky Hair 
@Hannes Wolf via Unsplash

Messy spiky hair is the way to go for those people who don’t have time in the morning to do their hair. You can brush through your hair in the morning with your hand for a laid back look. If you want to add some extra elements to it, you can always go blonde or do shaved sides. All in all, messy spiky hair is the way to go if you like that effortless look.

Having Said All of That,

Spiky hair isn’t going to be for everyone, but it is a fantastic hairstyle. It gives you an edgy look, but you can also do it in a more classy way. You can keep it short or long, with a lot of spikes, or just a few spikes. It is super versatile and in most cases, easy to maintain. If you want to spice up your hairstyle in an easy way, then spiky hair is the way to go. We hope you liked today’s article, and maybe you will be rocking one of these haircuts very soon.

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