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The Best Overalls for Men in 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

by Cressida meale

Over the past few seasons, overalls for men have surged in popularity, reshaping our sartorial perceptions. But with an overwhelming array of choices in 2023, how does one choose? Dive into today’s blog post, where I’ll unravel the 15 best overalls for men this year, spanning both hard work and high fashion. By the end, you’ll have a crisp understanding of the frontrunners in the game and know which pair resonates with your style and needs. Buckle up (or should I say, strap in?), and let’s explore this world together.

The Timeless Tale of Men’s Overalls

The Timeless Tale of Men's Overalls
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/5261066-Jessica-Buurman-Overalls-Bleu-Canard

Hello, fashion enthusiasts! Let’s hop into the time machine today and rewind a bit. We’re dialing back to the late 19th century when the iconic denim brand Levi Strauss & Co. gifted the world with a game-changing attire: the overall. Conceived as a sturdy wear for our blue-collar heroes, it featured a nifty bib front, perfect for storing tools and knick-knacks. Fast forward to 2023, and voilà! From construction sites to runway ramps, from garden plots to snow peaks, overalls have conquered it all. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of fun pairing them with everything from tees to turtlenecks!

The Must-Have List of 2023

Walls Men’s Big Smith Overalls

Walls Men's Big Smith Rigid Bib Overall

On a day when I’m channeling some serious ’90s vibes, Walls has my back. These are incredibly reliable for manual tasks and blend seamlessly with retro fashion. Those adjustable bib straps? Lifesavers for days when I’ve had one too many croissants.

Coofandy Denim Overalls

Coofandy Denim Overalls

On lazy Sundays, when comfort is key, Coofandy’s overalls are my go-to. Designed for a roomier fit, these are perfect for lounging or running errands. And the big pocket? Perfect to sneak in some snacks.

Carhartt Unlined Duck Overalls

Carhartt Unlined Duck Overalls

Carhartt is your mate if you’re about the grind as I am about fashion. Whether it’s gardening, painting, or a DIY project, these overalls have pockets galore for every tool in the shed.

Smoke Rise Utility Overalls

Smoke Rise Utility Overall

Ever wanted to steal the spotlight effortlessly? Step into the Smoke Rise overalls. Paired with cool kicks, these are my secret weapon for weekend brunches or evening hangouts.

Amazon Essentials Snow Overalls

Amazon Essentials Snow Overalls

Skiing trips or snowball fights, these overalls have seen me through. They’re my winter armor, keeping the chill at bay while ensuring I’m the most stylish snow warrior.

Liberty Duck Bib Overalls

Liberty Duck Bib Overalls

For those who have a passion for gardening, as I do, Liberty makes it comfortable and chic. Trust me, planting roses or chasing butterflies, these are versatile!

Stan Ray Blue Overalls

Stan Ray Blue Overalls

Picnic by the beach or a summer soirée, these are my cheerful attire. Just unclip a bib, throw in a funky tee underneath, and I’m the life of the party.

Dickies Men’s Overalls

Dickies Men's Overalls

Dickies and festivals go hand in hand for me. There are so many pockets that I sometimes need to remember where I keep my sunglasses! And with eight shades to pick, there’s one for every mood.

DUOltd Denim Overalls

DUOltd Denim Overalls

These overalls scream chic. Paired with a classic white tee and loafers, they’re my outfit choice for those trendy rooftop gatherings.

Filson Double Hunting Overalls

Filson Double Hunting Overalls

Outdoorsy trips demand Filson. Trust me, trekking through dense woods or sitting by the campfire, they’re both protective and stylish.

Polartec Swoveralls: The Ultimate Loungewear

Polartec Swoveralls

Imagine the comfort of your favorite tracksuit married to the functionality of overalls. Enter the Polartec Swoveralls! Once, during a Netflix binge, I lived in these for a weekend. No waistband, super soft fleece inside, and a trendy exterior – they’re relaxation in clothing form. And the range of colors? There’s one for every mood swing.

BenBoy Snow Overalls: Snow-Ready Fashion 

BenBoy Snow Overalls

Dreaming of that winter getaway? Imagine cutting through the snowy slopes, feeling the adrenaline, and looking fabulous. BenBoy’s overalls ensure just that. They’re like a warm hug for snow enthusiasts. I remember racing down the slopes with friends, cozy and chic, while everyone wondered where I got them!

Carhartt Unlined Overalls: The Workhorse 

Carhartt Unlined Overalls

Carhartt, once again, offers us something functional yet effortlessly stylish. These overalls were my trusty companions during one of my DIY home projects. Those adjustable suspenders? Genius! And the stretchy material? It means more freedom and fewer wardrobe malfunctions. So, your style remains uncompromised whether you’re up a ladder or bending down.

Longbida Denim Overalls: A Walk on the Wild Side 

Longbida Denim Overalls

If you’ve a flair for the dramatic like me, Longbida’s denim overalls are your canvas. I’ve paired them with bold tees and worn-in sneakers for that urban explorer vibe. The fit accentuates in just the right places, making them the perfect outfit for impromptu photoshoots with friends or just feeling yourself.

Key Apparel Washed Overalls: A Century-Old Classic 

Key Apparel Washed Overalls

Going vintage has its charm. Key Apparel overalls take me on a nostalgic journey every time I wear them. With a legacy dating back to 1908, these overalls are like a history lesson in fashion. And the best part? Maintenance is a breeze. Toss them in, tumble dry, and you’re good to go.

15 Features To Consider When Buying Overalls

Here’s a breakdown of the specific features and styles of each pair of overalls from the provided lists:

1. Walls Men’s Big Smith Overalls

  • Features: Durable, plenty of pockets, five-piece bib pocket, adjustable straps.
  • Style: Traditional work overalls suitable for manual labor with a touch of ’90s flair.

2. Coofandy Denim Overalls

  • Features: Designed for a more oversized frame, lightweight, easy to clean, big bib pocket.
  • Style: Relaxed fit, denim construction.

3. Carhartt Unlined Duck Overalls

  • Features: 100% ring-spun cotton duck, elastic suspenders, multi-compartment bib, reinforced leg protection.
  • Style: Rugged work overall, functional with a traditional aesthetic.

4. Smoke Rise Utility Overalls

  • Features: Low front, large bib pocket, multiple storage options.
  • Style: Fashion-forward, tighter legs for a sleeker look.

5. Amazon Essentials Snow Overalls

  • Features: Designed for snow, water-resistant, full-body zipper, adjustable elastics, and D-ring attachment.
  • Style: Snow and ski wear, functional and snug.

6. Liberty Duck Bib Overalls

  • Features: Multiple pockets, cotton duck bib, reinforced stress points.
  • Style: Traditional work wear, available in two colors.

7. Stan Ray Blue Overalls

  • Features: Denim construction with light stripes and yellow embroidery.
  • Style: Casual, beach vibe with a playful touch of color.

8. Dickies Men’s Overalls

  • Features: Abundant pockets, hammer loop, large bib, triple-stitch seams.
  • Style: Versatile, suitable for both work and festivals, available in eight colors.

9. DUOltd Denim Overalls

  • Features: Straight-leg silhouette, side button fastening, multiple pockets.
  • Style: Sleek and stylish, a standout in any setting.

10. Filson Double Hunting Overalls

  • Features: Water-resistant materials, sturdy zippers, and leg zips for boot access.
  • Style: Hunting attire, camouflage-ready.

11. Polartec Swoveralls

  • Features: No waistband, soft fleece interior, durable exterior.
  • Style: Blend of tracksuit and overalls, lounge-friendly.

12. BenBoy Snow Overalls

  • Features: Designed for skiing/snowboarding, polyester construction, heat and water-resistant technologies.
  • Style: Sporty, functional snowwear.

13. Carhartt Unlined Overalls

  • Features: Adjustable suspenders, large bib pocket, stretchy material.
  • Style: Work-centric with a comfortable fit.

14. Longbida Denim Overalls

  • Features: Tighter bottom half, looser waist.
  • Style: Trendy and casual accentuates the calves.

15. Key Apparel Washed Overalls

  • Features: Signature design, denim with diamond-back, triple-needle stitching.
  • Style: Classic, vintage feel with modern durability.

Each of these overalls has its unique features and style, catering to a wide range of uses and fashion preferences!


In wrapping up overalls have clearly evolved from their purely utilitarian origins to become a versatile fashion statement. When selecting the perfect pair, consider your personal style, intended use, and comfort. Remember, while they’re an easy go-to, ensuring the right fit is essential to avoid any fashion faux pas. Be mindful of the material, especially for specific uses like snow or heavy-duty work. As with any fashion choice, it’s all about expressing yourself and feeling good in what you wear. So, armed with these insights, take the plunge! Mix, match, accessorize, and redefine your style statement with overalls.

Feature image by https://lookbook.nu/look/7863212-Texture-By-Sunaj-Henley-Round-House-Overalls

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