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How To Get Alex Turner’s Hairstyle

by Jamie Wilson
Alex Turner

Alex Turner has been setting the style standards for over a decade now, but his wardrobe isn’t the only thing that’s matured, his choice of hairstyle has grown up too. Here’s a guide on how to rock Alex Turner’s hairstyle, both past, and present, along with expert advice and tips to help you pull it off.

Alex Turner’s Hairstyles

Starting with the feathered fringe, followed by the long locks and now the quiff, the frontman’s barnet has been making waves for some time. Fans of Turner’s hair know about all of his transformations. Rock stars are always about having a new look, just take a look at John Travolta, Beatles, etc. A mixture of easy-to-wear, classic styles that won’t have you up at dawn to get right – it’s no wonder that men are fond of recreating his style.

Check out some of his most memorable styles and how to achieve them below.

#1: Short Mod Style Hairstyle

Alex Turner
Arctic Monkeys – CD102.5 Big Room – Alex Turner” by cdubya1971 via WordPress

Way back in 2006, The Arctic Monkeys climbed into our ears with scruffy tales of teenage life and a frank honesty that was nothing short of endearing. At the time, Turner’s short haircut tended to flit between a cropped mod style to a longer version with lots of choppy layering throughout.

Both of these haircuts featured longer sideburn face drapes which generally ended somewhere between his earlobe and jawline, framing his face. No neatness here, however, they were heavily hacked into before they were brushed forward in a messy fashion.

Tips on How To Get a Short Mod Haircut:

  • This style suits medium to thick hair the best, as it needs quite a bit of hair to play with for the layering to look right. Watch out for your hair’s texture, and always invest in your hair wax.
  • Fellas with a square or triangle face, like Turner, are best suited to this style.
  • Once you’ve got the cut done right, simply style with thickening and/or grooming lotion onto damp hair then separate the sections with your fingers while drying. Keep it all in place by finishing with a blast of hairspray.

#2: Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Hairstyle
@laviddichterman via WordPress

As the noughties ended, Alexa and Alex were ruling the likes of Coachella with their vintage seventies vibes. The frontman started to sport loose waves as the mod style grew out, looking a little like Richard Ashcroft from The Verve. This was around the time the Arctic Monkeys had unveiled the darker trippier songs of Humbug, as they explored a world beyond the energetic recollections of alcohol-fuelled stories in the previous two albums.

Tips on How To Get a Shoulder Length Haircut:

  • While it’s the most low maintenance style of the lot, take your natural hair type into consideration before committing. The middle parting works best for straight or curly types, but if your hair is neither, don’t fret – just slide your parting more to a particular side.
  • A good hairdryer will make managing longer locks that little bit easier – adding volume and giving you more control with styling.
  • With longer locks, you really can’t afford to scrimp on decent care products – most notably, a conditioner. Something enriched with nutrients, like Malin & Goetz’s option, will serve you well.

#3: Teddy Boy Hairstyle

Teddy Boy Hairstyle
Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) @ FIB 2011, Benicàssim backstage” by fiberfib via WordPress

There were a lot of changes in 2012 and 2013 for the frontman, playing the Olympics, releasing the new sound of the Arctic Monkeys, and a totally new Alex Turner hairstyle. He’d come a long way since the days of being a spotty-faced teenager in Sheffield and his trunk hairstyle was the finishing touch. He looked like a proper put-together bloke now; dressing in a classic biker style and proving the D.A. (short for duck’s ass) haircut has stood the test of time.

Tips on How To Get a Teddy Boy Haircut:

  • You’ll need to be working with at least a couple of inches of hair at the front before you even attempt to give this one a whirl.
  • Start by squeezing a dollop of gel into your hands and rubbing them together, run your palms through your hair and comb the sides upwards, forming a ducks tail shape at the rear by combing the remaining hair at the sides back.
  • To create the forehead bump, flip the front section of your hair over and back until you’ve got the desired shape – for maximum impact, fold over half and let the rest drape over the forehead.
  • You can use putty, gum, styling gel, or clay-like Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay to lock this one down without the shine.

#4: Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle
Alex Turner” by mgmtandme via WordPress

Currently, Alex Turner’s hairstyle is still slicked and well kept, now 30, he’s playing with influences from a different decade, alongside his style sibling Miles Kane. Not many blokes can pull it right back with gel, and team it with loafers and a full-on tracksuit but Turner can and that’s why he’s always top in the style stakes.

Tips on How To Get a Slicked Back Hairstyle:

  • It’s so simple! Just unpick any knots, run some product through and comb back.
  • For a light sheen use a pomade like the one in this knockout kit from Uppercut Deluxe, if your hair is on the fine side you’ll be more suited to a light hold, like Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight.

How to Style Your Hair like Alex Turner

Alex Turner
Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys” by B.Riordan. via WordPress

With Turner, much of the secrets of his superior hair stylings are in the complimentary nature of how his dressing fit with his current barnet. If you’re a cool and contemporary kind of dresser, perhaps a short mullet isn’t the best way forward. That being said, if you can rock one of his iconic styles with confidence – you’re halfway there.

On That Note

We can see that, for the most part, Alex Turner’s hairstyles are doable classics that most men can easily replicate. As he picks an era to play with, the lyricist’s locks and clothes follow suit channeling the style as much as in the music. Luckily for any of

Luckily for any of these, you won’t need a barber on speed dial, just keep a little pocket comb on standby and some quality styling products. Want to put our Alex Turner hair tutorials to the test? Grab yourself some grooming goodies by following the link below.

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