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101 Best Triangle Geometric Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Triangle Geometric Tattoo

Waiting to choose the perfect triangle geometric tattoo to ink? Here are the 10 best triangle shape tattoo designs to fall in love with!

Triangle Geometric Tattoo
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If one wants to represent creativity, wisdom, beauty, and other meanings related to growth, a simple triangle tattoo design goes a long way.

The triangle symbol can also spiritually represent god’s eye and the Holy Trinity, a mountain range as a form of nature, tribal tattoos, and also the past, present, and future. The simple triangle design also represents the letter Delta in Greek culture.

When they point upwards, triangle tattoos represent masculinity and power, while the inverted shapes of the triangle represent femininity. Its three sides and three corners are a symbol of equality. It symbolizes the holy spirit, the holy trinity, or the amalgamation of the past, present, and future that holds important spiritual significance in Christianity. They also seek to represent the positive change and balance in the world: the symbolic meaning is shown by four triangles (as the four elements) as higher wisdom and peace established through balance.

A triangle tattoo design is then versatile and a triangle tattoo meaning is entrenched deeply in connection, harmony, growth, and religious wisdom. A triangle outline is the oldest symbol known in the world, and a sign of the times, it is inked on the body to support the cause of many important global issues like the LGBTQIA+ community. Triangles hence, along with both triangle tattoo designs and their meaning are hence very popular in body art.

So this is absolutely the right blog if you are looking forward to getting inked with a triangle tattoo. Here are some of the most popular tattoos we have curated right for you to choose from!

The Abstract Black Triangle Tattoo

The Abstract Black Triangle Tattoo
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This triangle tattoo meaning is simple, and yet there are no lines drawn as boundaries to the triangle shape, which makes it more eye-catching. The abstract nature of the tattoo adds the triangle shapes to represent a mountain range, also making it a triangle geometric mountain tattoo.

With skilled filling work with black ink and cleanly finished edges, the tattoo artist surely has worked wonders. This triangle tattoo is perfect if you want to form a minimalistic look as well as represent Nature.

The Simple Upside Down Triangle Tattoo

The Simple Upside Down Triangle Tattoo
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When inverted, a simple triangle tattoo is said to represent traditional femininity. In addition, the upside-down triangle tattoo is also symbolic of the water element- the wisdom of staying grounded, sixth sense, and flexibility.

There is also a dark angle to this triangle tattoo. The upside-down or inverted black triangle was also used to mark Jewish prisoners by the Nazi police in the Holocaust, the largest state-sponsored genocide in the world that took away multiple lives. In continuity with support for global issues, this tattoo can also be inked in solidarity with the survivors and in remembrance of their struggles. This extremely small triangle tattoo is powerful in representing both spiritual meaning and paying homage to the survivors of a grave event.

The Four Elements Triangles Tattoo

The Four Elements Triangles Tattoo
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This geometric triangle tattoo represents the classic Four Elements of Nature- Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Inked in a gradient-type shade and intricate dots and filling, this triangle tattoo represents a balance in nature.

Usually, Air and Fire are shown as masculine and Earth and Water as feminine. This triangle tattoo can be ideally inked to represent nature and natural growth and balance within a small design.

The Minimalistic Three Triangle Tattoo

The Minimalistic Three Triangle Tattoo
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Within the categories of symbolic tattoos, this minimalistic triangle tattoo incorporates the representation of humanity when combined.

Combining triangles also creates special meanings which give you the freedom to experiment with the triangular shapes and designs. Inked with simple black colored ink on the hand or even fingers, this tattoo is ideal for a minimalistic inking on the body.

The Spiritual Penrose Triangle Tattoo

The Spiritual Penrose Triangle Tattoo
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The Penrose triangle, also called the Penrose tribar, Impossible triangular shape, or the impossible tribar is an optical illusionary triangle figure whose sides are interlocked such that in reality, it looks like an endless staircase with no openings or endings.

This geometric triangular-shaped Penrose figure has a spiritual twist to it. Inked in deep hues of black with shadings of gray, it depicts the eye of God inside the triangle, with clouds and roots streaming out from outside the triangle tattoo. However, there is a gothic element This tattoo has a sign of the dark times in it as well and borders on the uncertain and dark within the spirit as well.

The Galaxy Impossible Triangle Tattoo

The Galaxy Impossible Triangle Tattoo
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Since Penrose tattoos are in vogue, this is another popular design that has a space and galaxy-inspired Penrose tattoo on the back of the shoulder. This tattoo is the first in its lot in being done with colors: bright and beautiful hues of purple, pink, and greenish blue!

In combining the perfect colors with extreme detail and care, this tattoo truly looks like a Galaxy come alive. Little specs of white ink inside the design add to the beauty of the stars and planets, and the borders are colored with blue, green, and pink colors respectively. Overall, this tattoo is bound to form positive cosmic energy.

The Geometric Triangle Flower Tattoo

The Geometric Triangle Flower Tattoo
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Who does not love a neat little geometric triangular tattoo? And this tattoo, another in the category of colored ones, is here to steal the show. This tattoo also showcases awesome experimentation with exotic flowers tattoo combined with triangle tattoos, combining untamed, exotic nature and wisdom.

Three orchids, exotic flowers and hence visibly rare and majestic, have been placed right behind a translucent frame of the triangular-shaped film, light pink in color and deep black down below. The intricate details inside the flowers, especially the inner blueish petals and the smooth, black-bordered finish, is a design to be jealous of. Be sure to add this tattoo to your list if you want a brightly colored floral tattoo with a geometric triangular shape incorporated inside it.

The Celtic Triangle Tattoo

The Celtic Triangle Tattoo
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This geometric triangular tattoo is famously called a Celtic knot. The Celts believed that this tattoo represents the path to eternity: without a start or an end and hence symbolizes anything like love, faith, friendship, family bonds, and ancestral roots.

Taken as the flow of life itself, this Celtic knot triangle tattoo is appropriate if you want to etch a forever bond in your skin. For this eternity symbol, this triangle tattoo is often also called the “love knot.”

The Matching Triangle Tattoo

The Matching Triangle Tattoo
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A minimalistic tattoo completed in sharp and neatly needled lines, this fine line tattoo design is perfect if you want a small inking with a profound significance. The combining of three different inverted triangles falls under the representation of femininity, water and earth under the natural elements’ balance, wisdom and a metaphor for the connectedness of nature. This is an absolute go-to tattoo design for a first-time inking experience.

This type of design can be inked on various body parts such as the wrist, fingers or even the ankle. It looks really cool and strikes out on its own among the plethora of tattoos.

The Viking Triangle Armband Tattoo

The Viking Triangle Armband Tattoo
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This Viking triangle tattoo is famously called “Valknut” and is made up of three interlocked triangle shapes. This tattoo represents the power of god and the ability of the tattoo to induce power in men going to war was highly believed in.

The following tattoo also comes with an armband inked in the body with deep ink filling and extremely skilled inkwork. The tattoo is hence an important symbol in Norse mythology and is a great representative of staying grounded in the battles of life without losing sight of achieving the higher goals. It is also used to remember and pay respects to one’s ancestral roots.

Probably no other shape gives such a wide range of possibilities in getting a tattoo than triangles. The shape can even be abstract or concrete and be experimented with and paired with other designs. From spirituality, wisdom, and growth to nature, tribal and mythological, the triangle tattoo is almost like a one-for-all-fit tattoo for all occasions. If you were waiting to choose a triangle geometric design, this is your day!

Apart from the most popular designs we suggested, here are some more geometric triangle tattoo designs you can choose from.

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What is a triangle geometric tattoo?

A triangle geometric tattoo is a type of body art that features a triangular shape as the focal point. It can be used to symbolize strength, stability, and balance. The three sides of the triangle may also be used to represent one’s past, present and future or inner growth and development. This style of tattoo has become popular among many people who want to express their own individual style with a meaningful design. The triangle geometric tattoo can be used as part of a larger piece, or it can be the focal point of its own unique design. This type of tattoo is also sometimes referred to as an Egyptian triangle. No matter what you decide, the important thing is that you have fun creating your own unique triangle geometric tattoo.

What are the different types of triangle geometric tattoos?

There are several different types of triangle geometric tattoos that you can choose from. The most common type is the standard three-sided triangle tattoo. This design often features a sharp point at the top, and two unequal sides on either side. This type of design can be used to symbolize strength and balance, or it can be used in a more abstract way to represent growth and development.

Another popular type of triangle geometric tattoo is the double triangle, which features two triangles overlapping. This design can be used to represent unity or a connection between two people, ideas, or places. Additionally, you may also find designs featuring multiple triangles in various shapes and sizes for a more complex and intricate look.

How do I choose the right size and placement for my triangle geometric tattoo?

When choosing a size and placement for your triangle geometric tattoo, it’s important to consider the area you’re covering. If you plan on getting a large design that covers most of your arm or leg, then you may want to opt for a larger size so that your design looks proportional. On the other hand, if you prefer a more discreet and minimalist design, you can opt for a smaller size.

In terms of placement, the most popular spots to get triangle geometric tattoos are on the back of the neck, the wrist, and down the spine. However, you can place your tattoo virtually anywhere that you choose. Just make sure to consider how it will look from different angles and how it will look when you move. Additionally, be sure to speak with your artist about their experience in tattooing triangle geometric designs before getting inked.

What are the aftercare instructions for a triangle geometric tattoo?

Aftercare instructions for triangle geometric tattoos are the same as any other tattoo. First, you should keep the area clean and moisturized for at least a few weeks after getting your tattoo. This can help prevent infection and ensure that your design looks its best. Additionally, be sure to avoid direct sunlight and chlorine while your tattoo is healing.

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