101 Best Jesus Chest Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Jesus Chest Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 2, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you looking for a unique Jesus chest tattoo design? Here is an end to your search ad e have selected the best designs for y’all!

Jesus Chest Tattoo
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Jesus of Nazareth was a well-known Jewish religious leader as well as a preacher.

He is a prominent figure in the world’s largest religion, Christianity. Christians believe that he was God’s messiah and an incarnation of God’s son.

Many religious Christians love to get themselves inked with Jesus tattoos. Like Jesus, tattoos convey very powerful messages. It is a sign of life, power, hope, eternal love, sacrifice, chastity, faith, inspiration as well as humanity.

One can get themselves inked with a Jesus tattoo at any part of their body. But recently Jesus chest tattoos have gained massive popularity and people are confused about the designs they should get for themselves. Hence we have selected the best Jesus chest tattoos for those who are unable to decide on their tattoo design. These unique and beautiful tattoos will surely catch your attention!

Cross Tattoos For Men

Cross Tattoos For Men
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A cross tattoo shows how much devotion one has towards his religion. Cross tattoos are also a symbol for humanity as Jesus Christ had given up on his life on that cross to save humanity. The Cross is also a symbol of sacrifice.

This cross tattoo, there are many more elements to it. In the extreme left corner of this chest tattoo, there is a face of Jesus Christ and at the center of the tattoo, there is a white dove. A dove tattoo is a symbol of peace as well as love. And at the extreme right of this tattoo, there is a cross. There are clouds in the background and a ray of light is coming just above the clouds. This tattoo is a great choice if you are searching for a tattoo that has a great inner meaning.

Jesus Portrait Tattoo

Jesus Portrait Tattoo
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As we already know that Jesus tattoos are a symbol of purity and forgiveness. Here is a Jesus Christ tattoo along with the skull tattoo which you might like.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn only the face of Jesus Christ. He is wearing a thorn crown around his forehead which is piercing his head and blood is dripping down from his forehead. He has a mustache and beard on his face and these facial features have been drawn with dark dark grey ink. And his eyes are looking upwards before his soul is slowly leaving his body. Just beside the head of Jesus Christ, there is one more tattoo and it is a skull tattoo that is wearing the crown. A Skull tattoo is often a symbol of overcoming difficult mental which every human being face in life and how they overcome them. So if you want a meaningful tattoo then this is the perfect design for you

Jesus Tattoo Design For Chest

Jesus Tattoo Design For Chest
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Suffering Jesus who is wearing a crown of thorns is the first tattoo idea option everyone opts for. This tattoo has a vital meaning it is a sign of sacrifice as Jesus had to tolerate an immense amount of pain and agony. This is a perfect chest tattoo design. So here is a full chest piece that you all might love.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has used the entire chest to create this body art. The entire tattoo has been completed in black ink. The tattooist has made use of fine lines to draw the hair and beard of Jesus Christ. Only half of the face is visible. Facial features like eyes nose and eyebrows are just visible. The face has been shaded in dark and light black color to make it more realistic. Around the forehead, there is a crown of thorns that Jews had made for Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. The pain of the thorns is visible in his eyes. So if you were in search of a big tattoo this might be your next tattoo design.

Colorful Jesus Tattoos For Women

Colorful Jesus Tattoos For Women
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A woman’s chest piece is rare in the tattooing industry. But here we have picked one of the best Jesus tattoos for the ladies who are willing to just Jesus tattoo on their chest.

In this tattoo design, there are two fiercely tigers on both sides and right at the center, there is a Jesus tattoo. Tiger tattoos symbolize wisdom, power, prosperity as well as good luck. And Jesus’ tattoos are a sign of eternal love. When these two tattoo designs are clubbed together it creates a beautiful inner meaning. In this tattoo Jesus has a blue halo behind his head. He has beautiful brown locks and a long brown beard. His face has blue designs on it. Both of his hands are close to his chest his hands to has those blue designs.

Last Supper Chest Tattoo

Last Supper Chest Tattoo
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Last Supper is a famous painting done by the great painter Leonardo da Vinci during the 15th century. This shows the last meal which Jesus and his followers had eaten before they were betrayed and crucified. This tattoo design is very important because this was that moment when Jesus took away all the sins and rescued humanity.

This is a full chest tattoo. The tattooist has made use of the entire chest to ink this tattoo. Jesus is sitting right in the middle of the table and is surrounded by his followers. Here everyone’s face has been turned into a skull to show that they are going to die soon. Behind Jesus, there is a cross and there are a few designs that are done in black ink. The tattoo has been entirely done with the help of black ink.

Colorful Jesus Christ Chest Tattoo

Colorful Jesus Christ Chest Tattoo
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At times people get bored of the traditional black and white tattoos. Therefore here we have chosen a colorful Jesus chest tattoo so that things do not get monotonous with y’all!

In this chest tattoo, the artist has drawn Jesus with closed eyes. This shows that his soul has left his mortal body. There is a crown of thorns around his forehead which has a red tinge on it because of his blood. Red blood is all over his face. Here his beard and hair have been done using dark and light black shades. Behind him, there is a dotted halo. At the end of his chest, there is a bright red rose which signifies his sacrifice and has bloomed out of his blood.

Baby Jesus And Mother Mary Tattoo

Baby Jesus And Mother Mary Tattoos
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This is a colorful body piece where mother Mary is holding the newborn baby Jesus in her arms. And she is surrounded by angels who have come down from heaven to bless this newly born baby. Three angles have white wings and are playing tunes on their violins for the baby. The artist has used more or less the entire chest space. Other than that he has used subtle colors to ink this beautiful body piece. Pastel colors are making the tattoo more vintage in character. So if you are a fan of vintage tattoos then this is the perfect design for you!

Jesus Crucifixion Chest Tattoo

Jesus Crucifixion Chest Tattoos
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In Christianity crucifixion is generally associated with the sacrifice of good over evil. It also stands for hope as well as conviction. Jesus got crucified to maintain humanity and spread love. In this chest piece, the tattooist has included many elements. On the extreme left, there is a tattoo of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus. Mother Mary’s tattoos stand for hope, purity,y, and love. In the middle, there is a tattoo of the crucifixion of Jesus on a wooden cross and on the right, there is a tattoo of the gate of heaven which is surrounded by clouds. And above everything, there are a few words that are inked in black color ink. This entire tattoo is inked in black color. Famous basketball player Nickeil Alexander has also got himself ink with the exact same chest piece.

Crown Of Thorns And Jesus Christ Chest

Crown Of Thorns And Jesus Christ Chest
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Jesus is popularly recognized which a crown of thorns all around his forehead. This is because during crucifixion he was forced to wear it before was nailed against the wooden cross. This tattoo is famously known for its inner meaning which reflects forgiveness as well as sacrifice. In this chest tattoo, only the face of Jesus is visible. His long locks are opened and also has long beards. The beards and the hair are done with the help of dark and light shades of black. And around his forehead, there is that famous crown of thorns that is piercing his skin. So drops of blood are rolling down his face.

Open Arms Jesus Tattoo On Chest

Open Arms Jesus Tattoo On Chest
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The open arm Jesus chest tattoo represents that he is the Messiah as well as a prolific prophet. If you are religious and want to embrace it as a form of a tattoo then this is the best tattoo for y’all. In this tattoo, the artist has drawn a figure of Jesus wearing a long and loose robe. He is opening and spreading his arms to embrace everything with love and affection. The tattoo has been inked right at the center of the chest.

There are many more Jesus tattoo ideas that you might love but we were unable to add them to the primary list. Therefore here is one more list of tattoo designs especially handpicked for you guys.

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What does a Jesus chest tattoo mean?

A Jesus chest tattoo is often seen as a symbol of faith and devotion to Christianity. It can represent the individual’s spiritual journey, serve as a reminder to stay devoted to their faith, or simply be an outward display of one’s belief in Jesus Christ. Having the image of Jesus Christ prominently displayed on the chest can signify strength, courage and a direct connection to the divine. For some, it can also be seen as an act of surrendering oneself to God’s will. Ultimately, the meaning behind a Jesus chest tattoo lies in the individual who wears it. It is a very personal decision and should be respected by others.

How much does a chest tattoo of Jesus cost?

The cost of a Jesus chest tattoo typically depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the design, the location of the tattoo parlor and the experience level of the artist. On average, most people can expect to pay around $200-500 for a Jesus chest tattoo. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of a tattoo can range significantly based on the size and complexity of the design. It is also important to research local tattoo parlors before committing to anything – different parlors have varying prices and levels of experience, so it is best to make sure you are comfortable with your artist and their price point.

Is a chest tattoo of Jesus painful?

Getting a chest tattoo of Jesus can be painful, as the area is considered a sensitive spot to get tattooed. However, everyone’s pain threshold is different and there are certain things you can do to reduce discomfort. Before getting your tattoo, it is important to make sure that the needle used by your artist is sterile and that they use a sanitary environment. Taking an over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen before your appointment can also help reduce discomfort. Lastly, make sure to speak up if the tattoo is too painful – your artist should be willing to work with you to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible.

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