101 Best Triangle Tattoo Forearm Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & fact checked: December 27, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Want to start your tattoo journey with a meaningful symbol? Go for a triangle tattoo forearm that is versatile and rich in its connotations!

Triangle Tattoo Forearm
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The triangle symbol is perhaps one of the oldest symbols in geometric tattooing predominant in the tattoo culture.

A triangle is a compact sign, easy to place, and a truly great pick for beginners. The symbol has gained much appreciation over the years for it is practically a painless ordeal, and contains myriads of symbolic meanings that complement the wearer’s temperament.

The triangle tattoo has a range of different meanings that vary across cultures. For instance, the Norse culture refers to the sacred ‘Valknut’ with three interlocking triangles that allude to the fallen in battle. Similarly, the ancient Greek culture viewed the Delta glyph triangle as a mark of higher wisdom and clarity. In the Christian faith, the triangle symbolizes the union of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, and thus carries sacrilegious connotations to people of faith.

Despite being a fairly ancient symbol, the triangle is a recurring motif even in our modern world. A good look at the structure of a triangle reveals its impeccable stability. The three vertices ensure the durability of the structure, making a triangle one of the pertinent symbols in sacred geometry. So, if you are a man of faith, have an immense fascination with ancient cultures, or are a modern soul in pursuit of Truth, a triangle tattoo design might just be what you need to feel connected with the world at large. Feel intrigued yet? Keep reading to know the many ways you can style a triangle tattoo on your body!

Three Interlocking Triangles Tattoo Design

Three Interlocking Triangles Tattoo Design
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If a small triangle tattoo is too boring for your aesthetic taste, try three interconnected triangles to add gravity to your body art. The design here is kept neat and simple with single outlines in black ink that further complement the placement near the wrist.

Triquetra tattoos like this one allude to the Celtic culture where three interlocked triangles mean a union between the earth, sky, and the sea. Similarly, a Christian interpretation of the same will symbolize the Holy trinity. Either way, these three triangles represent positivity. You can also ask your tattoo artist to impart colours to symbolize each triangle as a different element and customize this simple design to suit your purpose.

Three Interlocking Triangles Tattoo Design ideas
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A different take on the three interlocking triangle motifs, here the artist places the triangles one in front of the other as if to indicate the passage of time.

Drawn in plain black outlining, the three points of the triangles could be interpreted as past, present, and future. The forward movement of time has been a perpetual wonder and can present the wearer as an insightful being deeply interested in the mysteries of the world. Place this petite triangle tattoo design on your wrist or the back of your forearm and let it do the talking!

Triangle Tattoo Designs With The Eye Of Providence

Triangle Tattoo Designs With The Eye Of Providence
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You might have already come across the symbol of an eye inside a triangle with gleaming rays radiating around in a design, but did you know the cool visual had a deeper meaning?

The eye of providence tattoo is a much-celebrated symbol in Christianity which means the benevolent eye of God watching over humanity. The triangular halo that radiates around the disembodied eye yet again refers to the Holy Trinity and how God’s all-seeing eye acts as an omnipresence. Here, the design gets a contemporary transformation with a life-like eye tattooed near the elbow and fine strips of black lines forming the triangle without a definite periphery.

Triangle Tattoo Designs With The Eye Of Providence ideas
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This design adheres more to the Renaissance representation of the Eye of Providence. The eye is kept simple but the triangle is filled with intricate dot work and fine curves.

The patterns within the triangle and the halo on the outside help to bring attention to the eye of providence and its empty gaze. You can place this tattoo design on the back of your arm or near the elbow according to your preferences.

The Space Triangle Design

The Space Triangle Design
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Bursting with colours, this triangle tattoo will be the icebreaker of any conversation! The artist paints a simple triangle into a mini canvas full of stardust and nebulas with an impeccable balance between shading and colour splash.

The chosen colours are reflective of the discoverable cosmos and at the same time present a picturesque graphic when placed on the skin. A space triangle tattoo meaning generally encompasses the wearer’s fascination with the elements and dynamics of the cosmos at large. You can refer to this piece and add your preferred constellation, or the solar system to add a touch of personal creativity to your own triangle tattoo.

Penrose Triangle Tattoo Ideas

Penrose Triangle Tattoo Ideas
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How about we break the norm of plainly outlined triangle tattoos? The tattoo artist here etches a Penrose triangle using multiple blocks of grey. Shading is of utmost importance here for the different shades of grey bring about the illusory beauty of this Penrose triangle tattoo.

A Penrose triangle, or as it is colloquially known as the impossible triangle or the impossible tribar is an optical illusion of an object that can be theoretically depicted in drawing but can never exist in a 3D world. Get this mind-bending impossible figure inked on your arm and let the symbol act its charm. You can further simplify the triangle symbol and represent the same idea through shaded lines or bands.

Abstract Triangle Tattoo Designs

Abstract Triangle Tattoo Designs
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We told you the triangle geometry is a fascinating arena for tattoo enthusiasts and here is yet another example of how exactly! The trick is to view this one triangle from various angles (no pun intended) and locate the peaks on a straight line. The artist uses pitch black to represent the primary triangle in focus and the other subsequent ones in a lighter shade to highlight the contrast.

What seems like a cool abstract triangle tattoo design is really a matter of perspective. Such tattoo designs symbolize creativity in an individual and their capacity to view life in different lights. Want to reveal your qualities in the subtlest way? Here you have it!

Geometric Triangle Tattoo Designs

Geometric Triangle Tattoo Designs
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A loopy yet simple triangle tattoo like this one shows how versatile triangles are when it comes to tattooing. The artist here has dissected the composite symbol into four identical pieces with fine lining in black.

Though the idea is simple, this tattoo design shows how we can apply the same technique of parsing in producing more such pieces. For instance, you can follow the same concentric pattern and make sections vertically. Either way, these triangle tattoo designs will surely be an awesome addition to your arm.

Geometric Triangle Tattoo Designs ideas
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Similarly, this triangle tattoo is a game of fractal geometry with triangles. Majorly crafted with fine lining and black ink, the tattoo also relies equally on dot work and shading techniques. Enclosed within a rhombus, the triangles represent a cross between two polarities with their black and white interplay. More so, the fractals are also modelled on the structure of a triangle to bind the design by a core symbol.

The symbolic meaning of fractal geometry in tattoo designs is to represent patterns of life and the cosmos at large. It is both haunting and intriguing how some patterns seem to be continuous irrespective of the past, present, and future. The fractal triangle is a similar idea where the pattern can repeat itself and eventually form the complex structure of a triangle.

Simple Triangle Tattoo With Rainbow Colours

Simple Triangle Tattoo With Rainbow Colours
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Triangle tattoos are incomplete without a prismatic design and so is a prism without a faint mention of Pink Floyd. A petite yet neat representation, this triangle tattoo is modelled on the mechanisms of a prism. The seven colours that spray out of the triangle are carefully placed to bring out the essence of a glass prism.

A remnant of the iconic album cover of ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’, this triangle tattoo meaning could also be interpreted as per the rock band’s conception. In that case, the design is more than a prism projecting the different colours, but a metaphor for all the positive ideas and emotions that constitute humanity. Place this triangle tattoo on the forefront of your arm or even near the elbow for a better chance at exposure.

Floral Triangle Tattoo

Floral Triangle Tattoo
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The artist here attempts to paint a parallel between nature and geometry. The hibiscus cast inside of a triangle is an off-beat image that comes to life with the red colour and shading alongside the green twig. The triangle tattoo is kept simple using plain black that provides a background for the flower.

Nature and geometry have always been inseparable from one another. The numerous intricate patterns around us have naturally existed long before humans gained consciousness of them. The symbolism associated with this triangle tattoo is to bring out how nature and science coexist together. However, as can be seen from the tattoo itself, the petals that are outside the periphery of the triangle are left without any colour- hinting at the shorthandedness of science to explore nature fully.

Four Elements Triangle Tattoo Design

Four Elements Triangle Tattoo Design
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The four elements of nature- air, water, fire, and earth could not find any better representation in a triangle tattoo. Though simple, the tattoo is impactful in its symbolism. The artist uses plain black with shades and dot work to fill in the details of the waves, clouds, and mountain range. This monochromatism allows attention to go beyond the aesthetic beauty of the piece.

This triangle tattoo is a great pick for enthusiasts trying to portray their grounded, spiritual self. You can place the tattoo in the space between your elbow and the wrist to let the design bloom in ample.

Blue Triangle Tattoo Designs

Blue Triangle Tattoo Designs
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Ditch the mainstream black for a bold blue triangle tattoo like this one. Crafted with abstract patterns, this triangle tattoo is devoid of any solid boundary which in turn presents a put together design to the forefront.

For variations, you can experiment with colours like green or yellow instead of this blue, and any specific pattern that catches your fancy and the triangle tattoo would still be as appealing as this one.

Blue Triangle Tattoo Designs ideas
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For those who are not a big fan of colours, the artist here adds just a stroke of blue to this triangle canvas. Simplicity at its best, this design will surely be an attractive piece on your skin and complement your taste in body art.

If you wish to tone it down further, go for more neutral shades that suit your complexion and persona and you are good to go!

There are a few symbols that are as versatile as a triangle. Whether you wish for a basic tattoo or a cool piece of art, triangles will set the stage for you to adorn your body. Now that you know the many ways to play with a triangle, book your appointment with your preferred artist without any further delay! And if you are still jumbled with how to start, here are more such triangle tattoo ideas that will show you where to start:

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What is the triangle tattoo meaning?

The triangle tattoo is a popular symbol with many different meanings. It can represent protection, balance, and harmony. In some cultures, the triangle tattoo is seen as a sign of strength and stability because of its three sides. It is also seen as a representation of femininity due to its association with goddesses in ancient cultures. The symbol has been used throughout history to represent different things such as religion, family, loyalty, and even protection from evil. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the individual’s personal beliefs and meaning behind it. Ultimately, the triangle tattoo is an excellent symbol for expressing one’s spiritual beliefs or sentimentality.

What design ideas are popular for triangle tattoos?

Triangle tattoos can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on the individual’s style. Some popular designs include geometric patterns, flowers, hearts, mandalas, and crescent moons. Many people also choose to incorporate writing or text into their design for a more personal touch. Coloring is also an important factor in creating the perfect triangle tattoo, with some people opting to use only black ink while others utilize different shades of color. Another detail to consider when designing a triangle tattoo is the size and placement of the symbol, as these elements can have a big impact on how the overall design looks. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to design a triangle tattoo; it is simply a matter of personal preference.

How do I pick the right size and placement for my triangle tattoo?

The size and placement of your triangle tattoo will depend on the type of design you have chosen. If you are looking for something more subtle, a small triangle placed in an inconspicuous spot may be best. For larger designs, such as those with intricate patterns or text, consider choosing a larger size and placing it somewhere that is easily visible. Additionally, consider the amount of pain you are comfortable with when choosing a placement; some areas may be more painful than others. Ultimately, it is important to find a size and placement that suits your individual style and needs.

How much does a triangle tattoo cost?

The cost of a triangle tattoo will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the location of the tattoo studio. Generally speaking, small designs can range from $50 to $150 while larger and more complex tattoos can cost anywhere between $200 to $500 or more. It is important to research different studios in your area and compare their pricing to ensure you get the best deal. Additionally, make sure that the tattoo artist is experienced in creating triangle tattoos as this will ensure a high-quality design.

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