10 Best Infinity Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Infinity Tattoos

Are you searching for infinity tattoo designs for getting inked? You will find all the infinity tattoo ideas on this page that have been collected just for you.

Infinity Tattoo
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The infinity symbol is associated with many mystic and supernatural elements and recently there has been a rise in the number of people getting inked with infinity symbol tattoos.

A never-ending loop in the shape of the number 8 is placed horizontally- this is the best way to describe the infinity symbol. The sign is getting quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts who want to get a cool tattoo design inked on their body.

Before discussing the meanings and symbols that the infinity sign represents, you might want to know about the placement of infinity tattoos. Small infinity tattoos can be inked on your fingers or you may also get these tattoos behind the ear for an awesome look. Large infinity tattoos can, on the other hand, be inked on your back.

It is not easy to answer the question of what does infinity tattoo mean. There are several meanings associated with the infinity symbol that people have been using as the base for tattoos for many years. If you want to get a meaningful tattoo inked on your body, you could consider getting an infinity tattoo.

The most common meaning of the infinity tattoo is that it represents limitless possibilities. People who want to get out of their monotonous lives and do something different with their lives, are especially fond of infinity tattoos. A number of people feel that getting an infinity tattoo will keep them connected to all that is happening around us. It represents the circle of life and its infinite connections. The world is one and all the communities are connected to each other –this can be an interpretation of the infinity symbol.

Many people get a religious infinity tattoo that is basically a cross intersecting the infinity loop. It shows that the person has a never-ending faith and adds depth to the cross that is associated with Christianity. The television series ‘Revenge’ made the infinity tattoo popular in the last decade. The lead character of the show had a tattoo of interlocking infinity symbols on her wrist. The meaning of this interlocking infinity tattoo is that two souls are destined to be together forever and ever.

Couples are often seen to be getting double infinity tattoo inked on their body. The double infinity tattoo shows that although the partners have different personalities from one another, they belong together. The expression ‘opposites attract’ is best expressed through the double infinity tattoo – how two zeroes side by side can connect, create a link and become infinite

Follow the list of infinity tattoos given below and pick out something cool and amazing that would look best for you.

Rose With The Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Rose With The Infinity Symbol Tattoo
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The rose has long been cherished as an eternal symbol of love and beauty. Add the rose with the infinity symbol and get a permanent image of love etched on your body. If you could look at any tattoo and feel inspired, then this tattoo could be a good choice for you. The style statement of this infinity tattoo is unparalleled. You may think of placing this tattoo on a visible part of your body such as the arms or the wrist. In this way, you can look at it whenever you want to and feel endless joy.

Couple Infinity Tattoo
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What better way to show your love for your best friend or partner than getting a pair of infinity tattoos that match one another? One of you can get the rose drawn on the infinite loop and the other might get the daisy or maple as shown above. This pair of tattoos look like they are a symbol of commitment and your friendship.

Infinity Feather Tattoo

Infinity Feather Tattoo
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This beautiful infinity tattoo design with feathers looks so elegant that we had to keep it on our list. The feather in the shape of the infinity symbol is a unique design accentuated by the use of coloured ink. It represents limitless love for one’s pet who may have faced death and the owner wants to keep the memories with them forever. Adding the name of the pet is a bonus. If you are a Potterhead, then feather infinity tattoos can strike a nostalgic note within you.

Dog Paws Infinity Tattoo
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A similar infinity tattoo design like the one above, this one even has the tiny paws of the pet. It looks very cute, doesn’t it? This infinity tattoo can be your own personal gateway to your happy memories with your animal friend. The infinity symbol shows that you have an endless bond with your pet.

Awesome Infinity Bird Tattoo

Awesome Infinity Bird Tattoo
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This black and white infinity tattoo are special for those in love with freedom. Just as birds do not like to be caged inside boxes, many of us want to break free from the daily routine of life. While this might not be realistically possible, the heart wants what it wants. The elements of nature come together in this design beautifully. You can add some more elements like an anchor to the infinity symbol to show that you are grounded in reality but you want to soar high.

Colourful Pride Infinity Tattoos

Colourful Pride Infinity Tattoos
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This colourful infinity tattoo is a symbol of diversity that is very relevant in today’s world. The colours of the rainbow represent the colours of Pride. The infinity symbol meaning that we get from this tattoo is that it does not matter what your identity, you do you and you don’t need to worry what others might think of you. This can be a deeply personal infinity tattoo design.

Amazing Infinity Tattoo
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A splash of watercolour added to the infinity symbol makes for wonderful tattoo ideas. This is another Pride infinity tattoo. A splash of pride colours along with the infinity sign can really drive home the message of inclusivity. Now, you can add vibrant colours to make the infinity tattoo stand out.

Snake And Infinity Tattoo Designs

Snake And Infinity Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo shows the original mythological snake, Ouroboros, on whom the infinity symbol is based. History tells us that this snake ate its own tail and thereafter became an animal having no end. If you love infinity symbols and mythology, then we recommend this tattoo for you. The endless circle of life, rebirth and reincarnation – all of these meanings that infinity tattoos represent, have come from Ouroboros.

Serpent Infinity Tattoo
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Another take on the infinity symbol and Ouroboros, this tattoo means eternal longing for someone. Very few tattoos have a personal meaning attached to them like this one. You can notice the creature consuming its tail and thereby becoming an infinite loop.

Simple Infinity Tattoos

Simple Infinity Tattoos
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Using the word ‘Infinity’ as a tattoo design might not seem like a good idea on paper but once you see it, you may love it. Many people are fond of words and letters and this infinity tattoo is the perfect way for them to show their love in a visible manner. You should never think that you have to get popular tattoo designs but rather get what your heart wants.

Minimalist Infinity Tattoo
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Plain and simple tattoo ideas are quite fascinating if you love minimalism. The infinity symbol is no exception. Using black ink for creating the infinity symbol makes the tattoo look like an elegant design full of possibilities. Try the back of the neck of your legs as the place for this beautiful style statement.

Infinity Tattoo With Names

Infinity Tattoo With Names
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Many people want to keep some symbols marked forever on their skin. Sometimes these may include a name or a particular sign. The infinity symbol is a great tattoo if you want to add a special name with so that you can immortalize the name with the infinity sign. Flowers can be added to the infinity tattoo to give a floral tribute as well. You could attach the name of someone special to the infinity and flower tattoo and remember them throughout your life.

Chest Infinity Tattoo
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Many elements of nature cross together in this infinity tattoo that makes ample use of black as well as coloured ink to get a spectacular design. Birds, leaves and people fuse with one another in this small tattoo to add a unique look to your skin.

Infinity Heart Tattoo

Infinity Heart Tattoo
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An amalgamation of the infinity symbol and the heart shape occurs in this tattoo. The fusion of these two symbols makes for an interesting look. It becomes the eternal symbol of love that goes on forever and ever. You can use your own ideas and provide a new look to the combined heart and infinity tattoo.

Intricately Detailed Infinity Tattoo

Intricately Detailed Infinity Tattoo
Image Credits: @jazzinktattooss via Instagram

A cocktail of various images occurs in this tattoo. Birds, arrows, swords and infinity designs add layers of meaning to this infinity tattoo. The use of black ink is useful to add little details to the tattoo. If you add the popular image of the anchor to tattoos like this, the appeal would increase a lot.

Small Infinity Tattoo
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The infinity symbol like the rose in some cultures is a sign of reincarnation and rebirth. If you want to start a fresh life keeping behind the dark days of your past, the infinity symbol tattoo is a good choice for you. It means that you are not afraid of making a long commitment in life.

Tiny Infinity Sign Tattoo

Tiny Infinity Sign Tattoo
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Mini infinity tattoos are great if you want a tattoo in a small area. It depends on the person who is getting the infinity tattoo. You can go for a behind-the-ear tattoo or even a small elbow tattoo. A small tattoo is very personal and you can share it with only people who matter to you.

Tiny Black Infinity Tattoo
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These type of tiny infinity tattoos look best if done in black ink. Although a very small tattoo, it utilizes a number of things such as the butterfly and the heart sign that are drawn along the infinity symbol. This would look great as a finger tattoo or a neck tattoo.

The range and designs of the infinity tattoos are far beyond the list of tattoos you have seen above. There are a lot of other designs for people who love infinity tattoos:

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