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101 Best Traditional Witch Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Traditional Witch Tattoo

The simple traditional witch tattoo is a piece of art that is inked by several people all over the world. All of us love magic and these tattoos are cool!

Traditional Witch Tattoo
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Witches got a bad reputation hundreds and thousands of years ago and they were associated with mishappenings and omens.

Elements like dark magic, black cats and black magic were the representations of witchcraft which were not acceptable by society. The scene was if witches were found out then they used to be tortured and burnt to death.

If we consider today’s time, then society is much more acceptable to the witchy culture than they were ever before. The term ‘witch’ came from ‘wiccans’ which is a symbol of ancient witchcraft culture. It represents three phases of the moon, and the three phases that women go through in their lifespan: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Also, there are four elements of witchcraft when an artist draws a tattoo – earth, fire, air and water; all being natural elements.

Since witches are discussed here then there are Amazing witcher tattoo designs as well that you can look up to. Hence, it can be said that the association of the witchy culture is mainly with the feminine gender where femininity and mystery are something that a witch tattoo holds as its major characteristics.

Hat Bearer Witch Tattoo

Hat Bearer Witch Tattoo
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This is a beautiful witchy tattoo design where the witch wears a beautiful hat with a flower around it that is giving it a pretty look. It is a Ginny Weasley inspired witchy tattoo idea and that has come out to be a great one with beautiful blonde hair and a piece of hat.

Since witches are representations of feminity, this tattoo design is one of its forms that portrays the witchcraft tattoo artist ideas. This tattoo idea is very well suited for women and it is best drawn in the back region of your body or the arm area. It is a multi-coloured tattoo that has a unique blend of black, blue, green, red and white colours. If you are someone who wants to represent the triple tattoo goddess phase then you can go for this one to portray one such phase.

Hansel And Gretel Witchy Tattoo

Hansel And Gretel Witchy Tattoo
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This tattoo design is specifically an inspiration from the famous story Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel have been drawn in this particular tattoo with a macadamia nut cookie. This is a tattoo design for you if you are looking for something which will remind you of your childhood days as this is a story which every child has come across. You can also get this tattooed if you are a mother or a father and you are reciting stories to your children every day and this picturization is to picture that memory.

It is a black and white tattoo that has only black and white inks in it and it is best suited when drawn in the forearm area of your body or you can also get this tattooed on your thigh portion. It looks like the snake eating witch that has its own witchy ways.

Naked Witch Broom Tattoo

Naked Witch Broom Tattoo
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The meaning of this tattoo design is a bit different from the regular witchy tattoos. this is a naked body that is sitting on the iconic broomstick of witches. Witches are always looked up to as evil creatures but here this tattoo shows the sad nature of the witch. It takes out the meaning that everything in life is not black and white and just because something or someone is looked up to as evil or bad will always remain the same.

The sad nature of the tattoo represents the redemption of the witch. It is an imagery of the famous poem ‘Midnight in Benevento’ which is known for its Vienna culture and one of the noticeable things about this witch tattoo is the tail of the witch. It is best suited when drawn in the forearm area with jet black ink.

Magical Hat Witchy Tatoo

Magical Hat Witchy Tatoo
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This is a very common tattoo but the most stylish and modern one. This is one of those tattoos that have the perfect jazz queen form. The tarot cards have such images of the witch tattoos. Although witches are considered to be bad and shrewd such stylish tattoos are the representation of modernisation in the tattoo industry.

Long Hat Gloomy Witchy Tattoo

Long Hat Gloomy Witchy Tattoo
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This is a cute witch tattoo which shows that everyone is a part of mother earth and no one should be deprived of anything. Also, the conception of witches being bad and negative should not be generalized. This little tattoo design is best suited when it is drawn in the neck region with black ink only.

The hat of the witch holds uniqueness in this piece of art where the hat is in a shape of an upside-down triangle. And to notice, the witch is teary-eyed. It has a meaning that maybe the witch is in a redemption phase where she is repenting because of the bad deeds she has done and wants to be a good being now. However, if you want to get a redemption symbol with yourself or you want to show that you are sorry about your past mistakes in life then they start to design something which you can get for yourself.

Burning Witch Traditional Tattoo

Burning Witch Traditional Tattoo
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Witchy tattoos hold various meanings such as the meaning of power, negativity, revenge, sorrow and many more but the burning witch symbolises the strength and power of letting go of things. It is believed that when you are born your bones turn into ashes and then you hold nothing against the earth. That is what this particular tattoo design represents.

If you are someone who wants to let go of your past, rake your soul out of it and move on then this particular tattoo design can be your choice.

Traditional Witch Broom Tattoo

Traditional Witch Broom Tattoo
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The witch broomstick is a symbol of good luck around the world which keeps bad energy and negative away from you. It is a symbol of the removal of negativity and dirt from the Earth itself. A broom is a piece of sweeping equipment that is why it is considered to sweep away the bad fortune from the world.

As there are different phases of things witchy, the broomstick is something that keeps you away from negativity and keeps you secure. The simple yet intricate details of this tattoo design are remarkable. This particular tattoo design is a couple tattoo design where both the couple has drawn the same broom tattoos in the forearm area but you can also draw it independently without any issues.

Wicked Spirits witchy tattoo

Wicked Spirits witchy tattoo
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This tattoo design is the one that makes the traditional belief about witches true. The traditional beliefs about witches have always been on the negative side where the witches were considered to be the bearer of bad luck, wickedness, and negativity and they were symbols of omen.

The witch in this tattoo has immoral eyes and a wicked smile. It indicates that this witch is not on the good side and also the long fingers of the witch hold magical spell in it which can also be considered to be the spells of black magic or of planchet spells on ouija boards. This surely is a dark tattoo design with a sign of negativity in it. The fine details of this tattoo are something which will draw your attention to it and the fine blend of black and white colours is also remarkable in this piece of art.

Red Egyptian Witchy Tattoo

Red Egyptian Witchy Tattoo
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This is also a hat bearing witch but the only thing that will catch your attention to this tattoo design is the Egyptian touch to the witch.

This is a cute tattoo design that has been drawn with red ink only and the look of the witch is that of an Egyptian with such a hat.

Neo-Traditional Witch Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Witch Tattoo
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This tattoo design basically symbolizes the evolution of the witchcraft culture in society. Once there was a time when witches were considered to be evil and no picturization of them was acknowledged. Whereas in today’s times, the negative nature is not the only thing that is associated with which is but their stylish evolution has also been encouraged. The stars around the head of the witch symbolize waiting for a full moon and happiness.

This is a perfect blend of colours where the black ink is constant but the purple ink stole the show. Due to the purple ink, this tattoo shows a 3D effect.

If you are interested in knowing about witchcraft and traditional which is tiles then you may also go through these tattoo ideas:

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What is a traditional witch tattoo?

A traditional witch tattoo is a design depicting imagery associated with witchcraft, such as occult symbols, magical creatures, and other related elements. These tattoos often feature intricate line work and are typically done in black or dark colors, although some may incorporate vibrant hues. Traditional witch tattoos can be used to represent one’s spiritual beliefs or connection to the craft, as well as to honor the goddess and her many aspects. Witch tattoos can also be used to pay tribute to one’s ancestors or those who have passed away. Many find that having a witch tattoo is a powerful way to connect with the past and express their individual beliefs and values. No matter what your reasons for getting a traditional witch tattoo, it is sure to be a unique and meaningful piece of artwork.

What do traditional witch tattoos represent?

Traditional witch tattoos represent many different things, including spirituality, magic and witchcraft. Witchcraft is thought of as a natural practice that brings balance to the world and connects us to our ancestors. Therefore, traditional witch tattoo designs often feature symbols associated with this spiritual path such as pentacles, cauldrons, broomsticks and moons. They can also include images of magical creatures such as dragons, snakes and owls. In addition to these symbols, some traditional witch tattoos may also include words or phrases written in Latin, runes, or another ancient language. No matter what imagery you choose for your tattoo, it is sure to represent a powerful connection to the craft and its many facets.

How can I find a traditional witch tattoo design that is right for me?

Finding the right traditional witch tattoo design for you can be an intimidating task. It is important to take your time and do some research before making a decision. Look online at various websites dedicated to witchcraft or search through Instagram hashtags such as #witchtattoos to get some ideas. If you know of any experienced artists in your area, ask them for their opinion on the best design for you. Finally, make sure that the tattoo artist you choose is experienced in doing traditional witch tattoos and can give you quality work. With some patience and an open mind, you are sure to find a design that speaks to you and your spiritual beliefs.

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