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101 Best Small Queen Crown Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Small Queen Crown Tattoo

Looking for some cool and majestic small queen crown tattoo to flaunt? Well, we might have just the suggestions that your royal self is looking for.

Small Queen Crown Tattoo
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A crown symbolizes power, dignity as well as grace.

A crown inked on your body is a sweet reminder of the fact that you are a queen or a king in your own right. A crown tattoo can be a simple tattoo yet an extremely powerful symbol of motivation.

In today’s world, waking up every day and surviving can sometimes be an achievement in itself. We need constant motivation and an optimistic outlook to go through the hard times and believe in the fact that no matter what happens, we are enough. We are the kings and queens of our world, and what can be better than a crown to remind us of this royalty? Even though we can’t always wear our crowns on our heads, we can explore beautiful and majestic crown tattoo ideas to get them inked on our bodies as a sign of permanent royalty.

What is interesting in recent years is the growing popularity of queen crown tattoos and king and queen tattoos. This shows that, unlike the traditional belief, queens are not mere entities who sit beside the king all decked up. In the modern world, queens are the regular, everyday women who can survive and win over all their odds by themselves. A small crown tattoo can give you a bold and classy look. However, the most popular tattoos for couples include the king and queen matching tattoos, and honestly, they are super cute and beautiful to look at.

Celestial Forearm Black Ink Small Crown Tattoo

Celestial Forearm Black Ink Small Crown Tattoo
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When we talk about crowns and celestial objects like the stars, the first thought that comes to our mind is the Corona Borealis or the Northern Crown. Interestingly, in Greek mythology, the crown given by Dionysus to the Cretan Princess Ariadne is also known as the Corona Borealis. However, a typical Celestial Crown is a gold fence with pointed rays and a star made of the same metal, sitting on the top of each ray. It is believed to be a modified version of the Eastern Crown.

Here we see a traditional crown tattoo with intricate detailing on the fence and the spikes connected by the stars at two ends. Even though the stars or the crown do not physically touch one another, there is a sense of unity in this tattoo that provides this piece of art with a sense of elegance and poise. The crown looks similar to the Celestial Crown even though the stars on the rays are absent. If you are looking for something meaningful yet simple, this tattoo can be a good choice.

Jeweled Queen Crown Wrist Tattoo

Jeweled Queen Crown Wrist Tattoo
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Amongst other things, a crown also reminds us of how wealthy the royals are. The precious metals and jewels that are used to make the crowns of the kings and the queens are not only exquisite but also mesmerizing. A queen’s crown is mostly shiny and full of different gemstones that reflect light and make it a blinding experience to look at, even in our dreams.

So, keeping in touch with reality, some of us might prefer a colorful queen crown tattoo with all the gems and stones beautifully engraved. Because let us face it, the person getting this crown tattoo is no less than a queen and no less precious. This tattoo idea makes the art on your wrist stand out, first due to the design and second due to the perfect color combination used. The purple color is a very good shade complimenting the gold and silver hues. The tattoo has the realistic elements found in a traditional queen’s crown.

Red King Crown Tattoo

Red King Crown Tattoo
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A true king is one who listens to his heart and judges people and situations with logic and compassion. This king crown tattoo holds a very deep message that you have only one life, so listen to your heart and whatever power you have, use them wisely.

The colors used in this tattoo are very regal; the darkish red with a tinge of black emanates a sense of power and authority mixed with seriousness and responsibility. The gold rim around the entire crown tattoo design gives it a unique and classy look. The gold spikes around the border are edgy and bold. Lastly, the slight touch of white gives a sense of completeness to the entire design. Even though this tattoo idea seems to be for men, with correct confidence and attitude, both men and women can pull it off.

A Monochrome King Crown Tattoo

A Monochrome King Crown Tattoo
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This is a classic king crown. Neither there is any intricate artwork nor color play. the simplicity of the tattoo makes it a perfect choice for many men. You can get this tattoo on any part of your body, but the suggested parts would include the chest, wrist, the nape of the neck, or the side of the neck.

We often see people opt for these small tattoos because they are easy to hide if there is a workplace policy, but at the same time, when exposed, these tattoos speak volumes about the person and their taste. Generally, these minimalistic tattoos show the necessary details boldly. Still, they do not go deep into any artistic details, which shows that the person is straightforward and proudly wears a sense of authority.

Red Small Queen Tattoo

Red Small Queen Tattoo
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This queen tattoo is different from the traditional crown tattoos and is lovely to even look at. This tattoo is one of the small crown tattoos you can get below your collarbone or at the nape of the neck. the size, the color combination, and the design are extremely cute and perfectly suited for girls of age.

The crown looks like a beautiful red flower with a pinkish shade in between; the intriguing part is the hanging of the jewels and the light green bow. These add a sense of funkiness and make it more appropriate for girls of today’s age. This tattoo might also remind many of the crowns used in Barbie movies.

Queen-Bee Crown Tattoo

Queen-Bee Crown Tattoo
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This tattoo idea is different, bold, and a symbol of inclusion in the animal world. With rising awareness and the need to save the earth and bees, as they play a vital role in the ecosystem, this tattoo can be your way of showing support to the cause. The tattoo has natural colors in it to enhance its beauty.

As this crown tattoo is slightly bigger than the previous tattoos, the best place to get it will be your back. The tattoo shows a crown with all its jewels; beneath it is a majestic-looking bee, and then this entire picture is being bonded together by two flower branches tied together by a ribbon, meaning peace, harmony, and unity amongst the queens of nature.

Nature’s Crown Tattoo

Nature's Crown Tattoo
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Elegance is the first word that comes to mind when we look at this tattoo. The artist has neatly presented the different elements of nature together to create this royal piece of art. The tattoo indeed seems like a design made for a fierce yet compassionate queen.

Most women generally prefer tattoos that are simple with a deep meaning. This tattoo has two flowers on separate branches, a crescent moon, and a royal crown. This queen crown tattoo upholds the beauty of nature and can be a sweet reminder to the wearer that she is beautiful too.

Pink And Blue Flower Bed Crown Tattoo

Pink And Blue Flower Bed Crown Tattoo
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This tattoo is slightly bigger than the previous one but will look great on the forearm. Even though the tattoo is that of a crown, it might give tiara vibes due to being placed on a flower rim. The vibrant colors of the tattoo make it very attractive.

The gold crown sits on the pink and blue flowers. The colors pink and blue generate a feeling of love and royalty. The hanging of the holy cross below could be the indication that God is the true King, and we are at his mercy.

Minimalistic Upper Arm Queen Crown Tattoo Small

Minimalistic Upper Arm Queen Crown Tattoo Small
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This is a small simple queen crown tattoo that can be tattooed on the upper arm, but if a girl wishes to get it in between the fingers or at the back of her neck, then it would look equally nice.

The crown tattoo design is slightly tilted, and the design is very simple and neat. The fence or rim of the crown is embedded with clear circular jewels, and the pointed rays are simply beautiful to look at.

A Smiley Crown Tattoo

A Smiley Crown Tattoo
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This is one of the simplest and sweetest tattoo ideas on this list. A king and queen are incomplete without their smile. The idea of this tattoo is to remind us to wear our crowns tighter and our smiles brighter each day.

It is a simple smiley face, absolutely gender-neutral, wearing a simple yet gorgeous crown. This tattoo is similar to line art, and if one wishes to, then one can also fill in the tattoo with colors.

Tattoo ideas are a way of expressing one’s self, personal thoughts, emotions, and opinions. Tattoos as an art form is a growing industry and, in the future, will keep growing and give birth to beautiful and meaningful designs. The queen crown tattoos or the small crown tattoos for men are very practical and innovative ways to keep us positive, connected to our surroundings, and also love ourselves. Here are some more beautiful crown tattoo ideas that might interest you!

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What does a small queen crown tattoo mean?

A small queen crown tattoo typically symbolizes strength, power, and authority. It is often used as a reminder of the wearer’s own inner strength and resilience, or to represent a connection to a higher power. The queen crown can also signify royalty, honor, prestige, respect, or even influence within certain circles. Depending on the design and placement, it can also be a sign of protection and guidance from divine sources. Ultimately, the meaning of this tattoo is up to the individual who wears it. Whatever its interpretation may be, it is certainly an iconic symbol that conveys a strong message.

What is the best placement for a small queen crown tattoo?

The best placement for a small queen crown tattoo is typically somewhere that can be seen easily, such as the wrist, arm, ankle, or neck. For larger designs, the chest and back are great canvas locations to show off the intricate detailing of the design. When choosing a location for your tattoo, consider what kind of visibility you want it to have. Keep in mind that tattoos can be painful, so choose a spot that won’t cause too much discomfort. It is also important to think about how the tattoo will age over time.

How much does a small queen crown tattoo cost?

The cost of a small queen crown tattoo typically depends on the size, complexity, and detail of the design. Generally speaking, prices for smaller tattoos start around $50 USD and can go up into the hundreds depending on how complex the design is. It is always recommended to shop around for quotes from different artists before settling on one. Make sure to ask questions about the artist’s experience and portfolio to ensure they are qualified to do the job. Ultimately, the cost of a small queen crown tattoo will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences.

How big should a small queen crown tattoo be?

The size of a small queen crown tattoo will depend on personal preference and the area where it is being placed. It’s recommended to keep tattoos smaller than 4 inches in diameter, such as one-inch or two-inch designs. Smaller designs can be easily hidden if desired and won’t overpower the surrounding area. It’s also important to consider the size of the design in relation to the part of the body it will be placed on. For example, a one-inch tattoo may look too small on a large area such as the chest or back whereas it would suit a smaller area such as the wrist or ankle better. Ultimately, there is no hard and fast rule for the size of a small queen crown tattoo, but it’s important to consider all factors before committing to one.

What are some ideas for small queen crown tattoo designs?

A small queen crown tattoo can have many different interpretations. Some popular designs include a traditional crown with diamonds, rubies, and pearls; an abstract rendition of the crown with geometric shapes or lines; a minimalist outline of the crown in black ink; or an intricately detailed 3D design. Symbols such as hearts, stars, butterflies, and even gems can also be incorporated into the design to give it a personal touch. Whatever you choose, make sure that the design reflects your individual style and personality.

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