101 Best Sideburn Face Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Sideburn Face Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 2, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

A sideburn face tattoo is the best way to amp up your aesthetic in a truly fresh and artistic way and they come with many different styles and face ink styles,

Sideburn Face Tattoo
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Sideburn face tattoos are the kind of body art that is a great way to enhance your look.

Sideburn tattoos can be of numerous kinds, ranging from minimalist flowers sideburns tattoos and snake sideburns tattoos to psychedelic pictures and much more. They are the most hyped-up facial tattoos among the youth.

To express oneself creatively, through art and colors is what the tattoo industry and face tattoos are all about. Get the sideburn tattoo of your choice, be it a sword tattoo or a knife tattoo or a black rose sideburns tattoo, or perhaps a skull face tattoo. Your tattoo artist will take care of your skin, normal or if you have relatively more sensitive skin. Recently, very famous face tattoos have been small and simple designs such as the heart tattoo, various infinity symbols, feather designs, and several unique designs and fandom art, such as Harry Potter wands.

Black Ink “Worthy” Side Burn Tattoo

Black Ink "Worthy" Side Burn Tattoo
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A little over the jawline, this tattoo spells the word “Worthy” in black ink, vertically, stylized in different ways and it can also come in many different fonts. It is properly visible to everyone.

The word “Worthy” is stylized and evenly spaced. It hangs on vertically, a little over the jawline, written in shiny black ink.

Choose the “Worthy” sideburn tattoo, with recommended shaved locks, to better enhance your aesthetic. The lustrous black ink makes it look neat, fresh, and visible properly to everyone and of course, the stylized appearance would make the word look as beautiful as it means. Since the letters are written on top of the other, it would not take up too much space either! All in all, the black ink “Worthy” sideburn tattoo is worthy of being chosen!

Black Ink Lettering Tattoo With A Colored Red Rose Sideburn Tattoo

Black Ink Lettering Tattoo With A Colored Red Rose Sideburn Tattoo
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The colored red rose sideburn tattoo has the words “Papa” that is spelled between the stem with shiny black ink, stylized in simple block letters, and is plenty neat in appearance.

Whatever language (s) you speak, the word “Papa” is special in many cultures. Ink your face with this word and let the world how special your papa is to you. A timeless classic with various meanings is a stunning red rose and this face tattoo has just that sparkle in it with a good placement too.

The rose surrounding the profile, facing the jaw, is bright red, outlined in black, which makes it look crystal clear and neat and brings out the intricate details. A red rose is a classic piece of art that instantly enhances everything! The green stem and even the thorns amp up your aesthetic and self-expression. And piercing through the flower is the word “Papa”, written in black ink and a stylized font, evenly spaced. You can show your loved ones how special they are with this sideburn face tattoo. If a red rose doesn’t work for you, you can get it in various other colors, perhaps a rainbow too, for variety!

Downward Facing Sideburn Dagger Face Tattoo

Downward Facing Sideburn Dagger Face Tattoo
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The downward-facing dagger tattoo is drawn a little over the jawline and resembles a small dagger with curved holders, shaded nicely and with little dots to make it neater. The dagger is shaded properly with minute dots and is left uncolored to give it a more chic appearance.

The downward-facing dagger sideburn tattoo is drawn in shiny black ink, and it faces downward towards the lower jaw. The majestic metaphor for strength and more importantly, stealth, is shaded with black ink. The tattoo is drawn in black ink and the insides are left uncolored to give it a fresh and precise appearance. It is perfectly outlined and detailed, yet retains its minimalistic attributes in terms of dimensions and style.

Flower Strand Face Tattoo

Flower Strand Face Tattoo
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The flower strand sideburn tattoo starts from behind the ear drawn in black and white ink, with minimalistic flowers at the base. It is drawn in black ink and shaded beautifully, starting behind the ear and ending with two minimalistic flowers at the base.

In the tattoo world, the flower strand sideburn tattoo is popular among many celebrities who wish to have a minimalistic yet eye-catching piece of art to express themselves. The tattoo is shaded perfectly and most of the insides are left colorless to make it appear cleaner. The flowers are downturned and the petals are drawn drooping.

“Side Fern” Sideburn Face Tattoo Woman

"Side Fern" Sideburn Face Tattoo Woman
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The “side fern” face tattoo is drawn facing the jaw and is a downturned array of sketched fern leaves with pointed edges and various colors. This particular sideburn tattoo is drawn with fine and narrow lines for the leaf veins and minute dots for the leaves. The leaves of the “side fern” face tattoo are drawn with pointed edges.

Real fern leaves give a place the look of an old noir film, and the side fern face tattoo would not do much different to your face. The “side fern” sideburn tattoo has been a really popular choice of inked sketch among tattoo artists for quite a long time. This tattoo starts at the back of the ears moving on to the front of the ears towards the cheek coming in clear view. It spreads into a set of fern leaves, the veins drawn with fine black strokes and one single line.

Series of Quills Feather Sideburns Face Tattoo

Series of Quills Feather Sideburns Face Tattoo
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The series of quills sideburn tattoo is quite literally a stunning inked sketch of a series of quills, held by a set of hands, in different shades of warm colors. The series of quills face tattoo is a psychedelic arrangement of one feathered quill, held by a set of hands, which in turn rests on dreamy moths and a glass cage. This beautiful sideburn tattoo shows several warm tones of colors that are used.

There are several rings on the fingers of the hand, along with fountain pens and a considerably big feathered quill that the hand is holding. Different shades of vibrant yellow and orange cover the quill, and slightly cooler tones are used for coloring the hand and the pens. The glass cage and the beautiful moths bring out the mystical elements in the tattoo.

Classic Rose Sideburn Tattoos

Classic Rose Sideburn Tattoos
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The classic rose sideburn face tattoo is one of the most beautiful flower tattoos one can get, with subtle but realistic thorns. The classic rose sideburn face tattoo is an upright-inked sketch of a rose with three leaves. The subtle thorns make the piece look realistic.

It is usually drawn perpendicular to the jawline, in clear view. The stem is neat and precise while the leaves stand out, with pointed edges, and at the top with the rose and its beautiful petals. It is classy and simple and is a popular choice for people’s first tattoos, due to it being minimalistic and smaller. This rose tattoo has been left colorless for it to look cleaner and more precise, and it has been shaded perfectly.

Selenite Crystal Facial Tattoos

Selenite Crystal Facial Tattoos
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The selenite crystal sideburn face tattoo is a piece consisting of two pink moonstones, arranged together, with different shades of pink used for details. The selenite crystal sideburn face tattoo, plays with different shades of pink, with crystals and smoke and tiny plants.

This tattoo has two beautiful crystals surrounded by a magical-looking smoke, also pink in color. Shading in appropriate spaces is perfectly done, giving it a realistic touch. Several fine strands of plants pop out of the sides of the crystals with just a single line, adding to the aesthetic of the design. The crystal face tattoo is popular among women who practice astrology or are simply interested in the field. The multitude of colors has resulted in many people rating this more suitable for thicker skin and a 6/10 on the pain scale.

Dagger Through Rose Face Tattoos

Dagger Through Rose Face Tattoos
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The dagger through a rose sideburn face tattoo is the image of a lustrous dagger cutting through a red rose with a dagger sliding through it. This tattoo is that of a red rose, colored and shaded perfectly. Through the shiny red rose, goes a dagger.

The dagger through a rose sideburn face tattoo is the perfect combination of beauty and the Beast to adorn your face with. The spread-out, blood-red petals of the rose, the subtle thorns and precise outlines with black ink, along with the equally big dagger with a slightly more colorful exterior, passing through the rose, gives the art almost a royal vibe. If you’re in an alternative band or simply just adore Greek mythology, The Dagger Through a Rose Sideburn Face Tattoo is the perfect one for you and your profile!

Smiling Skeleton Sideburn Face Tattoo

Smiling Skeleton Sideburn Face Tattoo
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The smiling skeleton sideburn face tattoo is a quirky little skeleton holding a four-pointed star, in a cartoonish manner like a yo-yo.

A cartoonish skeleton with a smile on its face, holding a four-pointed star with a string, with shaved sideburns, this piece would look even more tidy and precise. The tattoo is mostly at the back of the ear, starting from the base, with the skeleton’s legs and going all the way up to the top of the ear.

Sideburn tattoos are one of the greatest ways to reclaim your body, redefine your style, and in a lot of ways, rebel against convention while looking like the best version of yourself. Other Face sideburn tattoos are also a beautiful way to express yourself such as the ones that are as follows :

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What is a sideburn face tattoo?

A sideburn face tattoo is a unique form of facial tattooing that is placed directly on the sideburns. This type of tattoo often features intricate designs, symbols, or lettering and can be used to express personal style, commemorate an event or milestone, or simply to make a bold statement. Sideburn tattoos are considered less permanent than other facial tattoos, as they are typically covered by hair and can be easily covered using makeup. As with any type of tattoo, it is important to consider the healing process and aftercare when deciding whether or not to get a sideburn face tattoo. The artist should also provide guidance on proper aftercare techniques for optimal results. Sideburn face tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to make a statement or express themselves through their body art. With the right preparation and aftercare, these tattoos can be a beautiful way to accentuate your unique style.

How is a sideburn face tattoo done?

Sideburn face tattoos are done in a similar way as any other facial tattoo. The artist will first cleanse and sanitize the area before tracing out the design that has been agreed upon. Once the design is approved, they will then use a specialized tattoo machine to inject ink into the skin. Depending on the size of the design, the process may take multiple sessions to complete. Like any other tattoo, it is important to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and prevent infection or scarring.

How much does a sideburn face tattoo cost?

The cost of a sideburn face tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and location of the design. On average, a small to medium-sized sideburn face tattoo can cost between $100 – $400. Prices may vary depending on the experience level of the artist or if there are any additional elements such as color or shading that need to be added. Make sure to ask the artist for an estimate before booking your appointment. Additionally, it is important to consider that this type of tattoo may need touch-ups in the future, so factor that into the total cost as well.

What are some of the best sideburn face tattoo designs?

The best sideburn face tattoo designs are those that reflect your unique style, interests, and personality. Popular designs include intricate line work, symbols, small animals or insects, florals, mandalas and lettering. Customized designs can also be requested if you want something completely unique to you. In addition to the design itself, there are also a variety of colors and shading techniques available to enhance the look of your sideburn face tattoo. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind piece of body art.

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