10 Best Small Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Smiley Face Tattoo

The word smile is a type of polite, cute expression that indicates happiness. Here you can find different types of small smiley face tattoo ideas to ink.

Small Smiley Face Tattoo
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A smile is an expression through which people express their politeness and trustworthiness.

Smiley tattoo reveals good wishes. It is a symbol of your love.

We also observe that people love to go to the laughing club to smile because everyone wants to smile, it also gives relaxation. A tattoo is a thing through which people can express their feelings and in this case, a smiley face tattoo is an appropriate body art to express happiness.

A smiley face tattoo is a funny tattoo that can always attract others. Smiley tattoos are demanded by females more than males. It can be a different type of design whatever you ask the tattoo artist. This tattoo also represents the current situation in life. On the other hand, some smiley tattoos not only indicate happiness but also the tattoo represents a practical message, future for everyone but it depends on the art of the tattoo design. It is a very common tattoo that you can find in any studio in most British cities.

Smiley Face Tattoo In A Rainbow Color

Smiley Face Tattoo In A Rainbow Color
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This is a wonderful tattoo that is an amazing art where we can see many different types of smiley face tattoos in different colours and all the smiley faces are bordered with black colour.

This is a gorgeous smiley tattoo that is also designed with a stone and colourful stars that make this art more attractive. It can be called a family tattoo and this tattoo represents bonding in a community. It looks shining when it is done properly. You can ask the artist to make this tattoo in rainbow colour.

Smiley Face Tattoo In A Rainbow Colors
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This is another smiley tattoo in rainbow colour. It is a very attractive design and will shine after drawing it.

The black border makes it sparkle on the skin. With this smiley tattoo, you can ask the artist to draw tattoos of foods based on your favourites to show your joy to have your favourite dish.

Smile Tattoo Showing Both Happiness and Unhappiness

Smile Tattoo Showing Both Happiness and Unhappiness
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This is an incredible smiley face tattoo design that shows how a face is smiling on the outside but dead inside. This is a new tattoo with a real and practical theme.

This tattoo indicates the current situation of a person’s life, their struggle, their depression, and their unhappiness which may chase him to death. This tattoo can be drawn on the forearm. It may indicate predictions of life that may not be good.

Single Smiley Face Tattoo On Arm

Single Smiley Face Tattoo On Arm
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This is a simple small smiley face tattoo on the arm that indicates a peaceful life without any argument. Girls like to have this tattoo more than boys.

This smiley tattoo also looks like it gives good wishes to others to stay healthy, happy, enjoy their work and life and always make their family, and friends happy.

Couple Tattoo Of A Smiley Face

Couple Tattoo Of A Smiley Face
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This is a cute smiley matching tattoo where two tiny tattoos are seen on a couple’s arms. It is a symbol of a lovely bonding, happy relationship between them.

This tattoo can be drawn on the middle finger, on the neck, on the wrist, and on the toes or shoulders. The tattoo can be in different colours also if you want. This is indicating how they love each other, they are enjoying it a lot. In this case both the wife and husband have the same matching tattoo on their arms.

Tattoo of A Smiley Face melting

Tattoo of A Smiley Face melting
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This is also an amazing art where it can be seen that a smiley face is melting. The colour of this tattoo is black and white only.

This tattoo also represents a real practical situation of a person and it is giving a message that a person feels that his value depreciates with time. This smiley face tattoo indicates the unhappiness of that person. The shade of this tattoo is wonderful and appropriate to express the inner meaning of this design. You can make this tattoo on your wrist, arm, neck and shoulders. This tattoo is demanded by men between the ages of 30 to 40.

Psychedelic Tattoo Art With Smiley Face and Mushrooms

Psychedelic Tattoo Art With Smiley Face and Mushrooms
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This is another colourful smiley face tattoo that is decorated with pink coloured mushrooms, colourful flowers and leaves and two yellow-coloured smiley face tattoos.

To make this tattoo it took the whole area of the forearm. The smiley faces looked like they are enjoying the colourful atmosphere. These types of tattoos are indicating the beauty of nature.

Tattoo Of A Smiley Face Balloon

Tattoo Of A Smiley Face Balloon
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This is another sweet smiley face tattoo where we can see a balloon with a smiley expression and below a line is seen with the words “take it with you”.

The art with this beautiful line is indicating a message through which a person can express his or her wish to another one whom the person loves the most. This can be a friendship tattoo. On the other hand, this tattoo expresses the bonding between parents and their children where a father or mother is wishing their child a bright future and long life. If you want you can ask the artist to make this tattoo in different colours. You can write any other line with this tattoo as per your feelings.

Tattoo Of Group Of Smiley Faces On Arms

Tattoo Of Group Of Smiley Faces On Arms
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This is another new style where we can see six small smiley face tattoos on the arm. Each tattoo is in a different colour like red, blue, orange, pink etc.

This type of cute face tattoo looks like a strong friendship goal where there is no chance of arguments, fights, or misunderstandings. There is only love and happiness. The number of smiley faces can depend on the number of friends. For example, two best friends can have this same tattoo on their arms to express their feelings for each other. This type of tattoo reminds people about their childhood.

Skeleton Smile Within A Smiley Face Tattoo

Skeleton Smile Within A Smiley Face Tattoos
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Generally, the skeleton face is a symbol of uncertain nature, and mortality but in this tattoo design we can see a skeleton smile in a smiley face tattoo that looks like a funny design. On the other hand, the skeleton smile is also a symbol of dying from an extreme smile.

The persons who love to watch haunted movies, love to prank or scare other people will be happy after making this type of tattoo. This type of skeleton smiley tattoo is famous around Halloween, you can get this tattoo on the occasion of Halloween. The colour of this smiley tattoo is dark yellow.

Smiley Face Tattoo With A Tiny Ghost

Smiley Face Tattoo With A Tiny Ghost
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This is one of the cutest smiley face tattoos in the world. It can be called a tiny smiley ghost tattoo.

This is also a funny tattoo where we can see a happy tiny ghost wearing a stole that is covered with a full yellow smiley face tattoo. This tattoo is a symbol of never-ending love before or after death. This is also a demandable tattoo for those who love to scare others, and love to read funny haunted stories.

Smiles act as social connectors that can bring people together, and create a strong bond among a community. A smiley face can make others smile also. Actually, the different styles of the smiley face tattoo have originated from the emoji that actually looks the same. Both men and women love to have this smiley tattoo but this is demanded by the women especially.

Making a smiley tattoo is a great idea. In the case of making a tattoo on your finger, the size must be small. On the one hand, a smiley face tattoo represents a new day. By making a smiley face tattoo you can wish others to enjoy and stay happy. This type of tattoo can be decorated with flowers, and animals whatever you want. People may have queries such as how much is a small smiley face tattoo? Hence, it can be said that a single simple smiley tattoo can cost from $20 to $50. If you want to decorate the tattoo with lines, flowers, shades, themes and many more like these it can cost $50 to $100. Basically cost depends on the design you will ask the artist to do. Celebrities also love to have a smiley face tattoo.

  • Small tattoo smiley face with 6 lines based on your favourites.
  • Tattoo of a Smiley face with x eyes on wrist or neck.
  • Small smiley face tattoo in a logo style on the wrist.
  • Small face tattoo with small animals and birds on arm or leg.
  • Two smiley face tattoos talking to each other on the forearm.
  • Smiley face siblings tattoo on wrist.

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