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101 Best Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Looking for some of the best zodiac sign tattoo ideas to show off how proud you are of your zodiac sign? You are exactly where you should be!

Zodiac Sign Tattoo
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(Zodiac sign tattoo ideas will surely blow your mind!)

We are all unique and different, yet some kind of binding force is always there holding us together.

One of those binding forces can be considered to be zodiac signs. If you are still confused about whether or not to go forward with a zodiac sign tattoo, wait till we convince you to do so.

From ancient times, astrology has remained one of the mystical things that have continued to surprise even the most non-believers by its accuracy. So, what is a zodiac sign? Most briefly, zodiac signs are the star signs that represent a person’s personality and the characters that make them a whole. These signs are divided by each planet to get in-depth knowledge about the person and their nature. Your sun sign determines your overall personality, the moon determines emotions, and the rising sign determines how you appear to others.

These zodiac signs are also grouped into four elements; air, water, earth, and fire. The signs are also symbolised by different animals or imageries –

The ram represents Aries, who is bossy, independent, and determined in nature.

Practical, patient, stubborn, and ambitious, the Taurus zodiac sign is illustrated by the bull.

Gemini, known for their multiple personalities and witty nature, is represented by the twins.

The cancer zodiac sign is considered emotional, sensitive, and loyal and thus represented by the crabs.

The passionate, warm-hearted, and a little self-centred people belonging to the Leo sign are illustrated by the lion.

Analytical, practical, hard-working, and caring, the Virgo sign is represented by the maidens.

Depicted by the scales, Libras are all about balance and justice.

The brave, passionate, loyal, loving, yet dangerously poisonous Scorpios are illustrated by the scorpions.

Independent, adventurous, and generous, the Sagittarius symbol is represented by the archer.

Also known for their hard-working, determined, and practical outlook in life, the Capricorn symbol is represented by the archers or with a bow and arrow symbol.

Aquarius are compassionate, creative, original, and innovative and are depicted as the water bearer.

Pisces is the last zodiac sign and are considered to be loyal, compassionate, artistic, and symbolised by the fish.

What is most fascinating about these signs is how the symbols and the descriptions get so relatable that sometimes it might even creep you out. However, if you are into astrology and proud of your zodiac sign and have been wanting to find a way to show it off, we have the perfect tattoo ideas for you. These tattoos are all about you as a person and what you represent in the world.

What makes these zodiac tattoo ideas even better is how cool and aesthetically pleasing they can be. These tattoos can also cover a wide range of designs, including the zodiac symbol, animals, constellations, and much more. These tattoos are not just a permanent mark on your body but also a representation of your personality. On top of that, these tattoos can also help you be surrounded by the guiding forces of your planet and be your guide to better decisions in life.

So, without further delay, let’s jump into our catalogue featuring some of the best zodiac tattoo ideas that would fit any zodiac sign.

Zodiac Symbol and Constellation Tattoos

Zodiac Symbol and Constellation Tattoos
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Each zodiac sign originates from a particular constellation, and this is what makes a constellation tattoo an obvious choice for a tattoo. This Cancer zodiac sign tattoo features the Cancer sign depicting a crab along with the Cancer constellation. However, if you do not belong to the Cancer sign, you are still free to customise this tattoo to match your zodiac sign. For eg., a Scorpion for a Scorpio zodiac sign tattoo incorporated with a Scorpio constellation or a bull for Taurus along with its constellation. All you need to do is google your zodiac constellation and ink it along with your representative.

Creative Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Creative Zodiac Sign Tattoos
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If you want your zodiac tattoo to be minimal, aesthetic, and yet express your character the best, a customised creative tattoo like this one is the best option. This tattoo features a small innovative design using tiny dots with an Aquarius, or the water bearer, symbol right in the middle. The tattoo is a perfect design for the creative air sign, Aquarius, that represents the sign in the most appropriate manner; creative and unique. You can also get yourself a tattoo like this for your sign and let the stars do the talking for you!

Minimal Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Minimal Zodiac Sign Tattoos
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If you are a sucker for minimal tattoos, a minimal zodiac tattoo like this one will be a perfect choice for you. This tattoo features a Scorpio symbol, which is a cursive lowercase ‘m’ with an arrow tail at the end. A simple zodiac sign symbol like this Scorpio symbol can also be enough to show off your pride in your sign. A zodiac tattoo like this can keep it simple and make your tattoo bold. Each zodiac symbol is unique in its own way, making it super cool to style it. So, if you are into minimal tattoos, what are you even waiting for? Add this to your wishlist, and make sure to get it inked on your next trip to the tattoo parlour.

Tiny Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Tiny Zodiac Sign Tattoos
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If you want a minimal tattoo but are not much into showing it off and want it just for yourself, a tiny minimal zodiac tattoo would be a perfect choice. Small, cute, and yet bold, these tattoos are a perfect idea if you do not want the heads turning at the sight of your zodiac symbol. If you have also been looking for tiny Libra zodiac sign tattoo ideas, you have your answer right here. Depending on your sign, you can also alter this tattoo and get a zodiac tattoo for your unique sign. However, tattoos like these require great attention to detail, for which we would highly recommend you to research the tattoo artist’s work experiences and only choose them if they have a history working around delicate tattoos like this one.

Negative Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Negative Zodiac Sign Tattoos
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Another creative astrological sign tattoo, this negative zodiac tattoo, is all that you need for your creative soul to make all those heads turn. This tattoo is a Virgo symbol that has been inked on the negative space making the skin the main subject. This tattoo design features the Virgo sign with a floral background, made using black thick lines, which makes it a perfect representation by portraying the sensitive, caring, and yet bold nature of a Virgo. The design for sure makes this tattoo one of the best Virgo tattoos you will ever come across. However, this tattoo can also be customised just like the other tattoos to match your sign. All you have to do is ask your tattoo artist to create a negative space by focusing on your astrological symbol, and you are good to go.

Line Art Zodiac Tattoos

Line Art Zodiac Tattoos
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Another great idea for a minimal zodiac tattoo is a line art tattoo. This tattoo features line art of two faces, the twins, which is the astrological symbol for a Gemini. Since a Gemini is known for its multiple personalities and witty nature, a tattoo like this would be an excellent choice for a Gemini. However, if you are not a Gemini and still want to get a line art tattoo, you are free to create a design of your choice.

Matching Zodiac Tattoos

Matching Zodiac Tattoos
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Are you looking for a tattoo idea to match with your best friend? We have an inspiration for you as well! This tattoo features the Virgo symbol along with the Aries, which would be a perfect ink for you and your best friend. This tattoo is an excellent example of how two tattoos can perfectly go along with each other making your perfect relationship stand out in the crowd. Like the other tattoos, this tattoo is also customisable according to your sign.

Zodiac Illustration Tattoos

Zodiac Illustration Tattoos
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Another Taurus zodiac sign tattoo inspiration, these illustration tattoo ideas are the best tattoos to be inked for the courageous and bold ones who will always refuse to regret their life decisions, just like the Taureans. This tattoo will also be great for anyone belonging to any sign if you are courageous enough.

Sun and Star Zodiac Tattoos

Sun and Star Zodiac Tattoos
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A Scorpion tattoo with a Taurus symbol, this tattoo is for those who do not just want to show off their sun sign but also their moon sign at the same time. Customise this according to your sun and moon sign and add in a few black dots, which you can also use to draw out your constellation.

Cursive Zodiac Tattoos

Cursive Zodiac Tattoos
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One of the most basic and simple zodiac tattoos but also one that will never fail you, this tattoo keeps it minimal and yet loud enough to tell the world your star sign. You can also make this tattoo your own by playing around with the fonts and giving it a personal touch of your choice.

We are sure you must have come across one of your favourite zodiac tattoo ideas by now. However, if you still are looking for more, you can also check out our suggestions:

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What are the different zodiac signs?

The twelve zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each sign has its own unique personality traits and characteristics associated with it. Aries is a fire sign that is known for being independent and energetic. Taurus is an earth sign that is known for being reliable and down-to-earth. Gemini is an air sign that is associated with communication, curiosity and intelligence. Cancer is a water sign that is associated with emotionality and intuition. Leo is a fire sign that symbolizes strength, ambition and courage. Virgo is an earth sign that symbolizes precision, organization and analysis. Libra is an air sign that symbolizes balance, harmony and beauty. Scorpio is a water sign that symbolizes passion, intensity and power. Sagittarius is a fire sign that symbolizes optimism, freedom and adventure. Capricorn is an earth sign that symbolizes ambition, discipline and responsibility. Aquarius is an air sign that symbolizes creativity, independence and humanitarianism. Pisces is a water sign that symbolizes intuition, compassion and mystery. Each sign has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them can help people better understand themselves or their relationships with others.

What are some popular zodiac sign tattoos?

Popular zodiac sign tattoos include the traditional symbol for each sign, such as Aries symbolized by a ram, Taurus symbolized by a bull, Cancer symbolized by a crab and Leo symbolized by a lion. People may also opt for more creative tattoo designs, such as an image of their favorite constellation or astrological symbol, or a more abstract design with their sign’s colors and symbols. Aries tattoos often feature the ram head, bold reds and oranges and confident lines; Taurus tattoos can include images of bulls or flowers like lilies or daisies in pink and purple tones; Cancer tattoos typically feature a crab symbol along with circles, curves and blues; and Leo tattoos often incorporate bright yellows and oranges, as well as lions or other animals. People can also combine multiple zodiac signs into one design, such as two fish for Pisces, two bulls for Taurus, two crabs for Cancer, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

How much do zodiac tattoos cost?

The cost of zodiac tattoos can vary significantly depending on the size, complexity and placement of the tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos are cheaper than larger ones and designs with fewer colors are also less expensive. Additionally, more intricate designs will typically cost more than simpler ones. The location of the tattoo is another important factor as certain areas on the body can be more difficult or painful to tattoo. Lastly, the artist you choose will likely influence the overall cost of a zodiac tattoo as experienced artists charge more than those just starting out. For reference, small tattoos can range from $50 – $100 USD, while larger designs may cost up to several hundred dollars. Ultimately, the best way to get an accurate estimate for your zodiac tattoo is to consult directly with a tattoo artist.

Are zodiac tattoos painful to get?

Getting a zodiac tattoo is typically not more painful than any other type of tattoo. The level of pain someone experiences can vary based on factors such as where the tattoo is located, how deep it goes and how fast the artist works. Generally speaking, tattoos on areas with less fleshy tissue like the wrist or ankle tend to be more painful, while tattoos on areas with more fleshy tissue such as the upper arm or thigh are generally less painful. Additionally, some people may experience more pain if they have a low tolerance to needles or if their skin is very sensitive. Ultimately, the best way to gauge how much it will hurt for you to get a zodiac tattoo is to ask your artist and discuss any concerns you may have.

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