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10 of the Coolest Supreme Bags

by Jamie Wilson
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Over the years, Supreme has released a whole selection of different bags in a manner of different styles. Duffle bags, backpacks, waist-bags, and even suitcases have released. We’ve rounded up our favourite Supreme bags of all time and put them in an easy to read list. Here is all that you should know about Supreme backpacks. 

From their The North Face collaborative bags right through to practical waist-bags, Supreme has produced endless luggage options over the years, and we’ve compiled a definitive guide to the best releases over the years.

10. Supreme x The North Face “Leaves” Backpack – Buy Here

Supreme x The North Face "Leaves" BackpackSupreme’s collaborations with legendary outerwear brand The North Face have led to some legendary jackets over the years, but not only this, there’s been some great accessories along the way also. Some of the best rucksacks produced by Supreme have been in collaboration with The North Face. As part of the duo’s FW16 collaboration, they released jackets and accessories featuring “leaves” patterns. One of these said accessories was this rucksack, featuring dual branding on the centre and many useful features thanks to The North Face.

9. Supreme H-Vis Waistbag – Buy Here

Supreme H-Vis WaistbagIn this day and age, waist-bags/hip-bags-bum-bags (or whatever you want to call them) are extremely in fashion. They’re also eternally useful for a whole manner of situations, for example festivals or weekend trips abroad. Supreme have produced a few over the years, of many different shapes and styles. However this “Hi-Vis” edition from FW14 has to be one of the best. It’s made of hard-wearing Cordura material and features a single stripe of reflective 3M material as well as a small box-logo. These are now pretty hard to track down in decent condition, as many have been used and abused until they’re battered.

8. Supreme “Real Tree” Rucksack – Buy Here

Supreme "Real Tree" RucksackFall/Winter 2012 saw the launch of several products featuring the “Real Tree” camouflage – one of these being the famous Real Tree Pullover, worn by none other than Kanye West. As well as camp caps, a series of luggage released featuring the graphic, in multiple colourways. Black, green, orange and white versions were available. The rucksack was relatively large compared to many that Supreme has made in the past, making it extremely useful. As well as rucksacks, duffle bags were also released. Anything featuring this pattern is now not an easy task to track down on the resell market.

7. Supreme x The North Face 3M Roo II – Buy Here

Supreme x The North Face 3M Roo IIOnce again, another waist-bag makes our list. This time it’s in the form of a collaboration with The North Face. The brand has produced its legendary “Roo II” bag for many years now, and when Supreme collaborated with TNF for their SS13 team effort, 3M was the main attraction. The bag consisted mainly of 3M material only, featuring red or black detailing depending on the colourway. Dual branding is also featured on this bag in the form of fat patch box-logos.

6. Supreme Leopard Rucksack – Buy Here

Supreme Leopard RucksackSupreme has always been a big advocate of crazy prints, and leopard print in particular. This FW season saw the launch of a range of accessories featuring “Leopard Fleece” print. This light rucksack was one of the said accessories, releasing in a red edition, grey edition, and a yellow colourway. Of course, they were a huge success and sold out instantly. Leopard print isn’t the easiest pattern to pull off, but if done correctly it can make the perfect centrepiece to an outfit. Alongside the rucksacks, Supreme also released waist bags featuring the same pattern and material.

5. Supreme x The North Face “Maps” Backpack – Buy Here

Supreme x The North Face "Maps" BackpackThe “Maps” jacket released by Supreme and TNF is one of the most desirable of all the jackets that the two brands have produced in collaboration. It features and eye-catching graphic depicting a map of the world in traditional atlas style. Alongside this jacket, the two companies also released an “Expedition Daypack” featuring the same graphic. It’s one of the largest and most functional backpacks the pair have ever released and also features dual branding. Six flags are featured on the lower of the bag, as they are on the jacket also. These flags represent the six nations that joined forces to cross the Antarctic without motorised assistance in 1989.

4. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Rucksack – Buy Here

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Rucksack2017 saw one of the most iconic yet shocking collaborations in the history of fashion. Supreme joined forces with none other than Louis Vuitton to offer an extremely limited capsule collection. As well as plenty of apparel and accessories, a whole collection of luggage items launched also. One of the most desirable of these is the leather rucksack, featuring a huge box-logo down the centre and Louis Vuitton’s classic “LV” logo. The whole bag is decked out in red leather and is pretty unmissable. If you’re after one now, you’ll have to turn to the resell market – and they don’t come cheap. Put it this way, you won’t find one for under £5000. Crazy money for a backpack if you ask us.

3. Supreme “Stars” Backpack – Buy Here

Supreme "Stars" BackpackOnce again, one of Supreme’s patterned backpacks makes our list. This time it comes in the form of FW13’s “Stars” backpack. The star pattern was used across a number of luggage options for this collection, including duffle bags, waist-bags and also camera cases. However it’s the Quest 35 backpack that really stood out as the clear winner here. It featured a plethora of handy compartments and added extras, and wasn’t too large for everyday use. So for day to day use during commuting, it’s still one of the best backpacks to be produced by the brand.

2. Supreme x The North Face “By Any Means Necessary” Rucksack – Buy Here

Supreme x The North Face "By Any Means Necessary" RucksackAll-over prints seem to be a guaranteed winner when it comes to Supreme’s collaborations with The North Face, therefore this “By Any Means Necessary” print was a huge success upon its launch during FW15. Nuptse jackets, mountain jackets, gloves, and even portable canteens were all released featuring this print. However the star of the show was this backpack, releasing in black, yellow and red colourways. It was the perfect size for everyday use and also boasted being totally waterproof. If you want to get your hands on one now, you may struggle tracking one down, and it certainly won’t be cheap either.

1. Supreme Contour Duffle Bag – Buy Here

Supreme Contour Duffle BagIt may not be the most hyped bag Supreme have ever released, however we definitely feel that this Contour duffle bag from FW15 is up there with the most practical Supreme items ever released. It released in camo, teal, pink, and black variations, and is pretty much everything you need for a weekend away. Multiple zip pockets are featured to keep your valuables safe, as well as a large holdall section for clothes, shoes and whatever else you may need. Carry handles and shoulder straps are both featured, so the bag can be carried however is desired. If you’re looking for a bag suitable for excursions, you’ve found your winner. These can also be picked up on the low fairly frequently if you’re lucky.

On That Note

If you’re looking to purchase a Supreme bag in the near future, hopefully this guide has given you an insight into what’s available and how much you’re going to pay. The brand have produced all sorts of different options so there’s something for everyone. If you’re ready to make the plunge, there’s plenty of resell sites and Facebook groups where you can find said bags. So, which one gift is on your wishlist? 

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