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12+ Best Men’s Crossbody Bags in 2023

by Cressida meale
Men Crossbody Bag

Hey guys, listen up. If you’re lugging around your essentials in anything less than a solid crossbody bag, it’s time for a gear shift. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of men’s crossbody bags—the unsung heroes of everyday carry. Whether hustling through your daily commute or conquering the great outdoors, a solid crossbody bag is your go-to sidekick for stashing all your stuff securely and stylishly.

We’re talking durability, thanks to high-quality, waterproof materials; convenience, with that easy-to-reach design; and yes, we’re even talking style—because who says practical can’t be on-point? Stick around, and I’ll break down some of the top picks in men’s crossbody bags and arm you with some pro tips on what to look for. Trust me, your shoulders—and your style—will thank you.

Why You Need a Crossbody Bag, No Questions Asked

Men Crossbody Bag
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Listen, if you’re still jamming your pockets with keys, wallet, and phone, it’s time to get with the program. Crossbody bags aren’t just tearing it up on the runway; they’re the real deal for hauling your daily carry with no fuss. Picture this: your essential gear—tablet, smartphone, wallet—all snug across your chest, in easy reach, and secure as Fort Knox. You’re about to discover that the right crossbody bag isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a game-changer. You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

The Breakdown: What to Hunt For in a Crossbody Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
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Before we go window shopping, let’s talk nuts and bolts. First, size matters: How much can that central compartment swallow? Have room for your phone, a tablet, or a laptop? Zipper quality is non-negotiable—don’t skimp here. If you’re one of those all-weather warriors, you’ll want at least a hint of water resistance. As for materials, we’re talking about anything from bulletproof recycled nylon to top-tier Italian leather. It’s all about what vibes with your style. Oh, and straps? They’d better be adjustable, or it’s a no-go.

Top Crossbody Bags of 2023: Your Quick Guide

Brace yourself; we’ve done the grunt work to present you with the crème de la crème of men’s crossbody bags for 2023. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, we’ve got something for you.

ODA Go-Pack

Men Crossbody Bag
Via Oda.design

ODA’s Go-Pack is as versatile as they are designed for the guy on the go. This isn’t just a bag; it’s a customizable carry system. Whether you’re a city slicker or a trailblazer, this one’s got your back—and your front.

Mismo M/S Drop Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via mismo.dk

Scandinavian efficiency meets effortless style. This beauty from Mismo is built from water-repellent cotton canvas and comes with a killer leather strap. Compartments? It’s got those, too.

Horizn Studios Gion Crossbody M

Men Crossbody Bag
Via horizn-studios.co.uk

Built for the “urban nomad,” this bag has compartments for days, ensuring you can take your office wherever you go. Made from hardcore vegan tarpaulin, it’s as tough as you are.

Porter-Yoshida & Co. Force Shoulder Bag Small

Men Crossbody Bag
Via yoshidakaban.com

This is the Swiss Army knife of crossbody bags, crafted in Japan and built to endure. Plus, it adds that rugged military touch to any outfit.

Roederer Award Belt Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via roderer.co

Talk about a luxury option. Italian leather and chic silver hardware put this bag in a league, perfect for dialing up your look.

Passenger Journey Recycled Crossbody Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via passenger-clothing.com

Eco-warriors, this one’s for you. Made from recycled polyester and fully lined, it’s small but mighty. A water-resistant coat means you’re ready for anything.

A’r Design by Rocky Mountain Featherbed Amboise Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via clutch-cafe.com

Minimalist yet highly functional, this Japanese-crafted bag is a prime example of less being more. It’s got a killer shape and keeps your essentials within arm’s reach.

Nike Heritage Crossbody Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via Nike.com

The go-to sporty option. With its durable construction and iconic swoosh, this Nike number is as reliable as they come.

Patagonia Guidewater Sling

Men Crossbody Bag
Via patagonia.com

It’s a beast in bag form. With a 15-liter capacity, this is the bag to beat for anyone taking on the great outdoors or just the concrete jungle.

Acne Studios Ayden Cross Body Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via acnestudios.com

Compact and streamlined, this Scandi-designed bag is the epitome of function meeting fashion. Made from recycled materials and easy to wear, it’s a smart choice for everyday use.

Everlane Renew Transit Bag

Men Crossbody Bag
Via asos.com

Ever heard of Everlane? If not, get ready for some enlightenment. Just like Patagonia, Everlane is setting the pace for sustainable fashion. And people are taking notice; they’ve got a following that’s nothing short of cultish. The Re-New Transit Bag is a men’s crossbody that’s so in-demand, it’s perpetually out of stock. As we speak, there’s a waitlist. Yeah, you read that right, a waitlist for a bag. But let’s be real, that only makes you want to get your hands on one even more, doesn’t it?


Men Crossbody Bag
Via everlane.com

Now, switching gears to the other side of the pond. Streetwear blended with high fashion is a match made in heaven, but let’s be honest, it can decimate your bank account. That’s where ASOS comes in. This online powerhouse is dropping trend-focused pieces left and right, including men’s shoulder and crossbody bags. And the best part? They do it all without making your wallet cry for mercy. It’s all part of their in-house brand, crafted with the fashion-forward but budget-conscious guy in mind.

There you have it, gents. Whether you’re taking on the boardroom, the bar, or the backcountry, there’s a crossbody bag with your name on it. Consider yourself educated.

9 Other Features To Consider When Choosing A Crossbody Bag Besides Size And Zipper Quality

Material Durability

We touched on this before, but it bears repeating. From rugged canvas to premium leather, the material will dictate how your bag looks and how long it’ll last. If you’re the adventurous type, consider weather-resistant or even weather-proof materials.

Pocket Configuration

The best crossbody bags have well-thought-out pockets that serve specific purposes. Look for backpacks with separate, easy-to-reach spots for your smartphone, wallet, and other essentials. Some even have hidden pockets for more valuable items.

Strap Comfort and Adjustability

A non-adjustable or uncomfortable strap can be a dealbreaker. Padded, adjustable straps that accommodate different body types and clothing options are necessary.

Weight Distribution

An often-overlooked factor is how well the bag distributes weight. Good design will help balance the load, reducing strain on your shoulder and back.

Aesthetic Appeal

While function is paramount, the form should follow closely behind. Does the bag fit with your overall style? Whether you’re more of a streetwear guy or lean toward the classic, make sure your bag is consistent with your typical outfits.

Brand Reputation

Brands with a long history of quality and durability usually offer better craftsmanship and customer service. While not a strict rule, it’s often a good indicator of what you can expect regarding quality.

Hardware Quality

Zippers are one thing but also consider the quality of any snaps, buckles, and other hardware. These should be made of materials that won’t rust, bend, or break easily.


Some crossbody bags come with an expandable main compartment that offers extra space when needed, which can be particularly useful for travel or outdoor adventures.


Can the bag transition smoothly from a day at the office to a night out? A genuinely excellent crossbody bag can adapt to various scenarios, both casual and formal.

So, the next time you’re hunting for the ideal crossbody bag, remember these features. It’ll make the difference between picking up a bag you use for a season and becoming your go-to for years to come.

9 Brands That Cater To Eco-Conscious Consumers

The shift towards sustainable fashion is far from a passing trend, including men’s accessories like crossbody bags. If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, there are some solid options out there that you can feel good about strapping across your shoulder. Here’s a rundown:


A trailblazer in eco-friendly gear, Patagonia offers bags made from recycled materials, including polyester and nylon. They also prioritize ethical manufacturing practices. Look out for their Guidewater Sling for a rugged, outdoor-friendly option.


Known for their iconic Kånken backpacks, this Swedish brand also offers crossbody bags made from their G-1000 material, a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton. The brand is committed to sustainability from production to the end of the product’s life.

Matt & Nat

Standing for MAT(T)erial and NATure, this Canadian brand crafts luxe-looking bags from various recycled materials, like rubber and cork. The linings of their bags are often made from recycled plastic bottles.


With a focus on durability and intelligent design, Timbuk2 offers bags made from recycled materials, reducing the overall carbon footprint. Their Lifetime Warranty also encourages long-term use, as opposed to disposable culture.


While known primarily for its slim and stylish wallets, Bellroy also makes crossbody bags crafted from environmentally certified leather and recycled fabrics. They are a certified B Corporation, emphasizing their commitment to ethical practices.

Herschel Supply Co.

Though not entirely an eco-focused brand, Herschel has introduced a range of bags made from eco fabric, consisting of recycled PET (think: old plastic bottles).


This Swedish brand has a series of bags, including crossbody styles, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, all under ethical conditions.


As mentioned in the article, the British brand Passenger has a crossbody bag made from 100% recycled polyester, and it’s coated for water resistance—making it earth-friendly and practical.


This brand is about “Because there is no Planet B,” crafting their bags from recycled plastic bottles, tires, and ocean waste.

Each brand offers an eco-conscious alternative to standard options without skimping on style or functionality. Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or aesthetics; these brands are proof. So, consider making a sustainable choice next time you’re in the market for a crossbody bag.

7 Tips For Styling A Crossbody Bag No Matter Your Outfit

Styling a crossbody bag is about balancing practicality and aesthetics, ensuring the bag complements the vibe you’re going for. Here’s the lowdown on how to make it work with different outfits:

Casual Wear

When you’re in jeans and a tee, a crossbody bag adds a touch of intentionality to an otherwise laid-back look. A canvas or nylon bag works well for these outfits, especially in neutral colors like black, grey, or navy. Brands like Nike or Herschel Supply Co. offer bags that elevate a simple weekend look without making it seem like you’re trying too hard.

Office Attire

If heading into the office or any business-casual setting, opt for a bag made from refined materials like leather or high-quality faux leather. Black or brown shades usually fit the bill, and make sure the bag is sleek and not too bulky. Brands like Bellroy or Mismo offer options that can easily fit a tablet or small laptop without looking out of place with a blazer or dress shoes.

Street Style

For street-style enthusiasts, the crossbody bag can act as a statement piece. Bright colors, patterns, or logo-centric designs can make the bag the outfit’s focal point. This is where brands like Supreme or Off-White come into play, offering bags that serve as functional gear and conversation starters.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re hiking, biking, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll want a bag that’s as tough as stylish. Look for water-resistant materials and multiple, easy-to-access pockets for essentials like water bottles or pocket knives. Brands like Patagonia and Fjällräven offer rugged yet stylish bags that can take a beating without missing a beat.

Night Out

When going out in town, your crossbody bag must be as sleek and minimal as possible while still big enough to carry essentials like your wallet, phone, and keys. Leather or premium faux-leather materials in muted or dark tones are your best bet. Keep an eye out for options with detachable straps, transforming them into a clutch when the occasion calls for it.

Versatile Looks

If you’re aiming for versatility, a mid-sized crossbody bag in a neutral color and minimal design can work across multiple outfits. Choose a pack with adjustable straps and removable compartments for maximum flexibility.

So, whether you’re going casual, gearing up for a workday, or hitting the streets in style, the right crossbody bag can hold your stuff and pull your whole look together. Choose wisely, and you’ll have a trusty sidekick that complements your wardrobe in any setting.


Let’s wrap this up. If there’s one takeaway, a solid crossbody bag isn’t just a style move—it’s a lifestyle upgrade. From the boardroom to the mountain trails, the right bag will keep your essentials safe within reach and, let’s not forget, make you look sharp doing it. Not all bags are created equal, so keep an eye on essentials like quality zippers, durable materials, and adjustable straps. Remember that the wrong bag could leave you with a sore shoulder or make you look like you’re toting around a glorified fanny pack. So choose wisely.

Be sure to elevate your daily carry game. Whether you opt for eco-friendly materials or Italian luxury leather, there’s a perfect crossbody bag out there that doesn’t just match your style—it enhances it. Take your pick, make the investment, and walk out that door like the put-together guy you are. You got this.

Photo By Michael Macalos on lookbook.nu

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