What Goes With White Pants – The Ultimate Guide

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Goes With White Pants

Are you wondering what should men wear with white pants? If so, you should know that you’re not alone! What is the rule for wearing white pants and how to pair them with your favorite denim jacket or a stylish dress shirt are just some questions that guys tend to Google and worry about. Are you one of them yourself? If so, you will enjoy this article since we’re going to focus on awesome monochromatic outfits. The trick is in layering and going for a touch of color, some cool chinos, funky socks, or ties! Accessories can be taken into account too, as white pants look great with baseball caps and other hats. In winter, they’re easily matched with a trench coat. Keep on reading and get a fresh appearance by browsing through these looks down below!

FAQ: How Do You Wear White Jeans 2022?

1. What Kinds Of White Pants Are There?

Like any pair of trousers, white pants come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and silhouettes. Each has a different use or purpose and will need to be worn with different things, so check over this list that covers them all. In most cases, one can go for lightweight fabric which can be perfect for the summer, or go for something durable when trying to get that formal look. You can get the smart casual look by investing in your pair of white pants (avoid bad stitching and see-through fabrics).

2. What Shoes Go With White Pants?

What you wear on your feet is essential to styling white trousers. When it comes to shoes there are thankfully plenty of options that look right when you wear white jeans. They cover the whole range from smart to casual and can be tailored to your personal preferences. Your footwear choice is best coordinated with whatever you’re wearing on your top half, so think logically about this. If you go for a polo blue T-shirt you can throw on some espadrilles. Rocking a winter outfit will demand a thicker button down shirt with a pair of brown or beige boots. For a bulletproof solution, always opt for white derby shoes.

3. How Do You Wear White Pants?

A) Sporty look – if you have a simple event ahead throw on your white pants and pair them along with a white shirt. Go for some trainers and a baseball cap to round up the look.

B) Casual – aiming for that simple daily look begins with a casual jacket (preferably a black leather jacket) and pairing a blue shirt with your white pants. These three colors usually look great when combined. Opt for blue shoes and white socks to complete the vibe.

C) Luxurious look – if you’re off to a wedding and you’re going for that sophisticated style reach for a beige blazer, white smart pants, and a white striped button formal shirt. Add some brown accessories to break off the mono look.

Top 12 Ways To Wear White Pants

1. All White Formal Outfit

Going Smart
Image Credit: Insider

This can be an awesome monochromatic outfit for your formal moments! In fact, most guys would wear this outfit for their wedding day, but it can also be a good choice for your bachelor party. If you are off to your prom or if you just want to make a statement with your look, this will do it, no doubt!

2. Elegant Appearance With A Pop Of Color

Add A Pop Of Color
Image Credit: Pinterest

One sure way to look great when wearing a pair of white pants is to add a section of bright color to your outfit. Yellow, green and red are all excellent choices when it comes to long-sleeve shirts, and pretty much any color or design of a T-Shirt will go really well with white jeans.

3. Wear It With a Blazer

With a Blazer
Image Credit: He Spoke Style

A navy blazer is a wardrobe staple that all guys should have! This can be a good option when you’re at the office or if you’re planning a Friday night out with your girl or if you want to chill at a bar. Put on some brown loafers for comfy walks or dancing! Most women will find this outfit to be attractive.

4. White Pants With A Blue Stripe Shirt

With a Shirt

A white T-shirt with blue stripes is a common go-to item during the summer season. A ton of guys like this vibe, especially when paired with a pair of sneakers. It is cozy, comfy, and easy to pull off, perfect for young adults or teens. Men who have 5 minutes to spare in the morning will like this fit.

5. White Pants With A Coat

What About Winter
Image Credit: GQ Middle East

Who says that you can’t wear white during the winter? By pulling off this outfit, everyone will admire your style and your brave approach to fashion. If you’re a fan of layers, lighter colors, and practical looks that can be worn anywhere – this is it! Mature guys will also easily pull off this beauty.

6. Wear It With Plenty Of Confidence

White Pantss
Image Credit: @Grace Lunn via Zach & Grace

Not a lot of guys are as confident or comfortable when it comes to loud and bright colors. However, this is exactly what can break off that monochromatic outfit. Add a stylish leather jacket on top and you will look like you know what you’re doing! This fit will look amazing for your weekend night-outs.

7. Summer Outfit Coordinated Appearance

White Pants 3
Image Credit: @Ozanerdogan7 via Instagram

The perfect everyday casual summer outfit that you can wear for any event. If you are a fan of casual and ”clean” looking fits, this will intrigue you. Add a pop of yellow on top and stick to brown loafers or shoes to enjoy a cohesive neutral look. Pair it up with a pair of sunnies.

8. Casual Everyday Look

White Pants 5
Image Credit: SSENSE

Go for your favorite white trousers and add a stylish black t-shirt on top. Go for white socks and white trainers to keep the look simple. These colors and this style will look office-friendly while being ideal for your casual night-outs and walks. Cool and trendy!

9. Office Friendly With Darker Colors

White Pants 6
Image Credit: Eliran Nargassi

Throw on a black turtleneck and wear this look with confidence! Men who like to wear simple colors and those who enjoy elegant outfits will think of this look as a vibe! You can make it appropriate for any event. Aim for some cool jewelry or accessories to end up with this stylish outcome.

10. Tailored Blazer Cool Tone Look

White Pants 7
Image Credit: Farfetch

This is the perfect outfit for the fall season. Men who like to look trendy and want something formal and business-appropriate will like this color combo. White pants, a grey jacket, and some pops of burgundy color will look stylish and are the perfect colors to go for during the fall.

11. Cool Pants And Bright Color On Upper Half

White Pants 8
Image Credit: END Clothing

This style and these colors will look the best for the winter season. Who says that you can’t wear white when it’s snowing outside?! Guys who enjoy simpler fits and those who want to embrace pops of green and red should give this a go. In the end, it is an outfit for any event.

12. Semi-formal Occasions

White Pants 9
Image Credit: SSENSE

Give this all-white outfit with a hint of black a go if you enjoy monochromatic looks. Guys who don’t want to wear colors or those who can’t get out of their comfort zone will like this black-and-white combo. You probably have similar pieces in your closet, which makes this easy to pull off!


Hopefully, we’ve covered everything by now, and you’ve learned all you needed to know about wearing white trousers. We’ve been through the style tips of wearing them with a T-Shirt, a shirt, a blazer, and all the possible shoe styles to match your pair of white pants. From casual summer wear to formal dinner attire, white pants are a wonderful addition to any man’s wardrobe and can be suited to any occasion. You can wear them all through the year (yes, even after labor day) and there are a lot of tips and tricks with the rest of your outfit to have them looking their best. So, are you ready to make an impressive appearance?

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