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How To Wear A Baseball Cap And Look Great Doing It

by Sheena Hanley
How To Wear A Baseball Cap And Look Great Doing It

Having a bad hair day? Want to switch up your personal style and try out different and cool hairstyles? The truth is that you can opt for different baseball cap styles when having a bad hair day.

The likelihood is you’re tempted to add your baseball cap to whatever clothes you’ve already got on. While it’s tempting to do this, you’re missing out on the chance to wear your cap and make it part of your casual style, not just a random addition to your outfit. 

It’s easy to think there’s only one kind of baseball cap, but in reality, there are plenty of shapes and styles to choose from. Our guide on the three most versatile baseball cap ensembles will show you how to look good in a hat – you’ll never wonder how to wear baseball caps again.

The Sportswear Look

The Sportswear Look
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If you don’t know how to wear snapback caps, listen up – the simplest way to pull this type off (where the baseball cap has an adjustable plastic strap on the back) is to pair it with an athletic outfit that will honour the original sports conception of the baseball cap. Make sure the colors in your outfit don’t clash too much and keep to a simple design on your baseball cap. You can’t go wrong with a cool ball cap and coordinating tracksuit. We love this style of outfit because you’ll look as if you’ve put in a lot of effort when in reality it’s the easiest and comfiest casual outfit to wear. If you like to wear different accessories on a regular, this will intrigue you. Also, just make sure that your fabrics make sense and that you opt for cotton or suede.

2. The Urban Creative Ensemble

The Urban Creative Ensemble
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If you live in an urban environment, chances are you’ll have seen this get-up on lots of men. The great thing about this graphic fashion movement is how easy it is to express your creative and cultural tastes through your clothes. The five panel cap is less rigid than other baseball type hats so is also well suited to sports like cycling. Its soft design means it will fit most head shapes so you can feel relaxed in a baseball cap that won’t be sitting awkwardly on your head. Pair your baseball cap with a loose graphic-print sweater and black skate shorts like this pair from Dickies. This fashion movement has roots in skateboarding, so you’ll want to wear clothes that you can move easily in. Luckily that means this baseball cap ensemble is a comfy outfit you can wear every day. The right jeans and this entire combo will look great on most men.

3. The Hollywood A-Lister Outfit

The Hollywood A-Lister Outfit
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We all have those days where we’d like to hide from the world, and no one knows this better than Hollywood A-listers. This is one of the easiest (like way too easy) choices if you want to know how to wear a baseball cap, and the beauty is you can even hide having an off day under your fashionable baseball cap and sunglasses and no one will know… The secret here is to wear a cap in a dark colour and add some sunglasses. Go for a large style to stop them looking too small underneath your hat. A baseball cap with an everyday logo, like this one from CAT will work well with your casual outfit and give your dynamic monochrome ensemble some detail without getting in the way of your under-the-radar style. Wear it with a black jacket such as a denim trucker or plain harrington for proper Hollywood fashion.  

Baseball Cap
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How To Wear A Baseball Caps: The 411

Baseball Cap
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You’ll never go back now you know how to wear a baseball cap. The main thing to remember when choosing your cap is to consider what you want your outfit to achieve. To suit a sporty street style, go for an athletic baseball cap with a snapback. Men who want to show off their artistic taste won’t go wrong with a five panel cap and graphic sweatshirt that will give your outfit creative detail without looking garish. For an incredibly wearable and stylish baseball cap outfit, you can rely on a dark cap with a pair of sunglasses and black jacket. This is truly a way to pull off baseball hats in style that any man can do. Whatever outfit you go for, it’s important to choose a hat with the right baseball cap fit, as even the most fashionable men can’t get away with wearing caps that are half way off their head. Make sure you adjust the back of your cap to make it the right size.

Is It OK To Wear A Baseball Cap With A Suit?

How often do you see these types of looks? The truth is that your joggers can look good even when paired with a suit and a cap. On the contrary, most young guys opt for this look and stylish fit. It is very popular these days online and on Instagram. You can also try wearing leather baseball caps as your stylish accessory. It doesn’t matter if you plan on staying low profile or going to a major league baseball game, you can try this cool outfit!

Is It Better To Wear A Hat Backwards Or Forward?

What do you like to wear when it comes to your fashionable outfits? Baseball players aren’t the only people who wear this headwear. True fans of Nike fits and quick and easy hoodie throw-on transformations will like both ways of wearing your baseball hat. Just make sure that your brim closures are placed on the right side so that your outfit makes sense. Go for a hat style that suits your face and head shape.

Having Said All Of That

You can find pretty much anything you truly fancy in your wardrobe and easily make it work with the right fitted cap. Guys who love to wear stylish and trendy streetwear will enjoy this article and all of these top fits. With the right pair of sneakers, any outfit can become a staple.

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