What Color Shirt Goes With Red Pants – 8 Style Rules You Need To Know

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What Color Shirt Goes With Red Pants

Seeing red? We can guess what you’re thinking.

Red pants can feel like the achilles heel of any wardrobe. Pairing red for a casual or smarter look can feel like a tough nut to crack, while it might seem a step too far to also reach for your favourite all guns blazing, outlandish shirt.

Even if we don’t think it, what matches with red pants could already be in your staple style, from the classic white T-shirt to the all-out blazer. Below is our list of how to tell what works to wear red pants with ease

How To Style Red Pants 

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If you’re looking to take the leap of faith, chances are you’re stressing over what color shirts go with red pants. Luckily, there are more options for red than meets the eye. 

A$AP Rocky looking fresh in red by a fish counter is the perfect example. The red pants still dominate his look, but the yellow graphic shirt shows you can have fun and take risks while keeping a central theme. To wear red pants is an art form, but it’s a look that can be mastered. 

The secret to success with a red pants outfit is finding the complementing colours and running with them. Red pants will naturally take our focus, so any shoes, shirts or blazers we match need to make sure they don’t clash. Don’t panic – it’s easily said and easily done. 

Black Is The Perfect In-Between

Black Is The Perfect In-Between
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When it comes to mens red pants, black can serve as the perfect bridge between casual daytime and smart city-slicker evening. A black leather jacket could be a great way to combine the two, adding a stylish edge to a thrown together outfit. 

Taking an outfit from day to night – or place to place – is a time saving gift, an opportunity that black perfectly provides. Taking away or adding a blazer, coat or the right shoes can help transform how to wear red in a casual or formal situation. 

For the working day, a red pants black shirt combination is a masterclass in office chic, using a black blazer to tone down the brightness of the red. In the colder months, try out a black roll neck and red trousers with a print overcoat, finishing the look off with a black and gold buckle belt for some extra shine.

Want Classic? Stick With White

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A white shirt or T-shirt is an instant hit when thinking about what to wear with red pants. Perfect for a more casual look, the plain basic top will finish off a red outfit well, either with extra infusions of color or to wear just as it is. 

Where white is concerned, we’re making sure the red pants remain as the star of the party. Like darker colors, the style can easily be dressed up or down to suit the mood or location. 

Outfits with red pants arguably look best with minimum effort for maximum effect. Choose a white shirt with red jeans for a summer in the city, or fully relax with red sweatpants, fresh shoes and the classic white top. 

Add Blue For A Subtle Twist

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Want something more playful from your red pants look? A cool blue tone could be your answer. Take things old school with a blue top and red trousers, accessorising with a darker tie and braces. 

A mix of darker and lighter blues can keep things fresh and fancy, bringing a sense of the traditional to the maverick red pants wearer. Break the red look up with a navy cardigan or opt for a denim shirt with red pants for the ultimate smart casual style.

Keep It Chilled With Neutrals 

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Even though black, white or blue shirts are likely to be go-to options to wear with red pants, don’t rule out other less obvious color choices. Neutrals are a great go-to when wanting to bring a new lease of life to your look, being both understated and chic as your red pants take centre stage. 

Ketchup and mustard pair well in your hot dog and in your outfit, with a mustard top letting you wear red in a more alternative way. For a muted option, look to neutrals of brown and beige to add a cool, calm dimension to your red pants outfits. 

Dress Up With Shades Of Grey 

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Anything grey makes the truly perfect partnership when you wear red pants. Effortlessly chic and taking no prisoners with its sharp edge, a grey top can make a look crisp without trying too hard. 

Grey with red pants brings a taste of European flair to any look, fitting in with the boardroom, the bar and the streets of Bologna. Wear a grey blazer for effective contrast, leaving the door open to bring in whites or pastels underneath to complete the look. 

Dress grey down for a casual feel with a plain grey top, red pants and shoes that put comfort first. When you think about what to wear with red pants, grey is a foolproof solution. 

Spice Things Up With Print

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Once you’re feeling confident, don’t be afraid to bring bolder prints into the mix when you wear red pants. Feel the heat of Copacabana by bringing tropical tones to red jeans outfits, or use patterns to style red pants with an ‘anything goes’ attitude. 

Print can bring out the playful nature of style when considering what goes with red pants. As far as prints are concerned, keeping accessories minimal when you wear red pants makes sure your style stays cool without going too far. Patterns don’t always have to be big and loud to look effective – try small, simple prints for an added spark in your red pants outfit. 

Anchoring a red trousers look around something white can help to ground it, while adding outerwear like a black leather jacket can help bring focus back to the red pants. 

Ahoy, Stripes Are Calling 

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For the elite red pants meets casual look, turn to traditional blue and white stripes, matched with red shorts and boating shoes. This style of red pants can feel tricky to wear but when we think of red pants with blue shirt combos, this is the crème de la crème. 

Strips are a great halfway point to marry the simple and the bold, bringing out the best in your red pants without taking their glory away. To wear shorter red pants with a less nautical feel, add a casual blazer or jacket to the look and balance the palette. 

If In Doubt, Wear Red 

If In Doubt
Image credit Monocloth via Pinterest

When you’re all out of outfit ideas for what to wear with red pants, red outfits may be the way to go. Effective and minimalistic, red only clothing completes the street style look while making the choice of what to wear for the day extremely easy!

Making sure the red in the top half matches as closely to the red pants as possible is key in ensuring the overall look is smooth and effortless. A red two piece ensures flawless color matching, as well as maximising comfort and giving a stand-out edge. Don’t be afraid to accentuate detail with a casual black jacket or long blazer, keeping the sense of fun in the shoes.

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