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Fed Up of Wearing Jeans? Then Check out These Alternatives

by Jamie Wilson
How Western Wear Turned Into High Fashion

Are you fed up with wearing jeans all of the time? Are you looking for more options to spice up your wardrobe? If so, check out this style guide on the top alternatives to jeans and you’ll be spoilt for choice. The truth is that you don’t have to wear slouchy sweatpants, there are some other fabrics of loose fit go-to jeans to consider. Read on to discover what those are.

As amazing as jeans are, sometimes you just want to mix your outfit up a little and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Men’s fashion has never been more prominent and so there are some top alternatives to jeans that all men can pull off.

Of course, there are more options out there than just suit trousers and chinos, you just have to explore them and experiment a little bit to find out what suits you and what you like to wear. The pattern and material can play a huge part in this as it can really add detail and texture to your look.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Suit trousers aren’t only great for the office – they can smarten up any outfit which makes them a transferable item. If you have a dinner date looming and you’re unsure of what impression you want to give off, bear in mind that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Don’t forget to pay attention to the entirety of your outfit by sticking some brogues or loafers on your feet for a cracking formal look.

Fed Up of Wearing Jeans
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Casual and Cool

Gone are the days when you’d be traded a ‘chav’ for wearing joggers in your spare time. On the days that you fancy dressing down, we stock some cosy but fashionable jogging bottoms that give your outfit an all-around casual style.

Whether you fancy sporting an eye-catching pattern or you’re more of a classic black joggers kind of guy, this style is timeless and so you’ll be able to wear your bottoms for many years to come. Just make sure you pair them well with the rest of your outfit to prevent them looking too loungewear.

Casual and Cool
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The Best Things Come in Small Packages

There’s always that guy who goes to the beach or on holiday with nothing but jeans. He sits at the pool bar sweating his you-know-whats off and just has a miserable time. Don’t be that guy – invest in some shorter legwear.

These can be a regular feature in your wardrobe all summer and can be worn to dinners in the evening, beaches, days in the back garden with a beer, and even to festivals.

Casual and Cool
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Smart casual

There are times when we have to go to work but we really would rather be sat at home binging on ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix with a beer. Hey, we’ve all been there, so we completely understand. For those days, smart casual is your best bet.

Chinos strike a balance between smart and casual extremely well and can also be worn outside the office, for drinks down the pub with your mates or for an evening out with your partner. Another great addition to the work pant collection is the slim skinny pant that is made from cotton. This type of pant is extremely low maintenance, as it is wrinkle resistant and so doesn’t need to be ironed if you fancy throwing them on one Monday morning while you’re trying to wake up with a very strong coffee. Dickies have a variety of colours in this style of trouser, with a navy blue being perfect for the office.

Smart casual
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Alternatives To Jeans

  • Suit trousers may seem like a formal choice, but they can easily be dressed down by wearing a casual top or a pair of trainers with them.
  • Joggers can be dressed up or dressed down. Consider wearing them with an overcoat and some loafers for a unique smart-casual look.
  • Shorts are the perfect choice for summer or simply for chilling in the evenings. Whether you go for a denim pair, chino shorts or sweat shorts, you’ll be able to put them to use.
  • Chinos are the best option for smart-casual wear. You can wear them for chilling with your friends or to wear for dress down Friday’s in the office.
Alternatives To Jeans
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What Pants To Wear?

Finding the best pair of trousers comes down to your personal preference, but also your budget. You can always read and consider some of our top recommendations. How to wear each pair and what to wear it with?

  • Wide-leg pants are perfect due to their elastic waistband. You will enjoy these for your office moments.
  • Culottes – these can be worn as short shorts. You will enjoy them with a simple T-shirt on top.
  • Leather pants – those who want to make a statement for night-outs will enjoy these skinny jeans.
  • Linen pants – these are like your tropical wool trousers that have a high rise fit, perfect for the summer.

And On That Note

If you’re bored of wearing jeans all the time, don’t think that your options are limited. Try out some cool khaki lightweight options that will fit your silhouette. There are a plethora of trousers and chinos for you to experiment with instead of jeans. With winter fast approaching, you can always try a pair of joggers to keep you cosy. Whatever you’re going to wear, make sure your legwear suits the occasion, for example, don’t wear joggers to a formal event, no matter how much you dress them up.

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