5 Men’s Flat Top Haircuts Any Guy Can Pull Off!

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Popularised in the fifties, the flat top haircut has still managed to hold its own among the more contemporary cuts of the day. Simple, straightforward and easy to achieve, let’s take a look at some of the most popular iterations of the style.

Flat Top Haircuts

Popularised by black men and football teams of the fifties, the flat top is defined by its harsh, edged and boxy top contrasted by short, if not tapered, back and sides. While, fundamentally, the style is relatively uncomplicated, certain takes on the iconic cut will see designs and patterns cut into the sides to add further detailing.


How to Cut a Flat Top

As mentioned previously, the flat top is particularly straightforward – not requiring much in terms of initial styling. Due to the incredibly longstanding popular nature of the flat top, just about every barbers around will be more than comfortable with creating and maintaining the prominent style.

That being said, because of the defined nature of the cut as well as the faded hairline, a flat top does require relatively regular upkeep to maintain a clean and polished finish. While there are those who can do this from home, unless you’re confident in your abilities, we’d strongly suggest you take the professional route and get it done.

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How to Maintain a Flat Top

Generally speaking, most of the maintenance associated with a flat top will, and should, be done with regular trips to your barbers. There are a few measures you can be taking from home that’ll make things easier, however.

While we’d always advise caution when putting a pair of scissors to your own head, those with curlier or afro hair can get away with some minor tweaks from home. We’re not about to suggest that you get any way creative with things here, but any obvious stray or overly kinky hairs can be snipped.

Alongside this, it’s always worth investing in some quality hair nourishing products. While what you go for can depend on your hair’s natural texture (oils for afro hair, creams for thinner caucasian hair), in short – look for products that’ll nourish alongside offering some increased hold.

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On That Note

There we have it. Looking at the style as a whole, it’s easy to see why the flat top has maintained its popularity through the years. Giving a stylish finish, the cut is notably easy to achieve as well as relatively straightforward to maintain, albeit requiring a little more attention than average. With the above pictures of men’s haircuts, you should hopefully see something that stands out – inspiring you to sport a flat top of your own.

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