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101 Best Vitruvian Man Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Vitruvian Man Tattoo Ideas

Do you love Leonardo Da Vinci and his works? You can showcase that admiration by getting a Vitruvian man tattoo, one of his most famous works!

Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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An Italian polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of the High Renaissance.

His paintings, like the Vitruvian Man, are a perfect example of the amalgamation of his skills as a scientist, engineer, and painter. Even though Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the fifteenth century, his works have gained immortality, remaining as popular as ever even today.

Some of his famous paintings include Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Vitruvian Man. Did you know that many people draw up a theory about Jesus being the Vitruvian Man? Jesus nailed to the cross is the picture commonly used for this, which is not a surprise considering Da Vinci painted what is to be the perfectly proportioned body with mathematical precision. The original painting of the Vitruvian Man has a man prostrate, with what appears as four arms and four legs inside some geometric shapes. Da Vinci painted this to elaborate on the principles of Vitruvius, a Roman architect, with the help of an illustration.

David In The Form Of Vitruvian Man Tattoo

David In The Form Of Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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For lovers of Renaissance art, this tattoo is a sheer treat. It pays homage to a few of the greatest artists of all time, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Michelangelo’s sculpture David is reimagined as the Vitruvian man in the tattoo. Unlike the perfect proportion of the human body in the original painting, this tattoo has a slightly asymmetrical shape. In the background, what looks like a geometric circle can be seen, with different phases of the moon as a unit of measurement.

The statue of David is the perfect addition to the traditional Vitruvian man tattoo designs. David is the symbol of strength and independence, which is in tune with the idea of the Vitruvian man, which tries to explain a metaphysical phenomenon through precise mathematical precision.

Overlapping Proportions Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Overlapping Proportions Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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An interesting abstract twist on the same classic take is where the aesthetic merit of this tattoo lies. In the piece, we can see half of the Vitruvian man. The Vitruvian man appears as if it is painted over the face of Da Vinci. At the top, a wing-like structure can be spotted amid various geometrical shapes. Lines that look like axis lines can be seen spread around the tattoo. It is as though the artist and the art became one.

This tattoo can become a great half-sleeve tattoo. For the same reason, such a piece with intricate details will take time. Therefore, make sure to book an appointment and have no engagements for the day.

Look Inside Yourself Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Look Inside Yourself Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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Among the Vitruvian man tattoo designs, we are intrigued by the meaning of this tattoo. The Vitruvian man looks like an angel with wings. His body looks displaced into little slides. At the bottom, a skull is divided in half, while at the top, one can see a realistic depiction of a heart along with an eye. On both ends of the heart, two globes complete the tattoo. This Vitruvian man tattoo goes well with grayscale, adding depth by applying shadow and highlighting effects on the tattoo.

The message behind this body art seems to ask everybody to peer deep inside their heart, to find their connection with the universe that goes beyond the mere mask of a face or a skull. Besides, an eye is a very common symbol for clairvoyance or as a pathway into the soul. So, this tattoo asks one to find inner harmony with the universe.

Organic Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Organic Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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While staying true to the original symbolism, this tattoo adds its interpretation to the mix. Back tattoos always look stunning, and this piece is no different. The Vitruvian man is composed both within a square and a circle. He seems to be suspended underwater, surrounded by nature and what looks like a waft of air covering the man.

Leonardo Da Vinci back then tried to find an answer to a question that would create an uproar in history. The square seen is considered part of the four elements of nature, while the circle represents the spherical dome of the sky. Da Vinci tried to metaphorically show a circle’s squaring by taking man’s body as an area for both shapes. These ideas are driven home by showing man’s anatomy in tune with the rest of the world.

Hummingbird As The Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Hummingbird As The Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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In this thigh Vitruvian Man tattoo, the man is replaced by a bird, that is, a little hummingbird. The drawing of the bird is presented in the same posture as the body of the man. On one end, a palm can be seen raised within a circular structure, while on the other end, a dragonfly can be seen. Running through the head of the bird seems to be a planetary arrangement.

By changing the focus from a human body to that of a bird, connection with the organic part of the universe is emphasized. The meaning alters as the hardworking hummingbird becomes the representative of the connection. Moreover, dragonflies are a motif for peace and tranquility, reminding the one who got tattooed to find their inner balance with the world outside.

The Mind Has A Body Tattoo

The Mind Has A Body Tattoo
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This beautiful image shows how a person can combine the love of a Renaissance tattoo with what you are passionate about. The tattoo covers one side of the entire body. A face can be dissected in half, devoid of any skin. Binary codes are popping on either side of the head. In the middle, a Vitruvian man seems to be emerging from the gap, while a human heart can be seen at the corner.

This tattoo belongs to a heart surgeon who is also deeply involved with neurological UTIs. The tattoo makes use of art to commemorate that. Besides, it can also symbolize how man consists of both his mind and body.

Vitruvian Man Tattoo Sleeve

Vitruvian Man Tattoo Sleeve
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The image shows a drawing over the entire forearm. The man in this Vitruvian man tattoo has been nailed to perfection so that life has been breathed into the drawing. In terms of style, it is just like the Leonardo Da Vinci one. However, the tattoo is given a three-dimensional effect with the deft use of shadow and highlighting tricks. A portion in the body is missing, which reveals various geometrical shapes, as though they are present inside the body. Scribblings like those found in the original drawing are also observed. Finally, different phases of the moon with some other diagrams fill the bottom.

The knowledge of the entire universe could be solved with mathematical calculations; that is the meaning this Vitruvian man tattoo is trying to convey. The lunar phases take those ideas to the cosmic level, driving the message home.

Lost And Found Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Lost And Found Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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The Renaissance period championed art like no other, and this drawing makes sure to celebrate that. Like many artworks, many ideas can be juxtaposed in the piece. There is Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, along with the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci, completed with a measuring scale and an eye.

The drawing shows how the first man, Adam, fell from the garden of Eden. The quiet majesty of the figure of God inside a skull, or rather, the brain of the human mind, makes for an enthralling creative touch. On the other hand, the scale seems to weigh the heart against the brain, while an eye overlooks everything. This tattoo means finding the balance between the heart and the head to find inner harmony within a person. It is about a man finding his path after falling from Eden.

Darth Vader Style Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Darth Vader Style Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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It is your time to shine for all the Star Wars geeks out there. Here is a fun and quirky take on the same Vitruvian man tattoo ideas. Instead of the unknown man from the original work, what stands in the drawing is Darth Vader himself, in the geometric style of the painting.

The Vitruvian man tattoo is done in the style of a sketch so that pencil lines appear as they would for a drawing. Since this is a medium-sized tattoo, if you are not very comfortable with an obvious spot like the arm, you can also turn it into a thigh Vitruvian man tattoo.

Classic Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Classic Vitruvian Man Tattoo
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With the man in the middle, all the lunar phases arrange themselves in a circle around the Vitruvian man tattoo. The concept art also consists of what looks like a prismatic composition of geometric shapes. A thick black line can be seen that might be a Morse code, just like binary code is also present in the tattoo. Two islands can be noticed on the surface of the skin, along with a lifelike eye.

Nailing features as the eye is always difficult, so be sure to get the best artist for this tattoo. This can be a great cover-up tattoo for a good length of the arm.

The Vitruvian man of Leonardo Da Vinci perfectly aligned with the Renaissance philosophy, helping the painting gain the impetus it deserved. The painting was meant to display the connection of the human anatomy with everything in the universe. This was certainly a great boost for the fervor of Renaissance humanism, where the emphasis was laid on the human intellect than any religious strength.

When it comes to paintings, we are only limited by our imagination. So, we could not resist introducing a few more unique Vitruvian Man tattoo ideas.

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What is the meaning of the Vitruvian Man tattoo?

The Vitruvian Man tattoo is a popular symbol of duality and balance, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic drawing. The image depicts a man in two superimposed positions within a circle and square – signifying the perfect harmony between the human soul and body. It has come to represent unity, health, strength, and harmony, and has become a popular tattoo choice for those seeking to express their commitment to living life with balance. In addition, it can also be seen as a symbol of creativity, ingenuity and progress. Ultimately, the meaning of the Vitruvian Man tattoo is up to its wearer – but many consider it an inspiring reminder to strive for greatness.

How much does the Vitruvian Man tattoo cost?

The cost of a Vitruvian Man tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and placement. Generally speaking, small tattoos can range from $50 to $200 while larger pieces may cost up to thousands of dollars. Additionally, some artists charge an hourly rate for their work, so the more detailed or intricate your design is, the more expensive the tattoo will be. Ultimately, the best way to get a ballpark estimate for your Vitruvian Man tattoo is to consult with a local artist and discuss your design ideas. They can provide you with a more accurate quote based on their experience and skill level.

How big is the Vitruvian Man tattoo?

The size of your Vitruvian Man tattoo will depend on the artist’s preferences and the design you choose. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to be around 2-4 inches in size while larger pieces can range from 6-8 inches or even bigger. Ultimately, where you decide to place your tattoo as well as how much detail you wish to include will have an impact on the overall size of your tattoo.

What colors are used in the Vitruvian Man tattoo?

The Vitruvian Man tattoo can be done in a variety of colors depending on the artist’s preference and the design you choose. Many artists use black as the primary color, but other colors such as blue, green, red, yellow, and even white are also used to create this iconic image. Ultimately, you should consult with your artist and discuss your design ideas to determine the best colors for your tattoo.

How long does it take to get the Vitruvian Man tattoo?

The amount of time required to complete a Vitruvian Man tattoo will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. Smaller tattoos may only take an hour or two, whereas larger pieces can take several hours over multiple sessions. Ultimately, your artist should be able to provide you with an estimate for how long the process will take based on your design.

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