101 Best Small Clock Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
best small clock tattoo

Reviewed & updated: October 25, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Looking for exclusive small clock tattoo designs? These are some intriguing and detailed designs that you can have a look at before making the final choice.

Small Clock Tattoo
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Clock tattoos are one of the best forms of art and the tattoo industry as it has intricate and delicate details which are very hard to make as clock tattoo designs are much more than their beautiful looking design as it represents the balance between birth and death.

Clock tattoo designs generally symbolize a range of meanings starting such as life and death. It consists of various elements starting from birth till the end of life that give meaning to human existence.

A clock tattoo is a symbol of wisdom too. Clock tattoos for men sense out the meaning that the person perceives and beholds the sense of wisdom in him.

Clock tattoos are considered to be one of the best forms of realistic tattoos for guys and they can be well accompanied by designs like eye, rose, hand, skull, etc.

Broken Clock Lion Eye Tattoo

Broken Clock Lion Eye Tattoo
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This tattoo design is based on the famous saying of Walt Whitman that says, “the clock indicates the moment but what does eternity indicate?” The broken clock symbolizes your yearning to reject the monotony of life that is driven by schedules. Not only our schedules but the society runs this way and your urge to reject the system can be depicted with the broken clock tattoo.

The broken clock tattoo design also symbolizes the notion of “leaving your past behind” and the lion eye is a representation that you want to look forward to what the future has in store for you. This particular tattoo design holds the meaning of chasing the future and not looking at the past. This is a cool looking tattoo that holds great meaning.

Flower Bed Clock Tattoo

Flower Bed Clock Tattoo
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If you are searching for a meaningful tattoo design then the combination of flower and clock tattoo design is a great choice. Apart from the beautiful design this tattoo has, it also holds a beautiful meaning which represents life and love. The flowers represent love whereas the clock represents aliveness. Life and love together summarize the general wants of a human and that is what the theme of this tattoo is.

The bloom along with the clock is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs to get inked. It represents life and love or grief and death that depends on the colour you choose to ink the tattoo design. It is a cool looking clock that is surrounded by a string of flowers in a circular manner that symbolizes the love a person holds in life is the most beautiful thing one can get.

Olden Days Pocket Watch Tattoo

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Another aspect of a clock tattoo is to signify that nothing lasts forever and the impermanence of things of human existence. Clock tattoos speak a lot of things than just portraying the importance of time. A timepiece is majorly used to depict the balance between life and death and this tattoo design is a marvellous peace to get end if you can relate with the concept of impermanence in your life.

Also, the concept of mortality is something that an old clock represents. Old trends are something that tells you about the time of history and ancient culture of your community.

Another reason for having this particular tattoo design is that it may be associated with a loved one of yours. Someone like your grandfather may have owned this old clock and now you have inked it with his memory in your heart. This beautiful timepiece is inked in black colour only and the cooling design holds a lot of meaning and symbol in it.

Melting Clock Tattoo

Melting Clock Tattoo
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The melting clock tattoo design is a concept that was innovated by the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali. Dali created a lot of paintings but the melting clock is one of his best and most notable creations. If you are a fan of art and artists, then this particular tattoo design is the best choice for you. Salvador Dali used this famous melting clock tattoo in his recognized painting ‘The persistence of memory.

This shows how pointless the obsession of humans with time is and directs you to a dream state of mind. this is a representation of how humans look at the clock every now and then and ensure that they are keeping up with their routines. If you are someone who wants to escape the circle of time for some time and want to enjoy and live with more freedom, then this clock tattoo design is something that will represent your feelings more precisely. Thus is ink with jet black colour and on the area between your rest and the elbow. This tattoo idea is best suited for men.

Compass Clock Tattoo

Compass Clock Tattoo
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As it is implicit that a clock tattoo represents the value of time, there is another aspect that is associated with time. Right direction and path along with good luck is a very important factor that is often taken into consideration with time. The combination of a compass with a clock is the best representation of this idea.

This clock tattoo design is best suited for men who understand the value of time and the right direction in life and who do not want to lose the precious things and people they hold close to them.

This particular compass clock tattoo design has another thing in it which is the arrow. The arrow signifies the direction that you want to choose as your lucky one. The arrow is the navigational tool in this tattoo pop. The compass and the needle of the compass are drawn with the most precision and with a blend of black ink only.

Skull Clock Tattoo

Skull Clock Tattoo
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The skull clock tattoo is one of the best clock tattoos in this art industry. The skull clock tattoos focus on the element of death. It is a representation when a human tries to make a point that nothing is permanent and everyone has to die, eventually.

Where death is unavoidable, it is important to live your existence to the fullest. it makes a point that you should not have any regrets that you missed out on something great while you were alive.

Also, a very unique element of this particular clock tattoo design is the remembrance and tribute to a loved one, who is no more, by marking their time of death in the clock tattoo design. This clock tattoo idea is suitable for men and looks great when it is drawn in your arms with black ink.

Eye Clock Tattoo

Eye Clock Tattoo
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The combination of a clock tattoo and an eye tattoo is not very common because both are individually represented tattoo designs. but the combination of these two is incredibly meaningful and has an implicit symbol.

It is a very cool design where the eye tattoo holds a lot of meaning. sometimes the eye is seen as a God or a loved one who is no more in this world and who is watching over you to guide you through the right path.

On the other hand, the eye simply means the guidance and protection that you need and the voice of your soul brings that to you and your mind. The clock, on the other hand, represents the idea and concept of mortality and signifies that death is inevitable. A combination of these two elements for the deep meaning and this particular tattoo design is a nice piece of representation that is best suited when drawn in the area between your wrist and the elbow.

Owl Clock Tattoo

Owl Clock Tattoo
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Clock tattoos are very much in fashion nowadays and this small clock, a modern-day tattoo design is an eye-catcher. This clock tattoo is a representation of wisdom as owls are considered to be wise and intelligent. Intelligence and wisdom are basic character traits of an owl.

Apart from intelligence, this nocturnal bird is associated with other trades as well such as luck, mystery, and the power to notice things. So a man, who holds these qualities important will find this particular tattoo idea very appealing. This is a small and cool design and also is rated as one of the best clock designs. Small tattoos are easy to deal with and look adorable too.

Hourglass Clock Tattoo

Hourglass Clock Tattoo
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Hourglass is the ancient way of analyzing time. so this particular taro design upholds the ancient and old values and culture of human existence and community. Clock tattoos are a depiction of existence and death. To uphold this concept, there is no better thing than an hourglass.

The tattoo design shows exactly the time you have left before the sand goes down, that is, before your death. It is an impactful visual as it is a symbolic image of the cycle of life’s journey. You can add other elements to the tattoo design as well if you want to make it more meaningful according to your choice. The flowers in The hourglass want to send a message that the time you have left to live should be enjoyed with your loved ones.

Digital Clock Tattoo

Digital Clock Tattoo
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Most clock tattoo designs focus on the traditional aspect of the same but if you want to get something different then the digital clock tattoo design is the one for you. Digital clock tattoo design is a modern day concept to honour and value ‘time’. it has the advantage that you can clearly show the date and time that is important to you and you hold close to your heart.

Also, if there is any exact model of a watch to which your feelings are attached, when you can get it inked as well, along with the date and time. This is a multicolour tattoo design, dominated by a yellow colour, and has black and red colours in it as well.

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