101 Best Birth Clock Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Best Birth Clock Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 30, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The birth of a baby is a retreat to the family members. If you want to make the birth of your baby memorable, go through this list of birth clock tattoo.

Birth Clock Tattoo
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Generally, the clocks were invested to keep a watch on the time.

It was after the invention of the clocks that people began understanding the value of time and setting their schedule accordingly. The invention of the clock began with the development and use of pendulum.

With the evolution of clocks, several modern clock designs have come up. What’s more interesting is the juxtaposition of the clocks and the tattooing art form. Today, clock tattoos have gained immense popularity. Not only are these best clock tattoos trendy, but also have various underlying meanings attached to them. While some clock tattoos may have a regular and shallow meaning, some others bear an in-depth meaning to it. The symbolism and the meanings of these clock tattoos differ from person to person as each one of them get a clock tattoo depending on the belief or principle that they believe is right. Generally, the clock tattoo designs that people choose has an ingrained meaning that can be rightly applied to their lives.

Of all clock tattoo ideas, one of the most pertinent clock design is the birth clock tattoo. Every parent glorifies the moment a baby is born. Parenthood is a sacred feeling that every parent wants to cherish. One of the best ways of keep the memory of the new born afresh is by getting a birth clock tattoo done at the favourite part of your body. As soon as a parent looks at the birth clock tattoo, he or she instantly gets reminded of the momen to the toddler’s birth. Also, the birth clock tattoo is a great way to showcase your love and affection towards your child. To make a birth clock tattoo more interesting, one can add the name of the child along with the birth date to the tattoo.

Normally, clock tattoos have various meanings. These fascinating objects can be a great piece of body art, especially if it is associated with a deep inner meaning. One of the greatest advantage of clock tattoos is one can ink them at any part of the body. So, if you want to get a tattoo yet not show it to the whole world, or if you have a professional binding, the tattoo artist suggest getting a clock tattoo with name and date of birth done at a part of a body that is not visible at a glance. The particular design you choose will define your connection with your child. However, if you want enough detail in the clock tattoo, make sure to get it done in a larger area of the body such as thigh, back, chest, belly, etc.

Some of the popular clock tattoo designs include digital clock tattoo, skull clock tattoo, broken clock tattoo, heart clock tattoo, melting clock tattoo, chest clock tattoo, lion clock tattoo, forearm clock tattoo, compass clock tattoo, hand clock tattoo, etc. Indeed, it is difficult to choose a one clock tattoo. To make things easier for you, we have narrowed down our search and prepared a list of latest tattoo ideas and cool designs on clocks.

Clock Tattoo With Rose

Clock Tattoo With Rose
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If you are looking for an ornamental clock tattoo design, this is one of those birth clock tattoos that can add a glamour to your respective body part. The rose clock tattoo is a great choice as it is filled with a lot of symbolisms. This birth clock tattoo is visually interesting and generally represent life, love and affection.

To get a proper rose clock tattoo, ask the tattoo artist to place the clock hands at the time of your child’s birth. This classic appearance of the tattoo highlights endless love towards your child. Although this rose clock tattoo can be made into a full sleeve tattoo, but one can place the tattoo at versatile location.

Clock Tattoo With Dove, Rose And Birth Date

Clock Tattoo With Dove, Rose And Birth Date
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Birth clock tattoos are gaining popularity these days. One of the trendiest designs in the birth clock tattoos category is this clock tattoo design accommodated with a dove and a rose. If you get this tattoo done for your child’s birth, inscribe the date of birth as given in the tattoo design.

While a clock tattoo symbolises the concept of time, healing, infinity, and endless love, a flying dove tattoo represents love, peace, victory and God’s will. To make the tattoo more appealing, other nocturnal birds can be added instead of a dove. This is one of the most suitable shoulder tattoos for men that requires enough space.

Eye Catching Eye Clock Tattoo

Eye Catching Eye Clock Tattoo
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There are different styles of clock tattoos with different elements and meanings attached to them. However, if you are looking for a clock tattoo in the chest, this eye clock tattoo is a great tattoo idea. Here, the tattoo artist can ink multiple clocks.

There is a distinct meaning of this cool design. The various meanings of the eye clock include protection, guidance, care and concern for a loved one and above all, the Almighty. The clock tattoo inked with this eye should be a pocket watch or a compass tattoo to make the tattoo appear lively.

Broken Clock Tattoo with Lion

Broken Clock Tattoo with Lion
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Of all birth clock tattoo ideas, the broken clock tattoos is a striking design. If you are looking for clock tattoos for men, this is a suitable design. Here, traditional clocks are inked and other elements are added to highlight the image of the clock.

While an unbroken clock represents the finite nature of existence, the broken ones symbolize the indifference of the wearer to the different aspects of life. To give it the shape and look of a birth child clock tattoo, one can add the date of birth of the tattoo or various elements that are related to the birth date of the child.

Arm Clock Tattoo With Rose

Arm Clock Tattoo With Rose
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Indeed, there are several types of clock tattoos. Each clock tattoo has a definite meaning associated to it. Besides telling the time, clock tattoos for men have a much greater significance. Generally, when one gets a clock tattoo, it is associated with the ideas of impermanence, futility of life and the ebb and flow of events in life. When you are interested to get forearm tattoos, this clock tattoo with rose is an ideal choice. If you want, you can attach a special date to the tattoo.

Melting Clock Tattoo On Arm

Melting Clock Tattoo On Arm
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The melting clock design was first invented by the Spanish painter Salvador Dali. Since Dali is famous for his abstract artwork and surreal images, this melting clock is a part of ‘The Persistence of Memory’ painting. The image of the melting is a symbolism for our obsession over time. Through the melting clock image, Dali wanted to prove that running after time is pointless. Instead, we need to live the moment to the fullest.

Digital Clock Tattoo in Black

Digital Clock Tattoo in Black
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If you are interested to get some sleeve tattoos, here is one for you. This is a digital clock tattoo that symbolize life and the beauty of life. It is through this beautiful tattoo that artists can use roman numerals to showcase the digital clock. While inking the roman numerals, make sure a certain degree of sharpness is maintained as this makes the numerals look better. If required, you can also get an exact model of the digital clock as a tattoo.

Half Sleeve Clock Tattoo With Date

Half Sleeve Clock Tattoo With Date
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For many people, the anniversary date, birth date of his child, death date of a closed one, or any other special date has a lot of significance. If you want to retain such important dates with you till your last breath, what else can be better than opting for body art! This image shown here can be a perfect daughter birth clock tattoo when you add the birth time and date to the tattoo design. To make the tattoo more attractive, some bright colors can be used. The ink design shown here gives a shimmery effect to the arms.

Multiple Clock Tattoos With Name and Date

Multiple Clock Tattoos With Name and Date
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Often, parents who live far away from their children, get reminded of them every now and then. For them, getting a forearm birth clock tattoo can be a great solution. Not only will the body art remind the parents of their children, but will also show the children how much their parents love them. People with more than one kid can get this multiple clock tattoo done with the names of each child inked on each clock as shown.

Pocket Watch Tattoo

Pocket Watch Tattoo
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If you are looking for forearm tattoos for black men, this pocket watch tattoo idea is a perfect solution for you. The clock design here gives a vintage look and is similar to the fob watches of the ancient times. When choosing a timepiece tattoo, this is one of the best variations that you can get. To enhance the pocket watch, two birds from both sides of the watch are inked. The tattoo as a whole, symbolises maintaining peacefulness and sanctity amidst all times.

Now that you have come to the end of this article, hopefully you have got some ideas about birth clock tattoos both for men and women. It is time you finalize a clock tattoo design and head straight to a reputed tattoo parlour.

Here are some more clock tattoo ideas that one can check out:

Birth Time Clock Tattoo

Birth Time Clock Tattoo
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feature image from Pinterest

What is a birth clock tattoo?

A birth clock tattoo is a permanent reminder of the precise time and date of your child’s birth. It can be placed on any part of the body, but is commonly seen on the wrist or ankle.

How much does a birth clock tattoo cost?

The cost of a birth clock tattoo will vary depending on the artist and the complexity of the design. However, you can expect to pay around $100-$200 for a small tattoo, and up to $500 for a larger, more intricate design.

How big is a typical birth clock tattoo?

A birth clock tattoo can be as small or as large as you like, although most people opt for a design that is around 3-4 inches in diameter.

What are some popular birth clock tattoo designs?

There are a number of different designs that can be used for a birth clock tattoo. Some popular ideas include:

1. A simple clock face with the time and date of birth
2. A more elaborate design with the baby’s name, weight, and length included
3. A design featuring an image of a stork or other baby-related symbol

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