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101 Best Flower And Clock Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Flower And Clock Tattoo

Confused about which flower and clock tattoo you should get? Your dilemma ends here! We’ve brought you the Best Flower and Clock Tattoo ideas to choose from.

Flower And Clock Tattoo
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Clock tattoo designs have always been a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts due to their symbolic analogies.

A clock tattoo design represents the passage of time and serves as a reminder of our limited being. Besides that, It can also be a symbol of several other reasons like capturing special events, remembering important dates, to symbolize eternal and infinite love for somebody.

Clock tattoo styles have many different types of shapes, colours and sizes so that you can get an ink design to give meaning to your mindset. You can customize to get a large artwork or a minimalistic simple tattoo without any change in their symbolism.

To resolve your confusion, we’ve put together a list of some incredibly meaningful clock tattoos to help you decide!

Skull Clock Tattoo

Skull Clock Tattoo
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Starting off our list with a beautiful skull and flower with a clock tattoo design.

Skull designs are capable of conveying a deep, meaningful story on their own, but when combined with a clock and flower, it becomes a match made in heaven. These three various elements seem to compliment each other very well.

Both Skull and Clock represent the realities of one’s life. Skull designs convey that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, we are bound to leave this body and mind. At the same time, Clock designs remind us of something similar, that we should live our life relishing every moment.

Together, a flower merged with a skull clock represents mortality kept on track by time.

Talking about this design, it has a skull placed in a rest position with a butterfly on it, and at the bottom, there’s a clock stopped at 4.30. Although there isn’t a flower in this design, it would be great if you could add some roses or any flowers of your choice here.

For many people, this design can look very grim and dark. To tone down that feeling, consider adding colours to the rose and butterfly.

Rose And Clock Tattoo

Rose And Clock Tattoo
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Rose is one of the most popular tattoo designs to get, and for good reasons. There are so many meanings associated with this flower that one can pick a rose tattoo that accurately represents their emotions and feelings.

A classic red rose combined with a clock represents endless love, while a white rose will convey the feeling of peace and hope.

Here, however, the rose design follows a simple and classic black and grey tone. The clock is positioned between three roses.

On top of that, there are a few unique details like spearhead shapes on top and date scrolls at the bottom.

Overall, this dark monochromatic tattoo design looks more like a sketch while portraying a serious tone. If you don’t like vibrant tattoo ideas, this one’s great for you.

Sunflower Pocket Watch Tattoo

Sunflower Pocket Watch Tattoo
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This pocket watch design represents life at its best.

The use of a stopwatch instead of a normal watch was clever in the sense that it serves as an example that time is limited, so you should spend it on what matters the most, i.e. spending time with your loved one.

Besides the realistic style, the clock tattoo incorporates a sunflower representative of Longevity and Good luck. Though it follows a black and grey theme, just having those warm elements in your design form a positive vibe.

That being said, you can still choose to add colours to this design to make it look more lively and cheerful.

Broken Clock Tattoo

Broken Clock Tattoo
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Broken Clock Tattoos are of their kind tattoo designs. They carry several meanings, depending on how you want to interpret them.

On one hand, a broken clock symbol represents that you believe in living in the present moment and making most of your day, while on the other hand, it can also signify the importance of a memory that brought significant change in one’s life.

Here too, the design has a date mentioned, as well as the hands of the clock stopped at 11:05.

The broken clock is further paired up with a bunch of anemone flowers commonly linked with fragility and protection.

You can choose more design elements like a name or a quote, giving it more meaning.

Eye Clock Tattoo

Eye Clock Tattoo
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A combination of eyes embedded into a clock seems a very unpopular tattoo design, but that’s what makes it stand out.

While the clock highlights the passing time between life and death, the eye can represent many things.

For example, it can depict your attitude towards time as a concept, or it can represent something more on the spiritual side, like someone like a guardian angel watching you live your life.

As for this design, the artist has chosen the eye as a focal point to design the clock. Moreover, there is no circular outline to the clock; it’s the roman numerals placed in a circular format giving it a dark and graphical look.

A few changes you can make are: firstly, you can add to the beauty of this design by experimenting with different colours like blue or yellow for the pupil.

And secondly, you could remove the flower aspect completely if you want a cleaner look.

3D Melting Clock Tattoo

3D Melting Clock Tattoo
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The tattoo design of a melting clock takes inspiration from Salvador Dali’s paintings.

Dali had the vision that saw what others didn’t. Melting clocks were originally featured in Dali’s Persistence Of Memory Painting, which was primarily made to represent Einstein’s remarkable discovery of space and time.

Coming onto this tattoo design, if we had to describe it in one word, it would be ‘Surreal’. Here, the artist has combined transparent lilies with a melting clock. Lilies are seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Instead of drawing out two separate tattoos, the clock has been joined into the lilies, creating a flowing tattoo.

Getting these melting clock designs would be a great choice for someone who likes Dali’s art or is looking for a unique design to get on your skin.

Owl Clock Tattoos

Owl Clock Tattoos
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Out of the relative multitude of potential tattoo ideas out there, Animal Tattoos have always been a popular choice. Owl tattoos are no different.

Since the beginning, owls have been associated with several meanings. In some cultures and mythologies, they are respected, adored and considered insightful, while in others, they are considered stupid and carriers of bad omen.

One of the primary reasons why the idea of combining an owl and clock is great is because Owls are also considered wise, which gives a deeper meaning to this design. In essence, this tattoo projects that a person who understands the limitation of time can achieve a fulfilling life between birth and death.

In this tattoo idea, there has been a lot of detail put into the symmetry of the bird contributing to its intimidating form. The owl can be seen fluttering its majestic wings while holding the clock with its legs.

Moreover, there are two roses emerging on both sides of the clock, giving it a floral touch.

Heart-Shaped Clock Tattoo

Heart-Shaped Clock Tattoo
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Much like other heart tattoos, this clock tattoo in the shape of a heart symbolizes everlasting love.

This heart-clock tattoo can be a great personalized gift for your loved one, wherein the hands of the clock are signifying the importance of time spent with them or a memorable date like the first meeting, marriage anniversary, etc.

The tattoo further is combined with blue peonies placed at the top and bottom of the clock. Peonies are a symbol of health, wealth and happiness. They are a great and unique alternative to your common rose designs.

If you are a sucker for an arm or a full sleeve tattoo, this would be a perfect choice.

Simplistic Flower Clock Tattoos

Simplistic Flower Clock Tattoos
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If you are looking for minimalistic yet meaningful tattoo designs, consider getting this one tattooed!

Contrary to all other designs mentioned in this list, this requires little to no effort. The design starts with a single brush stroke giving structure to the clock and transforming into a flower, coming full circle and completing the design.

You can further add various elements like Roman numbers or inking the leaves green to make it look lively to wear.

Lily Hourglass Tattoo

Lily Hourglass Tattoo
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Looking for an out of the box clock tattoo? Then consider getting an hourglass tattoo inked!

Hourglass is also used as clocks and symbolize similar meanings, i.e. the passage of time leading one to death or how quickly time passes without realizing.

This arm tattoo, combined with a lily, gives this tattoo design a new meaning altogether. Here, the hourglass depicts that you shouldn’t stop living life just because of the inevitability of death and change.

To highlight it further, in greek culture, lily is linked to divinity and rebirth. This clock tattoo requires space; as a result, it is most suitable as a shoulder tattoo.

After going through this list of latest tattoo ideas, if you still feel like you need more clock and flower tattoo designs, you can check out some more tattoo options below.

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What is the meaning of a flower and clock tattoo?

The flower and clock tattoo symbolizes the idea of cherishing the moments in life. The flower is a reminder to enjoy and appreciate beauty, while the clock serves as a warning that time moves quickly. This combination of symbols also represents balance, reminding us to find harmony between our work and leisure activities. Overall, this tattoo is an expression of the fleeting nature of life and an encouragement to make the most of it.

What is the symbolism behind a flower and clock tattoo?

The flower and clock tattoo is a reminder that time passes quickly, so one should make the most of it. The flower symbolizes beauty and appreciation for life, while the clock represents a warning to use our time wisely. This combination also serves as a reminder to find balance in life between work and leisure activities. Ultimately, this tattoo is an ode to the fleeting nature of life and a heartfelt reminder that we should make the best use of our time.

How can I personalize my flower and clock tattoo?

To personalize your flower and clock tattoo, you can choose a unique combination of colors for the elements. Additionally, you can incorporate your own meaningful symbols into the design such as a heart or an arrow to create an even more meaningful tattoo. You can also add words, dates, or names that are important to you in order to make thea tattoo even more personal. Finally, you can incorporate meaningful shapes or patterns into the design to make it truly unique and special.

What are some ideas for flower and clock tattoo designs?

Some ideas for flower and clock tattoo designs include a floral clock with a detailed arrangement of petals, a single rose surrounded by an antique pocket watch, or a colorful bouquet of flowers with a ticking clock as the centerpiece. You can also opt for abstract versions of the design such as overlapping shapes representing both concepts or intertwining lines that represent the movement of time. No matter what design you choose, make sure to add some personal touches to really make it special.

How much will my flower and clock tattoo cost?

The cost of your flower and clock tattoo will depend on factors such as the size, complexity, and placement. Generally speaking, tattoo prices can range anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on these factors. If you want a larger and more intricate design, then you should expect to pay more for it. Additionally, be sure to factor in the cost of aftercare products such as ointments and bandages. Ultimately, the price will depend on your own personal design and budget.

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