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101 Best Small Butterfly Tattoo Outline Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Small Butterfly Tattoo ideas

A beautiful artwork with layered meanings the small butterfly tattoo outline has already become a timeless design in the tattoo industry.

Small Butterfly Tattoo
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One of the most popular and oldest subjects for tattoo art is the butterfly.

Ranging from small to large, butterfly tattoos have stood the test of time and has varied meanings in different cultures. While the Aztecs considered butterflies as the souls of the past warriors the Chinese thought them to be the symbol of joy, immortality, and grace.

Butterflies are mostly polymorphic in nature and some species like the monarch butterfly, and painted lady can migrate over large distances. Like most insects, they have four stages of life cycle and they are mostly found in the tropical climate.

With the advancement of time, people now tend to get inked with small butterfly tattoos for their subtleness and designs. With the process of metamorphosis, these tattoos are now even associated with great change and personal development in people.

Small White Butterfly Tattoo

Small White Butterfly Tattoos
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One of the most unique butterfly tattoo designs is the white butterfly tattoo. Both popular among males and females the ink used is obviously white. These butterfly tattoos blossom extremely well on a person with a bit dark skin tone as of the white tattoo color. The ideal place of choice for these tattoos is the fingers, ankle, wrist, and neck.

The first and foremost thing the color white represents is purity and reflects the naive nature of the tattooer. Secondly, these butterflies are associated with Christianity and salvation. The white color is identified with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and can be done by members who have a faith in this religion.

Simple Small Butterfly Outline Tattoo

Simple Small Butterfly Outline Tattoo
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A classic and timeless design, a simple butterfly tattoo represents freedom, faith, and transformation. Around the world, all tattoo artists would agree that the demand for this design has always been high. Now the simple butterfly tattoo when outlined by the artist is mostly done using a single color which can be red, black, blue, or white.

Wrists, ankle, forearm, shoulder, back, and in any portion of the body butterfly tattoo can be done as body art. Popular both among men and women some people get etched with this simple butterfly tattoo to express the concept of metamorphosis and the butterfly effect.

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo
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A unique piece is the blue butterfly tattoo not only for its delicate design but also because it can be rarely seen around the world. Though uncommon in nature the blue butterfly tattoos are extremely popular in tattoo design and are very much a common sight in the tattoo world. Believed to be the bringer of good luck and bliss the ideal placement for them is the wrist, shoulder, collar bone, chest, and back.

These butterflies are the first ones to show themselves in the spring and with their turquoise or azure wings in the wild, they are a sight to behold. In many cultures like in Japan, when they are seen they are believed to be the ones to bring a healthy and prosperous year. Sometimes they are also associated with adventure, creativity, and new beginnings.

Finger Butterfly Tattoo Small

Finger Butterfly Tattoo Small
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These tattoo designs are popular among women and they reflect feminine power. Mostly black ink is used for this butterfly tattoo and the placement is mostly on the index finger or the middle finger. It also represents rebirth and freedom other than femininity. The finger tattoos can also be fused with other objects in order to extract different meanings.

Like when done with the flower it symbolizes romantic love, with the moon it symbolizes the metamorphic trait and many such things. If you are new to the tattoo world then it is advised not to go for the finger tattoo at first, as it is a bit more painful than tattooing in other places.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Small

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Small
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Suppose someone close to you like any family members, friends, or colleagues has been fighting a severe health issue for a long time. To support that person the purple butterfly tattoo is the best choice. Around the world, this concept is gaining popularity and is being used in many institutions.

These bold butterflies are not only associated with the resilient power to push through any problems but also are symbols of elegance, nobility, and grace. The ideal place to put this butterfly design is the bicep, wrist, shoulder, back, and ankle. Just like lavender they can also be associated with spiritual connection and devotion and are done by many for that purpose.

Ankle Butterfly Tattoo Small

Ankle Butterfly Tattoo Small
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For the first-timers, the ankle is the perfect place of choice for getting a tattoo. And the butterfly tattoo idea is like adding a cherry on the top of it. Small and affordable this simple butterfly tattoo takes less time and in that sense is a bit less painful than others. The ink of choice for outline can range from black to multiple colors.

Equally popular among men and women these tattoo ideas are both bold and a great fashion statement. Putting the butterfly in the body part of the ankle looks not only subtle and aesthetic but also can be easily hidden in workplaces. These tattoo ideas not only represent life but also freedom, creativity, rebirth, and transformation.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Small

Black Butterfly Tattoo Small
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If you are not interested in bright colors then the black simple butterfly tattoo is a classic design to get inked with. A great idea to show the style and bold features this delicate design is often associated with tribal or Celtic tattoo designs. Any portion of the arm is a perfect canvas for this truly unique piece.

When done in tribal format these butterfly tattoo images are identified with the temporariness of life. A black butterfly tattoo also signifies that something bad has happened or can be done in memory of a loved one who has passed. Recently they have become a popular design choice among old people for being symbolic of the concept of aging.

Small Flowers and Butterfly Tattoo

Small Flowers and Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterflies are always attracted to bright flowers and feed on their nectar so the relationship between them is extremely organic. These butterfly tattoos are both a work of beauty and look quite delicate on the skin. Preferred mostly by women for their feminine traits these tattoos can be done in black or colorful ink.

These butterfly tattoo ideas with flowers are extremely symbolic of serenity and innocence and the perfect place of choice in the body are the wrists, ankles, neck, shoulder, and back. People who love nature can also get this tattoo done as a tribute to mother earth.

Small Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

Small Yellow Butterfly Tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo design mostly reflects the symbol of joy and happiness according to Chinese culture. They are both popular among men and women and the ideal placements include the wrist, bicep, ankle, forearm, and shoulder.

Again in Scotland and Ireland, it is believed to be a symbol of peace. When seen in someone’s grave it is considered that their soul has progressed to somewhere beautiful. These tattoos blossom extremely well on people having a fair skin tone and can also signify a connection with the inner self.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo
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With the very name, you can guess the tiny butterfly tattoos are extremely small and have a sleek style. For many people, this is their first tattoo to get inked with and the color of ink choice can range from traditional black ink to multiple hues. These tiny tattoos are so small that they can even be etched on the delicate parts of the body. But only an able tattoo artist can achieve that feat carefully.

The concept of minimalism is followed by this tattoo design where the main ideology is ‘less is more.’ Though extremely small they can create a maximum impact both on the tattooer and the viewers of this design. The perfect place to get inked with this design is the neck, chest, ankles, face, behind the ear, and fingers.

These delicate insects are known all over the world for their colors and tattoed for their vibrant hue. They must not be confused with a moth tattoo as the meaning and characteristics have a lot of differences. From commemorating changes to carrying deep meanings about history and culture all can be catered to with this tattoo design. This is a true beauty of a design where both the tattoo artist and the tattooer can go wild with creativity and imagination.

If you want to further hunt for other designs they can be:

  • Small butterfly tattoo with fire.
  • Small butterfly tattoo with heart.
  • Small butterfly tattoo with quote.
  • Small butterfly tattoo with a number.
  • Small butterfly tattoo with galaxy.

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What is the best design for a small butterfly tattoo?

The best design for a small butterfly tattoo will depend on individual preference and style. Some popular designs include a detailed outline or silhouettes of the butterfly, while others may prefer abstract representations of the insect. Color can also be used to enhance the look and feel of smaller tattoos, with bright pinks, blues, and purples being popular choices. Adding swirling lines, stars, hearts and other decorative elements can give a small butterfly tattoo an extra touch of character. Whatever design you choose, make sure it is something that you are truly passionate about so that it will represent a meaningful part of your story.

How can I make sure my small butterfly tattoo looks good?

The key to making sure your small butterfly tattoo looks good is to choose a design that you love and have it professionally done by an experienced artist. Selecting the right colors and details can help your tattoo look more polished. Additionally, be sure to take proper care of the area afterwards with regular cleaning and moisturizing for optimal results. If you have any questions about the process, it’s best to consult a professional tattoo artist. With their expertise, you can ensure that your small butterfly tattoo will be the perfect representation of yourself!

What are the benefits of getting a small butterfly tattoo?

There are many benefits to getting a small butterfly tattoo. First of all, they can be very meaningful and personal symbols that reflect unique parts of your personality or story. Additionally, since they are relatively small in size, they are discreet enough to allow flexibility when it comes to placement options–which can make them attractive for those who want something subtle. Furthermore, due to the smaller size of the tattoo, it can be less painful and time consuming to have done than larger tattoos. All in all, small butterfly tattoos can be a great way to show your unique style while still keeping things simple and elegant!

Are there any potential risks associated with getting a small butterfly tattoo?

While butterfly tattoos are generally considered to be fairly safe, there are still some potential risks associated with getting a small tattoo. For example, if proper aftercare is not taken, infection or scarring may occur. Additionally, the size of the tattoo can make it more prone to fading or distorting over time. Therefore, it is important to select a professional artist with experience in small tattooing and follow their instructions carefully. If you take the necessary precautions, you can minimize the potential risks associated with getting a small butterfly tattoo.

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