101 Best Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: November 25, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you intrigued by the seductive 1950s pin-up girls? Then get inked with the old-school Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoo and showcase unfathomable intrepidity!

Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo
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Pin-up tattoo designs are a classic choice for body art.

The pin-up tattoos can represent a melange of sentiments with elements of femininity, strength, and sensuality. These enticing pieces of art are first brought about by Norman Keith Collins, popularly known as Sailor Jerry.

The alluring and innovative flash art designs of Sailor Jerry define the traditional style of American tattoo culture. Pin-up tattoos are thoughtful body art depicting the bold feminine form with utmost creativity. These traditional tattoo motifs are symbolic of passion and female sexuality. With the voluptuous and beguiling women of the 1950s, the aesthetic portrays the modest timeframe of that epoch when women’s sexual liberation was out of the question. These tattoo designs are never fully nude but illustrate the sensuality through the luxuriating feminine poise, the era’s fashion trend, and the desirable expressions of the pin-up girls.

Pin-up tattoos first came into being in the mid-1800s to define the enchanting bosomy women, whose photos were often pinned up onto the walls by many people. These pictures were mostly of Burlesque dancers who began photographing themselves on cards to publicize their services. Although these calling cards were considered extraordinarily provocative and indecent at the time, they provided the women with a chance to challenge the dubious ideology of immodest female sexuality, igniting the sparks of the early women’s sexual liberation movement.

Sailor Jerry established this billion-dollar tattoo art business from his groundbreaking designs of flash pin-up girl tattoos. The homesick soldiers and sailors used to opt for these meaningful tattoos of pin-ups, that served as a remembrance of their lovers. The Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoos helped boost the morale of the men at war, thereby filling the pin-up girls with a sense of nationalism.

Traditional Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoos

Traditional Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoos
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The bright vintage Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoo flashes are never old. With the gorgeous images of the pin-up girl, one can incorporate varied elements including bold lines, curvy outfits, and animal prints.

These classic motifs can be personalized with iconic content and feminist quotes that will accentuate the ink and put forth a strong message in the eye of the beholders. Go classy with these classic pin-up tattoo ideas!

Pin-up Mermaid Tattoos

Pin-up Mermaid Tattoos
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Level up the oomph factor with the sassy pin-up mermaid tattoos! These designs don’t necessarily have to be fierce in order to symbolize empowerment but can be infused with colorful mermaids or other Disney characters. After all, any representation of these classic pin-ups is an ode to feminism.

Mermaids generally symbolize rebirth or are depicted to seduce sailors, and hence these illustrate signs of danger. The exemplary burlesque designs in the form of mermaids are symbols of beauty, freedom, and challenge, and can be further designed in several ways. For men, the sea temptress could highlight their fantasies, while for women, these motifs could convey their own sensuality and confidence.

Tribal Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoos

Tribal Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoos
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The tribal Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoo is for those who want to represent their culture, legacy, and heritage. It’s a symbol of courage and defense. The tattoo artists love to create these iconic pin-up designs influenced by the traditional inking style.

It’s a unique way to remind the wearer of his origins and his tribe and brings out the sense of safeguarding his near and dear ones. These tattoos speak of the wearer’s identity and highlight his passion for life. The pin-up girl tattoos styled in a traditional tribal attire look stunning and help to promote defiance in the face of unnecessary expectations of modesty burdened upon the 1950s’ women.

Old School Sailor Jerry Tattoos

Old School Sailor Jerry Tattoos
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Ink enthusiasts find the Sailor Jerry tattoos similar to hieroglyphic symbols. The old-school pin-up tattoos urge the wearers to delve into their creative minds and bring out thematic elements that may embody the ineffaceable decisions we make in life.

Although the Sailor Jerry pin-up girl tattoo designs were primarily opted by men in the 19th Century, now with passing days, this art form is being accepted by women with all the grace.

Navy Flashback Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo

Navy Flashback Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo
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Naval men were the regular customers of Jerry Collins, who visited his Honolulu tattoo studio whenever they came onshore. Soldiers during WWII also paid a visit to his shop to get inked.

The photographs of the pin-up girls reminded them of home. The beauty of the tattoo served as an inspiration to the men at war, who sought motivation to fight for the country. In some way, the pin-up girls’ sensuality and strong appeal influenced men to tattoo them before hitting the sea, which served as a recollection of the fond memories with their lovers.

Love For A Woman Pin-up Tattoo

Love For A Woman Pin-up Tattoo
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With a hint of kink, one can make the Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoo designs more stunning and rebellious. These classic flash designs can be personalized with the content you want. Be it the woman of your dreams or a long-lost lover, the tattoo artists will surely be happy to ink down your love for a woman in the traditional Sailor Jerry style.

It will be quite interesting to find out how the artist gives life to the mere black lines. Not to forget, the pin-up tattoos that are meaningful yet vibrant with flashy colors, can be opted by women as well to portray the man of their life. These may come out exceptionally alluring with the right amount of sexuality and humor, making these a fun choice for tattoo lovers to seek inspiration from!

Beware Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo

Beware Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo
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Although funny, but true! A sailor’s life is filled with obscurities. Duty, honor, adventures, booze, and women are part of a seafarer’s life.

With this attractive pin-up girl, all drenched up in a glass of martini, the small warning sign certainly imparts the true sailor vibes, thereby giving it a sleek look. Add your own unique elements along with this classic piece of body art, like skulls or some witty quotes to make these more dynamic.

Quoted Pin-up Tattoo

Quoted Pin-up Tattoo
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Simple quotes go a long way! Especially when you are caught up in the waves of the eternal sea.

Tattooing the pin-up girls with motivational quotes can infuse the strength and courage one needs to pass the monotonous days. Every sailor’s dream is to come onshore and anchor their life to their loved ones. This will be a great inspirational pick for the ones who are sailors at heart.

Personal Temptation Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo

Personal Temptation Sailor Jerry Pin-up Tattoo
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Sailor Jerry tattoos can be personalized with varied elements. This can also include the name of your lover, who is waiting for your return.

The wearers will get a constant reminder of their loved ones. It will serve as a daily motivation until the reunion. And, of course, it will never be old school to express your love boldly! This piece of body art will help reassure the love birds and eventually make their bond stronger.

Pick Your Poison Pin-up Tattoo

Pick Your Poison Pin-up Tattoo
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This is a more perky version of the traditional Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoos. The flashy colors, the funky outfit, and the bottle of wine puts forth an anecdote to the observers.

Along with duty, comes a great deal of responsibility. It becomes difficult to choose from the platter that life offers us. Amid this hassle, it becomes a necessity for one to pick up the poison, soak in it for a while, and slowly drift away from all the burdens. This tattoo will be the perfect way to remind you to do that once in a while to cherish life to the fullest!

If you have fallen in love with the concept of Sailor Jerry pin-up tattoos, then here are some more designs handpicked for you to choose from!

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What is a sailor jerry pin up tattoo?

A Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo is a type of vintage Americana tattoo that has become increasingly popular in recent years. These tattoos typically feature a female figure, often wearing classic sailor-style clothing, with her hair styled in the iconic pin up style. They are usually done in bright colors and bold lines, representing an era gone by but still remembered fondly by many. Sailor Jerry pin up tattoos can also include a wide range of accompanying imagery such as hearts, anchors, fish and shells. They are the perfect way to show off your appreciation for classic Americana style while having a unique and timeless design that you can carry with you forever.

What is the history of the sailor jerry pin up tattoo?

The Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo has roots in the early 20th century, when many sailors and other servicemen were getting tattoos as a way to show pride in their professions. The designs often featured girls or women wearing clothes reminiscent of traditional sailor uniforms and colorful scenes from the high seas. These images became increasingly popular during World War II, when servicemen would get tattoos of pin up girls to remind them of home. The style was popularized by renowned tattoo artist Norman Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry, who inspired many other artists with his iconic designs. To this day, the style continues to be a popular form of vintage Americana body art.

What are some of the most popular Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo designs?

The most popular Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo designs typically feature a female figure, often with her hair styled in the classic pin up style. The woman may be wearing traditional sailor-style clothing such as shorts, a blouse, and a hat. Other common motifs include hearts, anchors, fish and shells. Some of the more elaborate designs may also include flowers and other decorative elements. Along with the classic pin up images, many people choose to add their own personal touches to make their tattoo even more unique.

How much does a sailor jerry pin up tattoo cost?

The cost of a Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo can vary widely depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to be less expensive than larger ones. A basic pin up tattoo may cost anywhere between $100 and $300, while more elaborate designs can cost upwards of $500 or even more. In addition to the cost of the tattoo itself, it is also important to remember that many reputable shops may require a deposit before work can begin. As with any type of artwork, it is always best to shop around and compare prices before making your decision.

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