101 Best Old English Number Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
English Number Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: April 7, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you fascinated by Old English numbers? Here is some amazing inspiration for an Old English number tattoo which is going to give you a style statement.

Old English Number Tattoo
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The Old English numbers font is one of the ancient fonts which originated in the 12th century. 

The Old English number font is originally known as a Blackletter font. This Old English number font can be used for both permanent and temporary tattoos. 

Old English font numbers originated from England and the letters are really enigmatic to look at. This particular font of English numbers is used in the text of currency as well. The font was originally used mostly in Western European regions and it absolutely looks stunning. These fonts were originally used to publish books and added extra elegance to them. This font even became very popular in Germany in the 20th century before the reign of Hitler, however, in the year 1933, he banished the use of this font because it did not go according to the “Aryan supremacy” and hence Frankford was a very popular font that was used during that time. 

This tattoo enhances and improves the style statement of both men and women. One cannot make enough recommendations about this Old English number font. This tattoo seems appropriate to be worn on arms, forearms, torso, knuckles and other important places where people want to show off their tattoo to. 

Old English Numbers Tattoo Design On The Ankle

Old English Numbers Tattoo Design On The Ankle
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Ankle tattoos are really amazing and are a sign of one’s femininity. The quality of the tattoo has set an absolute benchmark and has caused no irritation to the skin. Ankle tattoos represent the marital status of the person, traditionally. If the tattoo design is made on the right foot of the ankle, it means that the person does not have a partner and is single. This tattoo is made with an ombre effect of grey and black ink in Old English numbers font. The tattoo represents something for the person to remember. The numbers are for a year probably which has a great significance to the wearer. If you want a tattoo of this great quality and for things you want to always cherish in your memories, this can give you recommendations to get inspired by.

Old English Numbers Tattoo Design On Knee

Old English Numbers Tattoo Design On Knee
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Tattoos on knees have a lot of deeper meaning. This means that the worth of the person is not looked after and the rights of the person are found to be curbed. Knee tattoos signify and provide information about the wearer’s captive status. However, traditional means of interpretation of tattoos do not work in these particular tattoos. This particular tattoo elucidates a date within a gap of one year. Hence, the tattoo signifies a period of time which is has been very important to the wearer in the past. The skin however looks really inflamed which means that the artist was not very efficient with the work thus leaving the skin to be irritated. The classic design of Old English numbers has really faired well in the style and has created its own sophisticated style statement. 

This tattoo can also be done on different other parts of the body like near the forearm or the elbow. However, the ink work of the tattoo artist needs to improve profoundly to maintain quality. 

Old English Numbers Tattoo On Forearm

Old English Numbers Tattoo On Forearm
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If you are running out of options to wear to get your tattoos done, this can be the perfect spot for your tattoos. Forearm tattoos are really remarkable and this particular tattoo really vogues up the style of the wearer. There are several options of a quote tattoo that one can do on the forearm in order to look perfect, but this tattoo added a really enticing style statement. The tattoo puts an explanation that if you can always be the age you want to hold on to mentally and never grow old. The combined numbers can be different as well apart from 17 and will really cool altogether. 

The wordplay is generally done in the context of “Forever 21” a clothing brand which is very popular in the commercial market. 

Angelic Number Tattoos In Old English Numbers

Angelic Number Tattoos In Old English Numbers
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Numerology has a huge impact on the lives of people. Numerology helps to combine numbers and make a sum of the best of the numbers which are going to uplift the spiritual awakening of the person. In this tattoo, the wearer is wearing an 871 tattoo which gives a deep explanation of self-worth. Numerology has suggested how self-worth is an important factor in every story. The guardian angels protect the wearer from any kind of harm coming to their life. Angelic numbers and signs help in making life content and improve the quality of life to the very end. If you are a staunch believer in numerology and want to improve your way of living, the angelic number is really going to bring you close to God and help you cross every hurdle that comes towards you. 

555 Angel Number Tattoos In Old English Numbers

555 Angel Number Tattoos In Old English Numbers
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Like 871, 555 is also an angelic number which is an integral aspect of the concept of numerology. 555 signifies that the transformation in one’s life is imminent and inevitable which can help in uplifting the bad times encompassing the individual. 555 angelic number casts protection on the believers of the God by its guardian angel for a spiritual awakening. This tattoo number in Old English font looks absolutely amazing on the wearer. there are no hues created on the tattoo and it is just made with single black ink. 555 can also signify a song by Jimmy Eat World which can be made by the fans to emphasise one’s love towards the band. If you are searching for a spiritual epiphany or a spiritual awakening, this tattoo can really change your life.

Old English Number Tattoos On Knuckles

Old English Number Tattoos On Knuckles
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This tattoo is considered to be the best of a lot of all English lettering and Old English font tattoos. The entire knuckle is covered with an intricate rose tattoo with gorgeous petals. The petals look absolutely enchanting and realistic. On the fingers, right up the knuckles, the numbers are written, together which can be combined as 1997. This tattoo sleeve looks absolutely stunning. The black hues in the petals are really gorgeous which creates a smudgy effect. The intricate details of the petal inside the bud are absolutely gorgeous and the overall shadow effect looks really nice. The lettering is also done with single black ink which is really commendable for the genius of the tattoo artist. 

Lucky Number Tattoo Idea In Old English Numbers

Lucky Number Tattoo Idea In Old English Numbers
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According to numerology, the number 13 signifies that the angels are with you and they are going to help you heal and transmute. The angels are full of positive energy and compassion. The number 13 helps in reinstating those instincts and establishes the patience and love of the person towards God. This Old English font numbers tattoo is made upon an outline which is yet to be completed. It does not have an ombre effect inside the numbers and it is simplistic in its own way. 

In another context, the number 13 is also the number of the day 13th June, BTS (Bangtan Sonyeodon) did their debut album, 2 Cool 4 Skool which acts as a lucky number for the BTS army. 

If either you are a part of a BTS Army or believe in guardian angels, then this is a perfect song for you! 

Roman Numbers Tattoo Design In Old English Lettering

Roman Numbers Tattoo Design In Old English Lettering
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Roman numbers are equally majestic and beautiful. Before the Blackletter font was established in the 12th century, Roman numbers were mainly used as a medium to write. The tattoo has been made vertically on the forearm with the letters: 6 5, 7 2, 9 6, 9 8. This tattoo number looks really good. Even though this is not traditional English lettering, but however it looks really majestic and classy. Surveys have shown that roman numbers have more popularity than English tattoos. If you want to vogue up your look with majestic tattoos of Old English numbers, this can be really appropriate to your style.

This tattoo can be done on the ankle, wrists, torso, chest and shoulder cups.

Behind The Ear Old English Number Tattoo

Behind The Ear Old English Number Tattoo
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The sequence number 645 presents an important symbolism in numerology. The sequence believes in the presence of angels and how they can bring good luck and remove every complexity that life presents one with. The wearer looks really good and has a rigid belief about the presence of angels and how they make our lives easier. This tattoo looks really good and you can get it done on your body for sure.

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo With Old English Numbers

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo With Old English Numbers
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This tattoo looks really enchanting and can really inspire one to get this. The tattoo is done with red ink which looks absolutely amazing on the wearer. The butterfly on this tattoo looks really pretty and the detailed motif of the butterfly is delightful to look at. The number 1927 is written in red as well. The butterfly wings are really made with great detail and look amazing. This inspirational tattoo looks amazing on the wearer and you can surely try this out.

The Blackletter font requires a lot of patience and skills to generate it irrespective of a piece of paper or on the skin. Gothic is currently a very popular form of English font and is also extremely majestic.  From Gothic scripts, other fonts also emerged like Beneventan, Visigothic and Merovingian. Now, the Blackletter font is an important font all over the world. There are more suggestions for this tattoo, which are:

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What is the meaning of an old english number tattoo?

An old English number tattoo is a type of body art that uses a traditional font style to represent numerical values. It can be used to symbolize a personal milestone, such as an anniversary or birthday, or even the date of someone’s death. Old English number tattoos are often associated with strength and resilience, making them popular among those who wish to commemorate a special moment or person in their life. They can also be used to represent important numbers, such as the number of children in a family or the age of an individual. No matter what meaning they have, old English number tattoos often serve as reminders of memories and experiences that are held close to the heart.

What are the most popular old english number tattoos?

The most popular old English number tattoos are those that incorporate traditional fonts. Common designs include Roman numerals, which date back centuries and remain popular choices today. Other popular styles include Olde English, which is a calligraphic font with Gothic-style elements, and Script numbers, which feature an intricate hand-drawn look. Some people also opt for mixed designs, such as Roman numerals with Script numbers or Olde English with a modern font. These mixed designs can add an extra element of customization to the tattoo, allowing people to create a unique design that reflects their own personal style and story.

How do I choose an old english number tattoo?

Choosing the right old English number tattoo for you is a personal decision. When selecting a design, think about what message or memories you want to commemorate with your tattoo. You can also consider the size and placement of your tattoo—smaller designs are perfect for wrists or ankles, while larger tattoos can be placed on the arms or back. Additionally, you should research different old English font styles to find the one that best fits your individual style. Once you’ve chosen a design and location for your tattoo, make sure to consult with an artist who specializes in this type of body art before getting inked.

How much does an old english number tattoo cost?

The cost of an old English number tattoo will vary based on the size and complexity of the design, as well as your chosen artist. Smaller tattoos usually cost between $50 and $100, while larger designs can range from $150 to $300 or more. It’s also important to factor in any additional fees, such as the cost of supplies or any touch-ups that might be needed. Before getting an old English number tattoo, make sure to ask your artist for a detailed price estimate and discuss all costs before proceeding.

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