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101 Best Marriage Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Marriage Tattoo

Have a big wedding to plan for? Why not ink a marriage tattoo together to commemorate the special day? Explore some matching couple tattoos!

Marriage Tattoo Ideas
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Getting inked forever is a beautiful declaration of eternal love.

The day that you say yes will always be special. Even if you lose your wedding ring by mistake, the wedding tattoos will always stay with you wherever you go.

Now that you will be taking your vows soon, why not seal those emotions in a pair of matching tattoos? Marriage in its essence is like saying I choose you on purpose every day. Such a special day should be celebrated in more ways than just an anniversary. Matching tattoos is a commitment for life that you can cherish as you grow old together. Wedding tattoos can be more versatile than one can think. It truly caters to people with different inclinations. From minimalist tattoos to body art tattoos, you can go as loud, or share a secret message as you prefer. Getting inked together is also a fun date idea when the planning for the wedding is getting too stressful.

Shrek Themed Nerdy Couple Tattoos

Shrek Themed Nerdy Couple Tattoos
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Any Shrek fans here? We love the not-so-friendly green ogre and this tattoo. Any Shrek geek will be able to recall, the quotes on this tattoo are from the wedding scene of the first Shrek movie. Shrek, the seemingly unfeeling ogre expresses his love for Fiona in this scene, while of course, crashing her wedding. By this time, Fiona had already changed back to her ogre self which she considered hideous, and that is the form, that is inked on the tattoo as well. As they say, you will always be enough for the right person, and that is what this tattoo makes us think of.

Instead of using the entire face of both the characters, only the top of their head is tattooed, as though, one can fit their face under the tattoo. Staying true to the cartoon style, the tattoo nails all the details. From Fiona’s shiny tiara to her locks and brunette hair, and even the shadow effect in Shrek’s ears, the tattoo says a lot with very little.

Matching Crown Tattoos

Matching Crown Tattoos
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This is a nice twist to the usual his and hers tattoos. In place of just those words, the tattoo design chooses the grand theme of King and Queen tattoos while putting forth the same deep meaning. The design on this is rather simple, and the tattoo is on the smaller side. Therefore, if you want to get inked with this, you do not need to worry about sacrificing a whole day before your wedding. The tattoo can be easily done with a quick session. Although, fresh tattoos do take some time to heal, so you will have to wait a little longer before you can flaunt them.

Since the tattoo is small, it allows for freedom regarding the placement as well. Both tattoos only use one matching ink for both the pieces and are in the style of fine line tattoos. Instead of gaudy and bejewelled crowns, minimalism is embraced for this design. King and Queen are also inscribed on the tattoo, though, if that is too obvious for you, you can go for your initials instead.

Ring Finger Matching Tattoos

Ring Finger Matching Tattoos
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Many have already tried this innovative idea out. Instead of wedding rings, we have ring finger tattoos. How does that sound for wedding bands? As already mentioned, the placement of this tattoo plays a crucial part. On any other finger, these will just be a simple patterned tattoo. Although, on the ring fingers, they denote that forever promise you must keep with each other. If you are not familiar with anything to do with threads and needles, all those cross marks on the fingers might get you puzzled. The finger tattoos are inked imitating the cross stitching style. Just like the art form, little cross marks form a pattern as part of a bigger picture. Here, of course, the picture being your forever after. The pattern is like a marriage rune tattoo.

Another thing to note about this tattoo is, both pieces are completely hand-poked. So, while no machines have been used, it does ask for a longer commitment as far as time is concerned. Also, due to the reduced amount of muscle and fat on the fingers, the tattoos will hurt a bit more than usual. Though, the tattooing feels as meaningful as exchanging wedding rings.

Forever Love Infinity Tattoos

Forever Love Infinity Tattoos
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Here we have a pair of simple and cute couple tattoos. Both the tattoos are inked on the wrist, and the tattoo designs are identical as well. The first noticeable feature of these tattoos is the infinity symbol. The symbol here, of course, indicates the eternal love between the partners. It can sometimes get hard to find gay couple tattoos, just as much it is hard to find homosexual love representation. This is one couple tattoo that anyone can opt for. Little hearts are found on one end of the infinity sign, signifying the love both have for each other. On the other end, the initial tattoos can be seen, which adds a touch of personalisation to this tattoo design. The only little difference that can be found in both the tattoo designs, is the colour of the hearts. While one only has a shading effect of the same dark ink, the other has a more vibrant red. Make sure to go through these tiny details with your tattoo artist before your inking begins.

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo
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Yin Yang and the balance of energy has always been a fascinating concept. A couple likewise, need this synergy to move forward together, accepting the good and bad of both. Here, we see koi fishes as a pair of cool couple tattoos. The fishes are arranged in the pattern of the Yin Yang symbol. While koi fishes are more famous for their colourful kinds, this pair adheres to the traditional monochrome palette of the Yin Yang symbol.

While one fish is coloured black, the other is white. On their bodies, these fishes have little star-like objects with a crescent moon on top of their heads. Koi fishes also stand for perseverance, in this case, the determination of the couple to stick together through thick and thin, making these some meaningful couple tattoos. The crescent moons work as the symbol for the element of a bit of good in bad, and a bit of bad in good. Both hand tattoos with their intricate patterns will require the assistance of a skilled tattoo artist.

Lock And Key Tattoos

Lock And Key Tattoos
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Lock and key are a perfect fit just like you and your favourite person. A lock can only be opened by one key, just like, your mood can only be made better with only one person. That is the idea behind this pair of matching tattoos for couples. Both the lock and the key are very detailed and a realistic tattoo form is dominating this design.

The lock and key are both designed in the vintage style, with the lock in the shape of a heart, driving the message of holding the key to someone’s heart home. If that did not scream married couple tattoos already, both the tattoos have a chain inked on them, where, when the hands are placed together, the chain forms a whole piece. Therefore, the placement of this tattoo is really important, to create that interlinked effect.

Wedding Ring Tattoo

Wedding Ring Tattoo
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This is a pair of marriage tattoos that lays it all bare. The tattoo has a pair of rings intertwined with each other. On the inside of one of the rings, the wedding date is inscribed in Roman numerals. As far as marriage date tattoo ideas go, this one has our full support. The pair of rings are kept simple, as a wedding band, with no jewels or other additions to the design.

The mastery although, lies in how realistic the image looks. The metallic appearance of the ring tattoos is carried out with precision, looking real enough to create na optical illusion! Even the shadow of the rings has not been forgotten. The shadow is inked on the skin, as though it falls on the surface against the light. With so much expertise involved, it is obvious you will need to scan through the best tattoo artists to bring this tattoo to life. The work is completed with a single needle. Whether you want to remember your special day by yourself, or with your partner, this tattoo idea is flexible.

Abstract Matching Couple Tattoos

Abstract Matching Couple Tattoos
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This one of a kind tattoo has stolen our hearts. While the design is rather simple, the symbolism goes far beyond. Not that it is not a treat to look at even before knowing what the little structures stand for. These tattoos are created with the hand poking method alone. The little circle at the bottom stands for marriage, the union of two people. The white star-like object is a motif for fireworks. The tattoo is comprised of elements relating to the memories of the couple, who have come a long way on this journey together. The little strip of orange in the background is used for a picture of flowers. Similarly, the quarter circle refers to the movie How To Train Your Dragons. Despite all this, the tattoo is relatively small, which allows it to be inked anywhere in the body, from the neck to the ankle. So, do you also want to make your custom piece now?

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo
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Sun and moon tattoos, much like the yin yang tattoos, usually represent the duality of human nature and the merging together of opposites. The connection between them is as old as time itself. This is what makes this pair of tattoos so very special. In the wrist tattoos, one hand is holding a crescent moon, while the other hand is holding a very bright sun, made apparent with simple lines in the absence of colours. Both seem to be reaching out to each other, as though, they are offering a part of themselves under the other’s care.

Not only is this piece a linework tattoo, but it also takes inspiration from the ignorant style, which explains the combination of simplicity with neat lines in this tattoo. In case you do not like to grab too much attention, this pair is inconspicuous enough to have your little secret with your beloved.

Matching Deer Tattoos

Matching Deer Tattoos
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Do you both share a love for animals? Then we are sure this tattoo has caught your eye before we even start explaining. Here we have a pair of majestic looking deer. By their looks, one is a female without antlers, and the other is a male. Their colour also varies from brown to grey. Instead of obsessing with getting the anatomical details correct, these tattoos have adopted the polygon style of art. That is why, the tattoos look like they are made of crystals, with lighter and darker hues enhancing this effect. While the female deer has some leaves and flowers at the bottom of the neck, the only ornamentation for the male deer is its antlers. Keep in mind though, Achilles tendon is a very sensitive spot to tattoo, and your pain tolerance should be relatively high to sit through the session.

Getting matching tattoos, no matter what kind, holds a much richer value than any gold. To have the faith in the other person, and say yes to both the physical commitment of getting inked forever and the spiritual commitment with the person takes courage. Yet, that step becomes easier to take when you find your happily ever after with the right person.

This was only a peek inside the box of couples tattoo ideas. Hence, before we close the lid, we feel compelled to add some more creative designs which are worth swooning:

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What is the meaning of a marriage tattoo?

A marriage tattoo is a symbol of eternal love and commitment. It is typically shared between two people as a sign that they have chosen to join together in holy matrimony and are devoted to one another for life. The design of the tattoo can vary depending on the couple’s personal preferences, but it usually involves an image or phrase that is meaningful to them. Popular designs include hearts, wedding rings, initials of the couple’s names, or a phrase like “love conquers all”. Marriage tattoos are also often seen as a way for couples to express their commitment and love for one another in an everlasting way. They can be simple or elaborate – the choice is up to the couple. Whatever design they choose, it will be a reminder of their bond and commitment for years to come.

What are some popular designs for marriage tattoos?

Popular designs for marriage tattoos include hearts, wedding rings, initials of the couple’s names, or a phrase like “love conquers all”. Other popular designs include images that represent the love and commitment between two people such as birds in flight, intertwined vines or branches, infinity symbols, or Celtic knots. Some couples choose to combine their wedding bands into one tattoo or use religious symbols, like a cross or angel wings, to express their faith in God. Ultimately, the tattoo design should be something that is meaningful and special to the couple and represents their unique bond.

What is the average cost of a marriage tattoo?

The average cost of a marriage tattoo varies depending on the complexity of the design, size, and location. For small, simple designs in areas like the wrist or ankle, tattoos can range from $50-$100 for basic line work and shading. If more color or detail is desired, then prices can be higher – anywhere from $150-300. Some couples opt for larger or more elaborate designs, which can cost upwards of $500 or more depending on the artist’s skill and experience. Whatever design they choose, marriage tattoos are a beautiful way to express their love and commitment to one another.

How big should a marriage tattoo be?

The size of a marriage tattoo is completely up to the couple and should be based on the design and location. Smaller tattoos are more discreet, so if discretion is important, then couples may want to opt for a smaller design on their wrist or ankle. If they’re looking for something bigger and bolder, then they can consider a larger design on their arm or chest. Ultimately, the size of the tattoo should be based on what is most meaningful and comfortable for the couple. No matter what size they choose, it will be a lasting symbol of their bond and devotion to one another.

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