101 Best Chest Tattoo Women Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Women Chest Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you in search of a stunning tattoo to ink on your chest? Take a look at these amazing women chest tattoos to get inspired for your next ink.

Best Women Chest Tattoo
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Chest tattoos designs for women are symbolic of femininity, strength, and power.

The chest is one of the most significant parts of the human anatomy, as it holds the heart. Hence, a tattoo on the chest should be able to justify that.

The heart is an essential organ for the sustenance of life and thus, the chest is an immensely powerful location to showcase tattoos. So you must be wondering why do women tattoo their chests? Women are fond of chest tattoos because it displays fearlessness. The delicate tattoo designs accentuate sensuality and bring out the fighter within. Several types of chest tattoo designs can be made, each of them having its own meaningful message. The vibrant and colourful flower designs on the chest symbolize simplicity. The small chest tattoos with one-liners or just a symbol are quite a popular choice among women as these are the perfect messages that they would like to get reminded of. The chest quote tattoos impose a sophisticated look and bring out a powerful message. Other such small chest tattoo designs that are simple yet meaningful are the heartbeat and the lock and key designs. Under chest tattoos are quite an intriguing option that surely imparts an eye-catching seductive visual. Other than these, the rose chest tattoo looks simply stunning with the vibrant rose petals on the chest. Infusing a variety of colours in the tattoos optimizes the look and makes it more lively. Full chest tattoos are popular among women who have an artistic spree. They showcase an act of extraordinary courage.

Your chest tattoo should resonate with your personal style and hold special meaning in your life. Find out about some of the best chest tattoos for women along with their deep symbolism in this article!

Beautiful Rose Chest Tattoo

Beautiful Rose Chest Tattoo
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A realistic black rose tattoo on the chest imparts a beauty of its own! The shadow underneath the rose gives it the illusion of being above the skin. The black inkwork throughout the design is done with perfection. The subtle white outlining of the petals add a beautiful contrast to the rose tattoo. The shading below the leaves further enhances the realism of this tattoo art. Black rose is symbolic of new beginnings in life after a tragic turn of events. Therefore, a realistic black rose can be one of the best chest tattoos for women who want to make a bold statement.

Small RoseTattoo
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A small rose tattoo in the middle of the chest can turn out to be a stunning design if drawn with perfection. The petals of the rose are inked in a crimson red hue while the leaves are intricately drawn in green. A star tattoo, inked in a geometric pattern, will go well with this design.

Stunning Bird Chest Tattoo

Stunning Bird Chest Tattoo
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Two beautiful swallows are adorning the chest of the woman! The wings of the bird are intricately detailed in a colour gradient. Perhaps, two swallows placed together represent the everlasting bond between two souls. The vibrance of the colours of the bird combined with its symbolism makes it a popular chest tattoo idea for women. You can strategically place the birds beneath the collar bone to highlight your features.

Owl Chest Tattoo
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This intriguing owl tattoo is another great alternative for a bird chest tattoo idea for women. The stunning watercolour effect on the wings of the owl adds a feminine touch to the chest piece. The effect is inspired from the traditional canvas art and translated onto the body of the wearer. The detailed black inkwork enhances the artistic brilliance of this bird chest tattoo design. Apart from its intriguing appearance, the owl symbolizes hope in the darkest of times. Apart from the chest, the ideal placement for this tattoo can be on the lower back or shoulder.

Dreamy Feather Chest Tattoo Women

Dreamy Feather Chest Tattoo Women
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If you are in search of an amazing feather chest piece with fine detailing then this is the one for you. The feather, drawn with fine strokes of lines, is casting a shadow on the skin of the wearer. Moreover, a flock of birds flying above accentuate the charm of this beautiful chest piece. You can also incorporate colours or go for a watercolour inking style to portray the feather tattoo. Together, the birds and the feather conveys courage to break free from the boundaries imposed by society.

Monochromatic Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Monochromatic Butterfly Chest Tattoo
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You can opt for an elegant black butterfly chest tattoo with a skull for your next ink. A butterfly is undoubtedly one of the most famous women chest tattoo designs. However, the incorporation of the skull adds an air of mystery to the design. Together, it represents the cycle of life revolving around creation and death. The outstretched wings of the butterfly are beautifully drawn with intricate patterns while the shading on the skull has brought it to life. Moreover, the flowers placed on the side of the wings create an enticing visual.

Impressive Animal Chest Tattoo

Impressive Animal Chest Tattoo
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This graceful reindeer tattoo inked in a royal blue shade fits perfectly on the upper chest of the wearer. Its eyes are inked in white to add striking contrast. Theantlers of the reindeer are artistically drawn in parallel to the collarbone of the woman. Perhaps, a reindeer symbolize fertility and thus it has become one of the sought after chest tattoo ideas for women.

Awesome Lucky Coin Chest Tattoos For Women

Awesome Lucky Coin Chest Tattoos For Women
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You can amp up your style statement by inking these fascinating Chinese coins tattoo on your chest! The two stacks of coins are tattooed right below the collarbone of the wearer. The artist has applied a darker colour scheme to ink the entire design on the chest. The coins are shaded in a purple hue and boldly outlined in black to create a contrast. Although these Chinese coins are obsolete in today’s times, they are still considered to be a lucky charm in various cultures and folklores.

Phases Of Moon On the Chest

Phases Of Moon On the Chest
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This artistic portrayal of the moon through all its phases is a phenomenal women chest tattoo idea. The artist has only made use of black ink to draw this beautiful chest piece. Each of the phases of the moon has been shaded beautifully to create this extraordinary design. You should definitely go for this chest tattoo if you believe in the influence of the celestial body in your life or you are stunned by the beauty of the moon.

Awesome Flower Chest Tattoo With A Butterfly

Awesome Flower Chest Tattoo With A Butterfly
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The elegance of the delicate flowers is enhanced by the presence of the butterfly at the centre. The cute flowers add a pop of colour to the monochromatic design. The flowers are beautifully shaded in a pink hue and outlined in black. The edges of the wings of the flying creature are detailed in black. Apart from being a decorative body art, this chest tattoo will express your closeness with nature. Ink this feminine flower chest piece and flaunt it in style.

Elegant Heart Tattoo On The Chest

Elegant Heart Tattoo On The Chest
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You should opt for this design if you are a woman with a heart of gold! The golden hue of the heart tattoo is created by infusing a variety of tattoo inks. The play of shadow and contrast accentuates the realistic effect of this tattoo design. These small chest tattoos of the heart are not only pretty but also carry a multitude of interpretations. You can also add a crown of thorns to your heart tattoo to bring depth to its meaning.

Cute Honey Bee With Lavender Chest Tattoo

Cute Honey Bee With Lavender Chest Tattoo
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It seems like the honey bee has found its perfect spot amidst a lavender field. The union of the two elements of nature creates a dynamic upper chest piece tattoo. The yellow and black stripes on the honey bee look striking at the centre of the design. The minimalistic crisp detailing on its wings is not one to be missed either. The lavender is intricately drawn with purple ink while the leaves are detailed in green.

Each type of chest tattoo deliver their own message and brings out the feminine features. Several names are given to these tattoos depending upon their locations. Tattoos that are present around the collar bone are called necklaces, while a sternum tattoo is called a gorget. Tattoos on the shoulders can be called shoulder coasters or a besagew. If you are still looking for ideas then here is a list of the best women chest tattoos you can get inspired from!

  1. Heart chest tattoos for women with realistic roses.
  2. Cute floral chest tattoos for women with a bird
  3. Animal chest tattoos for women with flowers.
  4. Realistic skull chest tattoos for women in monochrome.
  5. Tribal bird chest tattoo designs with a heart.
  6. Floral chest tattoo with a beautiful star.
  7. Abstract animal chest tattoo inked in geometric patterns.

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