10 Best Lace Mandala Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Lace Mandala Tattoo ideas

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Are you an avid lover of Mandalas? The following lace mandala tattoo ideas will surely leave you stunned and hopefully inspire you to get one of your own.

Lace Mandala Tattoos
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Mandala art is no new form of art.

It owes its origin to as early as the 10th century in India. It is dedicated to the various deities of Buddhism.

In Asian cultures, the mandala, since time immemorial, has been a visual treat as well as the epitome of the layers of man’s spiritual journey. It is also the representation of the ideal form of the universe.

In the Hindu culture, mandalas symbolize the cycle of occurrence, reoccurrence, and existence. Mandalas, with their circular shape, have also aided in healing from trauma, stress, and anxiety disorders. A mandala with a lace attached to its end is a pure visual treat besides its spiritual significance. They also act as a foil to the negative space in life.

Your search for a mandala with laces ends here. Check out the following images and choose the one best matching your wishes!

Sketchy Mandala with Name Tattoo

Sketchy Mandala with Name Tattoo
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How about getting a beautiful mandala tattoo accompanying your equally beautiful name? After all, a name tattoo can never really go out of fashion, the name being the foremost identity of any human being.

There is nothing grand about this mandala, but it carries a peculiar grace. A flower, especially a rose, can enhance the appeal of any piece of art. The rose here is no exception. This tattoo has been entirely outlined in black with slight shades here and there. The rose is in full bloom, and the extended laces on both sides of the mandala reflect the beauty of Indian traditional art. The name on the wrist is the star mark of the art. You can always demand your tattoo artist to ink this for you, and it is going to remain with you forever. Pair it with a short-sleeved tee, and you are all set.

Feather Lace Feminine Mandala Tattoo

Feather Lace Feminine Mandala Tattoos
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This particular mandala tattoo has got some really significant grace about it. Here the mandala is not in its usual form. Rather, it has been given shape in the form of a portrait of a lady and a butterfly as her head. Her right index finger is placed on her lips.

A mandala necklace adorns the portrait from which a lace in the form of a gorgeous feather hangs down. Minute and intricate details have been taken care of. No other color apart from black and a little portion of red has been used to create the magic. The arm seems to be the best place for this feminine tattoo to be inked. Pair it with a sleeveless dress and cast your magic!

Royal Laced Mandala On Knee

Royal Laced Mandala On Knee
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Although the lower knee is quite an unusual and rare part of the anatomy that is adorned with an art form like a mandala, this rarity makes it all the more unique.

This tattoo is a half mandala right beneath the knee, almost like a necklace, like the traditional Mehendi designs. This picture shows that the color black has outlined this tattoo’s smallest lines. The various features of this tattoo altogether cast royal grace. Perfect for women, this shin mandala adorns the anatomy like nothing else. A pair of shorts would complement this art the best.

Simple Lotus Lace Mandala For Forearm

Simple Lotus Lace Mandala For Forearms
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The very idea of a lotus with a lace seems so enthralling that you simply cannot be overlooked. Nothing is complicated about this mandala tattoo, yet the combination of a lotus and lace makes the body art so interesting.

There are two flowers in this tattoo, the bigger one upright on the top and the smaller lower one inverted and its lace reaching to the wrist. Every little detail has been minutely taken care of. You might have laid your eyes on numerous other mandala tattoo designs, but this one is sure to allure you. This piece of beauty is perfectly suitable for someone who is a fan of floral designs.

Full Hand Lace Mandala For Women

Full Hand Lace Mandala For Women
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Mandalas on the skin in pure black ink will always grant a royal look. How about an elaborate tattoo that covers the whole of your arm and forearm, reaching all the way to your wrist, and is completely based on your admiration for mandalas?

Sounds interesting, right? Leaves, buds, and flowers with other traditional art forms are the repeating patterns in this tattoo made in pure black. If you think you possess great enduring power and you want something really artistic to adorn your body, then this tattoo is just your thing. Wearing this tattoo would just add to your infinite grace.

Lace Mandala Under Breast Tattoo

Lace Mandala Under Breast Tattoos
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If executed well, the very idea of a tattoo under a breast can turn out to be something unique, especially when the subject of the art is something like a gorgeous mandala.

This tattoo here is in plain black, with a lotus-like floral structure with laces on all four sides, making it one of a kind. Small dots connect the entire mandala tattoo through a frail line. The laces contain diamond-like patterns, making it one of the best mandala tattoos for males and Females.

Lace Mandala Tattoo On Full Leg

Lace Mandala Tattoo On Full Legs
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Probably the best mandala design you will ever come across, so prominent and regal in its appearance that you simply cannot take your eyes off it. Starting from right below the knee, this lace mandala tattoo reaches all the way to the middle toe.

A beautiful and royal butterfly with big pretty wings forms the starting point of the art. This mandala art represents the very cultural “rangoli” designs that are predominant in the northern states of India. The numerous hanging laces resemble some bright illuminated lights. The feet are adorned with the extensive mandala in black, leaving a slight speck on the first toe.

A great endurance on the wearer’s part and the tattoo artist’s great skill make this tattoo a brilliant mandala creation. Wear it with a pair of shorts to create maximum exposure.

Brilliant Lace Mandala Tattoo On Forearm

Brilliant Lace Mandala Tattoo On Forearms
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Tattoo sleeve ideas have always been in fashion. You can never go wrong with a rose accompanying a mandala because the entire idea is so beautiful. Flowers have always been perceived as a symbol of good luck, positivity, and progression.

A rose, in particular, stands for love, warmth, and friendship. This tattoo here shows a rose in full bloom with its leaves and twigs all drawn in brilliant shades of black. The elaborate mandala design is characterized by repetitive dots, and three ununiform dots account for its lace.

This mandala tattoo is one of the best mandala designs and is unisex in the sense that both men and women can wear it alike.

Small Lace Mandala On Ring Finger

Small Lace Mandala On Ring Fingers
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As a matter of fact, simplicity is the essence of sophistication, and a relatively simpler piece of art can create a lasting impression that at times a grand piece of art cannot.

A small mandala on the upper side of the ring finger will certainly suit of choices of a sophisticated personality. The mandala here is more of a geometrical pattern, very simple, and a frail line of lace extending from both sides. The geometrical mandala contains repeating patterns. Something is mysteriously magical about this small black mandala tattoo which is best suited for a woman.

Lotus Lace Mandala Tattoo On Back

Lotus Lace Mandala Tattoo On Backs
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Tattoos on the back have been a recurrent subject of tattoo art since it brings out sophistication and graceful personality. This lace mandala tattoo here is reflective of the traditional Buddhist art of mandala making.

This lovely and awesome tattoo is a lotus with some bud-like structures and laces both on the upper and the lower parts. A half moon-like pattern adorns the lower part of the lace with dotted circles on both sides.

Mandalas are almost a rare and unique subject of tattoo art and something that can never go out of fashion. They keep on improvising and developing each day with newer innovations. Numerous tattoo shows are organized every year in the contemporary era, and you can always stand a chance to create a mark with your unique mandala tattoo style. A mandala tattoo will also aid in keeping your spirits positive always, thus helping you be optimistic. Here are a few more lace mandala women and men tattoo ideas that you can definitely try out:

  • Mandala lace tattoo designs on toes.
  • Mandala lotus flower tattoo on shoulder.
  • Mandala within a circle tattoo on the center of neck.
  • Outline geometrical mandala tattoo on forearm.
  • Mandala with marigold tattoo on chest.

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