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101 Best Finger Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Finger Heart Tattoo Ideas

Looking for some new generation tattoo ideas? Then there are some finger heart tattoo ideas that might catch your attention for your next tattoo.

Finger Heart Tattoo
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Heart tattoos represent eternal love, it is the universal symbol of romance.

Heart tattoos have been existing for over decades in the tattoo industry. They come in various sizes and designs.

The finger heart tattoos are an addition to the new era. The trend of getting tattooed on the finger is a new one and the heart symbol has been readily accepted as a great design for the finger. Even though the ideas for heart finger tattoos are less versatile, there are many placements for such tattoos. The ring finger is a popular spot to get a small heart tattoo. A finger tattoo on the ring finger represents your commitment to your loved ones. Similarly, the index finger, the small finger, and even the thumb can be utilized to get a heart tattoo. To know about the trendiest heart-finger tattoo designs, check out the suggestion given below.

Simple Finger Heart tattoo

Simple Finger Heart tattoo
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Dainty outline heart tattoos look exceptionally good when inked on the finger. It is the simplest form of tattoo but such tattoos represent your higher fashion sense. Finger heart tattoos do not have to be designed intricately always to make them impactful. A simple line heart tattoo on the finger looks elegant and chic. A small heart symbol is drawn on the middle finger with black ink.

Heart Inner Finger Tattoo

Heart Inner Finger Tattoo
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Inner finger tattoos are great if you are looking for less flashy tattoos. Heart tattoos symbolize eternal love, it is a very popular tattoo idea, especially among women. Not only because of the beauty but people are also attracted to such designs because of the depth of the heart tattoo on finger meaning. Women are particularly more fond of inner-finger heart tattoos blinded by their cuteness. Such an outline heart tattoo design also compliments their fingers perfectly.

Heart Inner Finger Tattoos
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Inner finger tattoo is mostly inked on the middle finger or the ring finger for making it less exposing. If black tattoos are too boring for you, then this cute red heart-shaped inner finger tattoo is ideal for you. The outline of the finger tattoo is drawn with red ink. The tattoo artist has also added a little detail to this tattoo by drawing the heart in a stroke pattern. So if you want your small inner finger tattoo to be colorful, you can definitely go for this piece.

Finger Black Heart Tattoo

Finger Black Heart Tattoo
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Solid black heart tattoos represent death and grief. Such tattoos symbolize the memory of the lost ones. A solid tiny heart tattoo on the finger is both cute and deeply meaningful. This has made solid hearts one of the most common symbols as finger tattoo ideas. The tiny heart design on the tip of the ring finger is a chic choice. You can also opt for a bigger heart or a red heart tattoo at this spot. In the case of the latter design, the meaning might not remain the same. This dainty piece looks good on both men and women.

Middle Finger Heart Tattoo

Middle Finger Heart Tattoo
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Middle finger tattoos show the bold side of your personality. A heart tattoo on the upper middle finger represents how passionate you are about the things you love. If others’ opinions do not matter to you, then get a heart tattoo of this design and flaunt it to the whole world. The heart tattoo is a large one relative to the size of the finger. It is an outline tattoo, so the advantage of getting it is lesser pain combined with amazing looks.

Middle Finger Heart Tattoos
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If you want a middle finger tattoo but also want to maintain the subtlety of the tattoo meaning, then this is a more suitable design. Since middle finger heart tattoos on the upper side of the finger look very bold, some people prefer to get inked on the inner parts of the finger. In this design, the tattoo wearer has gone for a solid black heart tattoo perhaps to grief over a personal loss. However, you can also opt for an outline heart or a red heart tattoo. There are also a few other finger heart tattoo designs that look very cute in the small space.

Unique Heart Finger Tattoo

Unique Heart Finger Tattoo
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Plain heart tattoos may seem monotonous to a few. For those, the unique heart tattoo designs might be preferable. The small tattoo on the finger features a much more intricate design than the normal simple heart tattoos. A heart tattoo and a key tattoo are inked on the middle finger with black ink and both the elements are connected with dots. A lock is inked inside the heart. The key on top of the heart lock tattoo symbolizes that it is the key to the heart, the tattoo suggests a secret that is meant to be kept hidden.

Unique Heart Finger Tattoos
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Heart finger tattoos can be fun when designed in a proper way. The tattoo completely gets a different meaning after adding a few additional details. For instance, the tattoo in the above image looks like a rock hand. The heart-shaped tattoo design is manipulated in such a cool way that it makes it look like a hand. Above the bold line heart tattoo, five simple black lines are drawn in such a way that the heart shape along with the lines looks like a complete hand.

Three Hearts Finger Tattoo

Three Hearts Finger Tattoo
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Three heart tattoos are a common design you will come across when you look for popular heart tattoo ideas in the market. The meaningful tattoo design represents love for the past, future, and present. The last heart on the ring finger is succeeded by a small dot that symbolizes your eagerness to continue your present relationship. Such tattoos can be quite flattering and give a sense of value to your partner. The placement of the three heart tattoo on the finger is uncommon, which makes it a unique design for the fingers.

Cupid Heart Finger Tattoo

Cupid Heart Finger Tattoo
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The heart is the cupid’s sign of love and romance. Getting a cupid heart tattoo on the finger shows your passion for love. A tiny red heart tattoo on your finger looks unconditionally cute too. The small arrow going through the read heart is inked with black and yellow. The subtle tattoo does not have any room for elaborate designs. It is a plain and simple piece. However, the pop of vibrant colors on the index finger can be quite flashy and attract the right amount of appreciation. If you are looking for finger tattoos for women,

Tiny Heart Finger Tattoo

Tiny Heart Finger Tattoo
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Finger tattoos are exceptionally small tattoo ideas however, the meanings of the cute tattoos can be bold enough. In this image, two black hearts are inked on both small fingers. The tiny black heart on the finger tattoo represents freedom from sadness. If you are in search of hand tattoos for women, then this delicate tattoo looks adorable in the hands of young women. The black heart is a fun piece and can act as an inspiration for your upcoming finger tattoo.

Tiny Heart Finger Tattoos
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A finger tattoo can be of various sizes. The tiniest finger tattoos are the ones that take the least space in a finger leaving space for other tattoos. The heart tattoo design in the above image features a tiny solid black heart followed by three dot tattoos. The heart followed by the three dots represents the longing for love. The tattoo is entirely done with black ink to retain the depth of the meaning. But if you want your tiny tattoo to be a little colorful, then you can color the heart red too.

Matching Finger Heart Tattoo

Matching Finger Heart Tattoo
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Finger heart tattoos act as great inspiration for couple tattoos. If you are newlyweds or planning to get married soon, then enhance the depth of your commitment by getting matching heart tattoos with your partner. A simple and small finger tattoo lies this one looks adorable. Pairing it up with the universal symbol of love, the heart sign, will only fetch compliments for you and your partner. Matching tattoos will not only show your unbounded love for each other but will also look cute in your wedding photographs.

Matching Finger Heart Tattoos
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Talking about matching tattoos, you can get a heart-shaped matching tattoo with any person you love. The bond does not necessarily have to be romantic. Getting the same heart tattoos with your best friends will show how much you value friendship. The small finger tattoo in the image is a simple one. It shows how proud you are to be friends with each other and will go to any extent to protect each other.

Leaf Finger Heart Tattoo

Leaf Finger Heart Tattoo
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Small heart tattoos on the finger are done in very little space. So adding other elements to finger tattoos may seem difficult. Therefore, the tattoo artist has come up with a design that will distinguish your finger tattoo from the rest. If you want your finger tattoo to stand out in the crowd, then play your bet on this design. The heart tattoo has an additional element within its outline. It looks like a small leaf tattoo is drawn in an upside-down manner when viewed from the front. A tattoo with dual meaning will increase the artistic appeal of the design.

Now that you are aware of so many tiny tattoo designs for your finger tattoo, it’s time for you to customize a design for yourself. However, since getting a tattoo is a huge commitment, you cannot rush with your decision no matter how small the piece be. For this reason, we have some additional heart tattoo designs for men and women that will look good on the fingers.

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What is the meaning of a finger heart tattoo?

A finger heart tattoo is a popular design that can be used to represent love or friendship. The finger heart tattoo typically features two fingers forming the shape of a small, abstract heart. It can often be seen as an expression of affection and closeness between two individuals or even between friends or family members. It may also symbolize undying loyalty, devotion, or commitment. Some may even see it as a reminder of someone special who has passed away. Ultimately, the meaning of a finger heart tattoo is up to the individual and can represent whatever they wish it to mean.

How much does a finger heart tattoo cost?

The cost of a finger heart tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, how many colors are used, the length of time it takes to complete, and where you get it done. Generally speaking, smaller simple designs will cost less than larger more complex tattoos. Depending on all these factors, a finger heart tattoo could range anywhere from $50-$500 or more.

What are some finger heart tattoo ideas?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to finger heart tattoo ideas. Some popular designs include a two-fingered heart with a banner wrapped around it that says “love”, a colorful abstract heart design, or a single outline of the symbol. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and imagination so have fun and try to think of something unique and special that is meaningful to you.

Are finger heart tattoos painful?

Yes, finger heart tattoos can be somewhat painful depending on the individual’s pain tolerance level. This type of tattoo is done close to bone and nerve endings so it can cause discomfort or pain during and after the procedure. If the pain is too much, it is always best to let your artist know so they can adjust the needle and work more slowly. The end result will be worth it!

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