10 Best Circle Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Circle Tattoos

Looking for amazing circle tattoo designs? Check out these circle tattoos and get to know the hidden meanings behind them!

Circle Tattoo
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The shape of a circle is known to every person in this world, yet, not everyone might know the special significance of a circle.

Circle tattoos are not rare, but the way they are depicted is often unique to each person. Generally, circle tattoo designs incorporate a variety of symbols or motifs to enhance their meaning and aesthetics.

What Does A Circle Tattoo Mean?

A circle stands for wholeness and completeness, as this shape is basically depicting a line connecting with itself. Hence, the circle tattoo meaning is associated with perfection, totality, the cyclic nature of life, and also the infinite. However, the best part about circle tattoos is that, depending on what elements you add to your circle tattoo, its symbolism and meaning will keep evolving. So, there are lots of ways to get creative with a circle tattoo and let the tattoo speak for itself. Another simple reason why circles are so loved is that as tattoos, these designs look amazing anywhere on the body.

Keep reading to find out the most popular collection of masculine and feminine circle tattoo examples, which will surely make you fall in love with them!

Simple Full Circle Tattoo

Simple Full Circle Tattoo
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If you love simple and minimalistic design ideas, then a tattoo of a black full circle is surely going to intrigue you. Here, the circle has been created with small black dots. A circle tattoo of this sort is the prime example of a shape representing its own meaning, without being related to any other concept. You can get this tattoo inked anywhere and in any size.

unjoined Circle Tattoo
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If you are looking for a different take on a complete circle tattoo, then check out this unjoined circle tattoo. Since the wholeness and perfection of a circle are due to its completeness, an unjoined circle can be used to represent the idea that you are still a work in progress. Such simple tattoos can be a reminder to you to keep working on yourself, and getting better every day.

Elaborate Geometric Circle Tattoo

Elaborate Geometric Circle Tattoo
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Whether you are an artist or not, geometric patterns and tattoos are undoubtedly going to appeal to you. So, how about adding various shapes to your circle tattoo and turning it into a masterpiece? As you can see in the image, the various shapes are covering a sizeable portion of the arm. The arrangement of the shapes is making this tattoo look quite put together and not clumsy, at all. Additionally, the bold black lines and subtle dotted shading are further enhancing the minute detailing done in this design. You can get this inked on your back, along the length of your spine.

Multiple Circles Tattoo
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If you only want to stick to circles, then this tattoo could be another perfect choice for you. Multiple circles have been inked in this design, and the circles have been placed in such a way, they look like flowers. Also, the watercolour effect created with different colours is surely expressing a modern take on circle tattoos. Such styles of tattoos are gaining more traction every day.

Tribal Circle Tattoo

Tribal Circle Tattoo
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A tribal tattoo design is a perfect way to add some unique and soulful patterns to your body. Therefore, check out this circle tattoo featuring Polynesian tribal motifs. The size of this tattoo is ideal and it can be gotten inked anywhere on your body. The intricate triangular shapes on the left and half-circular shapes on the right are pairing well together in this design, and further underlining the uniqueness of this tattoo.

Unique Circle Yin And Yang Tattoo

Unique Circle Yin And Yang Tattoo
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The Yin and Yang sign is one of the most meaningful symbols that represent the good and the bad in life. A circular tattoo featuring the Yin and Yang symbolism will not only hold great significance but also be eye-catching and unique if done correctly. For example, in this design, the Yin and Yang are represented by two lizards, inked in a circular form. The light and dark colours of the two lizards are perfectly portraying the concept of Yin and Yang, in a subtle way.

Space Circle Tattoo

Space Circle Tattoo
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Something that everyone can agree on is the galaxy and planets are truly some of the most fascinating concepts in the world. Hence, a circle tattoo with planets and crescent moons will perfectly capture the endless mystery held by the universe. It will also brilliantly capture the unending movement the universe seems to be set in. In this tattoo, the Earth is forming the central motif, with smaller planets on both sides. The end of each side has a crescent moon, bringing the whole design together. A Jupiter has also been inked beneath the main design, further enhancing the art-like nature of this tattoo.

Solar Circle Tattoo

Solar Circle Tattoo
@caseymarietattoo via Instagram

The sun is a symbol of light, life, and strength, all of which one needs in their life. Hence, a sun circle tattoo is a fantastic idea for a positive and meaningful tattoo design. As you can see in the image, the sun has been inked inside a circle, quite artistically. The twinkling stars and clouds are combining very well together. Within the sun, a crescent moon has also been included, to signify creativity and growth.

Simple Circle Tattoo
@orion.indigo via Instagram

The perfect example of a simple, small, and cute design is this tattoo. The circular outline of the sun has been created by drawing lines around in a circle. This form of the tattoo looks very minimalistic but still carries all the deeper meanings and symbolism. You can get this inked on your upper arm, as shown in the image. This simple tattoo would also look great behind the ear or on the back of your shoulder.

Meaningful Heart And Brain Circle Tattoo

Meaningful Heart And Brain Circle Tattoo
@dawidroszak_tattoo via Instagram

As humans, we are stuck in an infinite loop of being confused by whether to listen to our head or heart. A symbol to represent that constant dilemma would be this tattoo. As you can see, the circle in this tattoo is featuring an anatomical brain and an anatomical heart, situated opposite to each other on the black outline of a circle. The upper half of the circle seems to be blurred, which could be representative of how we often end up finding the distinction between these two parts of ourselves, blurred.

Minimalist Floral Circle Tattoo

Minimalist Floral Circle Tattoo
@joe.thefloraltattoist via Instagram

Though there are many ways to represent floral designs, there is something very special about combining floral patterns with a geometric frame. In this case, the frame is a circle. The flowers have been designed in such a pretty and simple way, it looks like the flower is rising out of the circle, itself. The branch with leaves on the other side of the circle is perfectly framing the design. Such tattoos are quite popular among women, however, even men can opt for such a tattoo design.

Nature Circle Tattoo

Nature Circle Tattoo
@b.poked via Instagram

If you love nature and feel connected to the natural elements around you, then this circle tattoo of a tree can sum up your feeling, to perfection. The tree has been inked using little black dots, which is something not very commonly seen. The intricate leaves which are spread out are forming the heart and soul of this tattoo.

Mountain Trees Circle Tattoo
@dziaria_antonina.tattoo via Instagram

For the mountain-lovers, a circle tattoo depicting mountains and pine trees can be the closest thing to art on their skin. Even though this tattoo has been made by using only black ink, it is still radiating vibrant energy. However, you can ask your tattoo artist to add colours to the design. The sun rays on the top half of the tattoo, and the pine leaf encircling the lower part of the tattoo is giving this design a complete look. Not only will you find a circle tattoo design of this sort pretty, but it will also be relevant to your own life.

Abstract Watercolour Circle Tattoo

Abstract Watercolour Circle Tattoo
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Watercolour tattoo designs are very popular these days, and there are many ways to create one. That being said, if you want an elaborate tattoo incorporating contemporary ideas, check this image out. Here, the canvas for the tattoo is a wide space on the body, covering a major part of the skin. You can opt to get this inked on your back. The design is quite different and abstract, and the dark blue and black are going well together forming a kind of contrast. If you treat your body like a blank canvas and want your circle tattoo to show that, designs like this will undoubtedly be the finest way to do that. You can choose any other colour you love for this tattoo, as well.

Geometric tattoos have always been popular and circle tattoos are an extension of that popularity. The meanings behind circle tattoos are very positive and hence, people love getting a permanent symbol of a circle on themselves. Additionally, there are many ways to depict circles, and every depiction holds a tale of its own. You can even select a simple and small circle tattoo, and that would also make people wonder about its significance. Here is a quick compilation of the most noteworthy circle tattoos-

  1. Simple circle tattoo designs with joined or unjoined lines.
  2. Circle tattoos with planets or other heavenly bodies.
  3. Black or coloured circle tattoo with floral motifs or other shapes.
  4. Circle tattoo featuring natural elements like trees or mountains.
  5. Circle tattoo created using contemporary styles.

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