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Here Are 10 Of The Best Jockstrap Style Underwear – For When You Need A Little More Support

by Joseph Birch
Best Jockstrap Style Underwear

Originating in the late 19th century, the jockstrap remains a popular choice of underwear for many men across various uses and occasions. 

With roots in cycling and high levels of use in athletics, the jockstrap was intentionally designed to provide extra protection and support for your pride and joy when participating in rigorous sporting activity. Wearing a jockstrap can help to protect your manhood by keeping it close to your body and add some comfort by limiting the range of movement

The right jockstraps can get you feeling and looking great with a comfortable environment for your freshly trimmed groin area when doing physical activity or simply for everyday wear. Coming in a range of materials such as mesh, spandex, nylon, and natural fabrics, you can always try to couple them with a pair of sport socks for when you’re going to get moving if colour coordination is your thing. 

An increasingly popular occurrence is using cute jockstraps as a male form of lingerie to surprise your partner in the bedroom so when it comes to the best, there are many factors to consider. Your genitals are an incredibly important part of your body, so make sure the pouch and straps of your underwear provide the best fit for them to keep you feeling confident throughout the day. 

1. Summer Code Men’s Athletic Supporter Performance Jockstrap Elastic Waistband Underwear

Our first pick is this excellent multipack from Summer Code. The Nylon-Spandex blend that they’re made from provides a soft and snug fit to assist your genitals during daily wear. The clean and simple design is a winner here, placing quality and performance above branding for all your athletic support needs. There’s a reason why they’re at the top. Do you enjoy this front pouch and extra support?

2. Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Multipack Hip Briefs

Underwear heavyweights Calvin Klein are hot on the heels as the second choice in our list. They’re made with a largely cotton construction for a breathable jockstrap that more closely resembles a brief shape, but still does all the work in keeping everything tidy and close to the body. You can’t mention designer jockstraps without mentioning Calvin Klein. Enjoy the flexibility, along with its comfort over your buttocks.

3. Papi Men’s 3-Pack Premium Performance Cotton Jock Strap

Available across a variety of colours and sizes, these 100% cotton jockstraps from Papi will make you look and feel great all day. They have a contoured pouch for extra comfort during wear so if you’re after a breathable and supportive jockstrap, these will surely come out on top. If you want some of our top-pick recommendations, these are it!

4. BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters, 4-Pack Cotton Low Rise Stretch Multipack Performance Jock Strap

When it comes to finding a mens gym supporter, you could do a lot worse than this option from BSHETR. The wide waistband and fabrication make for a comfortable set of underwear, with a choice of contrasting colours for some added style. These fit a little small, so we would recommend going a size up when ordering. If you’re looking for some sexy underwear, this is it!

5. Gym Old School Jockstrap

If you’re focussed on finding the best mens jockstrap for using at the gym, then the brand name of this entry should grab your attention. With a nylon-rubber blend used for the pouch, this retro style jockstrap is perfect for those of you who are into classical design while also needing the proper support for your activities. Men’s jockstrap underwear such as this one will support male anatomy nicely while being great for soccer moments as well.

6. 2(X)IST Men’s Cotton Stretch Jock Strap 3-Pack

Number six on our list are these stretch jockstraps from 2(X)IST. With a low rise and quality elastic straps, they’re a no-nonsense choice for stability from one of the most highly reputable jockstrap brands. The great airflow will keep you cool and dry while getting a sweat on with confidence. 

7. SKYSPER Men’s Athletic Strap Supporter Underwear Gym Brief

Here at Outsons, we’re big fans of mesh under the right circumstances. It can be one of the best materials for wicking moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and well-ventilated during exercise. This mens mesh jockstrap comes in a wide choice of colours for both pouch and waistband to make a great-looking set for any occasion. 

8. Gym Workout Jock Strap Men With 2″ Waistband

The second entry from exercise experts Gym comes in the form of this modern iteration of the workout jock. The wide waistband will allow you to get a good level of comfort during wear, and it’s a replica of an earlier version by pioneering jockstrap brand Bike for an item that combines classic design with modern production methods to a great end.

9. Brave Person Men’s Jockstraps For Men Underwear Athletic Supporters Elastic Cotton Bikini Briefs

If you’re after a bit more form than function when it comes to your choice of style, Brave Person has just the pair of straps for you. While we think this choice is more appropriate for the bedroom than the field, it still has a discreet pocket for supporter cups if you need one for your athletic endeavours.

10. MuscleMate Men’s Hot Jockstraps, No Visible Lines, Butt-Flaunting Men’s Thong Jockstrap Underwear

Our final entry is one on the sexier side. With a polyester-spandex mix to provide great stretch and fit, these come in a small but well-considered range of colours. A near invisible waistband makes for a skimpier pair than most if you’re looking to bring some extra excitement to the bedroom or pose for a charity christmas calendar. Why not rock this boxer brief now?

The Best Jockstrap For Men: The Outsons Edit 

  1. Summer Code Men’s Jock Underwear
  2. Calvin Klein Men’s Multipack Hip Briefs
  3. Papi Men’s 3-Pack Premium Performance Jockstraps
  4. BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters
  5. Gym Old School Jockstraps
  6. 2(X)IST Men’s Stretch Jock 3-Pack
  7. SKYSPER Men’s Athletic Strap Supporter Underwear Gym Brief
  8. Gym Workout Jockstraps With 2″ Waistband
  9. Brave Person Underwear Elastic Briefs For Men
  10. MuscleMate Men’s Jockstraps

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