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101 Best American Traditional Cross Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
American Traditional Cross Tattoo

If you want to flaunt your love for Christ, then American traditional cross tattoo ideas can be a great find. We’ll help you out with our best picks.

American Traditional Cross Tattoo
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The American Traditional Cross Tattoos are a new and creative approach towards a cross tattoo.

The cross tattoo design gives an old-school tattoos vibe. The bold black lines used to enhance these cross tattoos are so simple yet so elegant.

There are many designs that can be incorporated with a cross tattoo. Designs such as a Celtic cross tattoo, a Gothic cross, a wings tattoo, a Maltese cross, a Jesus Christ cross, a black cross, a Crucifix tattoo, and various other tribal cross tattoos. These tribal cross tattoo designs are quite unique and creative. The use of various Irish heritage, Christian symbolism, and Christian faith, the gothic style, the use of Greek letters, the naval traditions, etc., makes these cross tattoos extraordinary to look at.

The use of simple black ink to create these little designs to give it a traditional tattoo touch and to portray eternal life is all about the American Traditional tattoos. These traditional tattoo designs use a lot of intricate detailing. The Cross Tattoo pays tribute to Christianity and many cultures worldwide.

The Calligraphy Cross

The Calligraphy Cross
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The tattoo artist in this tattoo has portrayed simplicity and elegance in text form. The shape of the tattoo can be that of a simple cross but when you look closely at all you will find that the vertical line of the Cross has been changed into a line of text.

The text says ‘Don’t give up on your romance’. The text adds more punch and fun to this tattoo. It is a very symmetrical tattoo with very beautiful calligraphy and a simple black ink with its thin line that makes it very detailed and cute. So for all the men and women out there who love the simplicity yet a little bit of extra beauty, here’s the perfect cross tattoo for you. You can add your own quote in a special style too.

The 3D Cross

The 3D Cross
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This cross tattoo is a very elegant and solemn design. At first glance the tattoo gives a spiritual vibe. The tattoo artist has made the cross appear like a 3-D tattoo. The Cross has been bordered with various patterns giving it a little bit of a mandala look.

The Cross has been outlined with a very thin line of black ink and then it has been shaded with gradients of lighter and darker shades of black ink. But the tattoo artist has also added extra detail elements like the background behind the cross is like halo which makes the cross in front of it, pop out more. Right beside the cross we have a little bit of bling.

Right across the cross tattoo we have a text saying ‘Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me’. This text completes the message behind the tattoo which is to motivate and inspire people.

The Floral Cross

The Floral Cross
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Although this is a simple tattoo of cross, however, it has a nature element in it. The tattoo artist has made the cross like a thick block. The floral detail to perfection this seems very realistic and that captures your attention right away.

The tattoo artist has shaded each and every leaf and flower beautifully and they do not have thick and bold outlines. The tattoo artist has used dark ink to bring out more depth and shadow effect.

The Cross On Snake

The Cross On Snake
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In general, snake tattoos are quite popular. The snake tattoo can also come together with the American Cross tattoo, making it look marvelous.

This tattoo is quite bold and punchy. You can even add colours to make it look even more catchy. There are various strokes and lines and various patterns that have been made inside the cross to make it look very ethical and delicate on the contrary the snake has been very well detailed and executed.

The Trinity

The Trinity
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This tattoo basically speaks a lot of stories into one. This tattoo is by all means a masterpiece. As you can see that the centre of the tattoo and the main emphasis of the tattoo is the cross which is right at the middle. The right side of the tattoo we have the portrait of a lion which has been shaded so well that its eyes and far and the entire facial expression looks so realistic. Right above the cross we have the sky through which a shining light is coming through it making the cross Look more divine.

At the left of the tattoo we have the portrait of Jesus who is praying with his hands folded. Once again, the facial expressions and the shadings of the figure or spot on and very realistic.

Right at the bottom, we have three cross stands on which three people have been hanged ruthlessly and this vision has been executed beautifully. The background of these three figures is a very mysterious foggy night sky with full moon which makes it more intense and meaningful. Overall the entire tattoo speaks of divinity and glory and is quite realistic and stunning to look at.

The Cross Emblem

The Cross Emblem
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Another very glorious approach to a simple cross tattoo. This cross tattoo is a statically quite appealing and will shoot a large number of masses. The tattoo is of a perfect size that can fit at any small spot and will still be very visual. The tattoo artist has delicately detailed every texture and pattern in this tattoo using shades of black and grey ink. The tattoo looks like a cool interior design scripture. Each end of the Cross has been covered by making these gorgeous patterns and the overall look of the cross is very divine and pleasing.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross
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One of the most clean and detailed Cross tattoo designs is right here. In this cross tattoo the centre of the Cross has been made into a circular area and the rest of the four sides are broadened out. As you can clearly see that inside the cross the tattoo artist has very beautifully and smartly inserted the facial portrait of Jesus.

Very naturally we see that Jesus’ hair is rolling out the cross which makes it more realistic and creative. Also, not to forget, a very specific detail has been put inside this tattoo. On the forehead of Jesus, the tattoo artist has drawn various thorns which gives us a clear depiction that Jesus is in pain.

The top and left corner of the Cross has been shaded completely black as if Jesus’ hair is covering it and the right and the bottom of the Cross has been left empty to keep it more authentic.

The Cross Of Fantasy

The Cross Of Fantasy
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This cross tattoo right here is one of the most beautiful floral and nature-oriented tattoos out there. The main grouse has been detailed in such a way as it appears to be covered in creepers that is surrounded by the plants and flowers.

However, the cross has been detailed with splendid divinity. At the centre of the cross there is a large jewel which attracts the attention right away. Covering the cross our various leaves and flowers and a huge rose right at the top of the head of the cross. There are various butterflies surrounding these flowers and are flying here and there.

The tattoo artist has shaded each leaf and each flower remarkably. There are various shadings and textures that are provided to each of these elements that makes them unique and makes every element popping and not hideous or just side figures.

Each element has the capacity to attract the attention due to its beautiful detailing. Notification that this entire tattoo has been made using black ink and despite not being coloured at all it captures the natures beauty splendidly.

The Greek Cross

The Greek Cross
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This cross tattoo right here looks more like a Greek symbol and has a lot of in-depth meaning inside it. As you can see in the very centre of the cross we have the figure of an Eagle which is made standing with both its wings open to the sides. These open wings have been attached to the side corners of the cross and idea behind it has been executed beautifully.

The bottom of the cross is basically a stand on which evil has been made to hang on the top of the cross is an oval dome inside which there is another abstract figure of an Eagle’s head. Overall the entire Cross looks a little bit abstract yet it is more aesthetic and it appear more Greek and more religious. The text on top of the Cross has been positioned in a bending oval line.

The text adds another element of beauty attached to the cross in the centre. The tattoo artist has light handedly outlined the cross and its details and with a darker and bolder that the text has been written so that more emphasis is set on them.

The Angelic Cross

The Angelic Cross
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This cross tattoo is one of our most optimistic tattoo designs of all time. The cross in the middle has been made with sharp pointed ends and has been shaded black and grey.

In this tattoo the tattoo artist is also used white Ink to highlight various important points and junctures of this tattoo. The Cross has been shaded in a slanting directional pencil shaded effect with black and white inks and each of its ends are shaded with the darker black ink.

The borders of the entire Cross has been consecutively coloured using black-and-white to highlight every corner of the cross. Right behind the cross we have angelic wing which has been shaded remarkably using black, white and grey inks. The tattoo artist has done a great job in defining every element of this tattoo in great details and making it realistic.

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What is an American traditional cross tattoo?

An American traditional cross tattoo is a classic design that has been popular in the United States for many decades. It typically features bold black lines and strong shapes, often with bright colors and intricate details added to create a beautiful piece of body art. This style of tattoo usually incorporates various Christian symbols like crosses and bible verses, although more abstract designs can also be created. It is a classic choice for those wanting to evoke the patriotic spirit of America and symbolize faith, loyalty, and honor. The American traditional cross tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body and is often accompanied by other symbolic elements like eagles and stars. Regardless of the design chosen, this timeless style will always make a unique statement.

What are some popular American traditional cross tattoo designs?

Popular American traditional cross tattoo designs often combine religious symbols with patriotic imagery. Some of the most common elements include eagles, stars, flags, banners, and various Christian symbols like crosses and bible verses. Other popular designs might include skulls, roses, anchors, hearts, arrows and more. The shape of the cross itself can also be customized, ranging from a simple outline to a highly detailed design featuring religious imagery or other intricate details. Whether you choose an abstract design, one celebrating faith and patriotism, or something completely unique, an American traditional cross tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

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