101 Best 666 Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
devil tattoo

Reviewed & fact checked: April 26, 2023 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Looking for a cool 666 tattoo? End your search, as we have the perfect 666 tattoo list for you. Choose one for your next tattoo.

666 Tattoo
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Are you looking for the Devil’s number tattoo?

Yes, 666 is the number of the beast or often known as the Devil’s number. This iconic number is related to the holy bible as well as pagan worship.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have ‘Ora Pro Nobis’ tattoo, a 666 tattoo can be a unique blend that also showcases your artistic nature. If you are wondering what does 666 tattoo mean then the simplest answer would be that it symbolises devil worship or the antichrist. Tattooed refers to having a tattoo, and you can have the name of Lucifer or the 666 tattoo on any place of your body. Often many gangs are known to use this devilish tattoo, so when the question arises as to what Latin gang uses share the 666 tattoo along with some other symbols as well. It can be said that the 18th Street gang is known to widely use this tattoo as their trademark.

Devilish Triple Eye Of Lucifer Tattoo

Most of us are familiar with the two eyes of Satan, but in pieces of literature of old and modern, there can be mentions of Lucifer’s third eye. This eye is known as the Eye of Truth. It has some abilities, such as being able to control all of its surroundings. He can manipulate time itself, and the minds of people when the eye is activated.

Devilish Triple Eye Of Lucifer Tattoo
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The eye is usually known to be red in colour. The pentagram can be seen around the eyeball on the iris and ripple-like round marks are spread out from the eyeball. You can have a tattoo of this exact eye with the number 666, or you can come up with a devilish design as shown in the picture.

Horns Up 666 Tattoo For Metal Music Lovers

The 666 meaning is said to mean or have its origin in the Bible, however, people who love metal music would love to decode this said meaning otherwise. The most iconic sign in a metal concert would be a person holding up the fist with the index and pinky finger uprighting depicting a horn. As per the Bible, the horn sign or a 666 tattoo meaning with horns in the hand of a person refers to the beast or the devil and thus 666 is known as the number of the beast. The art form of a beast & 666 number is loosely related to metal music where songs are often written about Lucifer or are related to the beast.

Horns Up 666 Tattoo For Metal Music Lovers
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If you are a heavy metal music lover, then Iron Maiden is a common word for you. This iconic British metal band has their famous album with the titled song ‘ 666- The Number Of The Beast’ which is an anthem for metalheads. So if you are looking for inspiration for a tattoo on your hand or in both of your hands, then you might just refer to options from the Bible and mix them with your metal music and come up with art that blends both these cultures. All hail metal music!

666 – The Devil Underneath Tattoo

In simple terms, 666 is just another number, but for centuries, the number has had an underlying meaning attached to it, that it is the number of the Antichrist, the Beast. Many people believe the number is essential to invoke Satan.

666 - The Devil Underneath Tattoo
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Get a tattoo that depicts the reality of the number. As with the tattoo in the picture above, you can opt for a design where hell can be seen on one side and 666 written on the other. You can also go for a design where a veil of the number 666 lifts up to show hell underneath. Take inspiration and come up with your own unique tattoo design.

666 Skull Tattoo

666 is associated with the Devil, hell, and death. That’s why people tattoo skull and 666 together very commonly. However, skull tattoos usually have a much different meaning to them. They have both negative and positive meanings. They represent both life and death. Sometimes, they symbolize new beginnings after death, but 666 incorporated with a skull tattoo usually indicate the Devil.

666 Skull Tattoo
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The picture shows a chain of skulls and 666 written below. Other than this, you can also opt for a design where 666 is written on the skull. Take your pick from many 666 and skull tattoos.

Almost Evil tattoo

Whether we are religious or not, every one of us is sinful in one way or the other. The number 666 is associated with the Devil. Whereas the number 665.9 means that someone is sinful but doesn’t entirely commit themselves to the side of the Devil. If you share the same thought process, then you don’t have to go for the 666 tattoo, rather you can choose to have a 665.9 tattoo.

Almost Evil tattoo
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Get a simple 665.9 tattoo as it’s shown in the picture above. You can also go for a face where half is of an angel and half is of the Devil and incorporate the number 665.9 in there. Tickle your imagination and design your own unique 665.9 tattoo.

666 And Upside-Down Pentagram Tattoo

The pentagram symbol has always had a religious meaning. It has been known to symbolize the five wounds of Jesus Christ from his crucifixion. People have been known to use it as protection against evil. However, many Satanists around the world have used it as a symbol for their religion by turning it upside down. As both the number 666 and the upside-down pentagram symbol is associated with the Devil, the two tattoos together are pretty common to see.

666 And Upside-Down Pentagram Tattoo
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As it can be seen in the picture, you can go for an upside-down pentagram tattoo with 666 written around it or you can include some other designs in there as well to make it become cooler.

Unique 666 Tattoo

666 tattoos are pretty common nowadays and to stand out in the sea of 666 tattoo holders, you should try out something unique. There are many ways to make your tattoo unique. You can try different fonts, different colour methods, like watercolour. You can take inspiration from this tattoo below as well.

Unique 666 Tattoo
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As the picture shows, we can see a skeleton playing with three dice. However, all the dice are showing the number 6. This 666 tattoo is surely far from mainstream. Be inspired and make your own one-of-a-kind 666 tattoo.

Minimalistic 666 Tattoo

Minimalistic tattoos are usually the ones that include just the outlines of the design you’re going for. If you don’t want a tattoo covering a large part of your body, small minimalistic tattoos are perfect for you. There’s not much scope for a lot of creativity, but minimalistic tattoos still have a charm of their own.

Minimalistic 666 Tattoo
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You can go for just the numbers tattooed on your skin, with a little tweak to the traditional 666 tattoo design, like the one in the picture. Play with the traditional 666 tattoo designs and let the tattoos become cooler.

‘The Omen’ 666 Tattoo

The horror movie ‘The Omen’ from 1976 was the story about the Antichrist, Damien. Antichrist is also known as the Prince of Darkness or the Beast. The Antichrist is believed to be the archenemy of Jesus Christ and the child of Satan. This Antichrist always has a birthmark on his body which is three sixes put together in the shape of a triangle. The answer to the question, where was Damien’s 666 tattoo is his scalp.

'The Omen' 666 Tattoo
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The 666 tattoo on the picture is an improvised version of the same 666 tattoo that the Antichrist Damien in the movie, ‘The Omen’ bore. You can get the tattoo of the traditional ones from the movie or you can change the design like the one in the picture to your heart’s desire.

666 Word Design Tattoo

A new style of tattoo that is said to have taken the world around by a storm are word tattoos that have designs and a symbol in them. The designs themselves seem pretty unique. They can surely be a head-turner and a conversation starter. 666 tattoos are common, so when you choose to have 666 tattoos in this style, it will surely make you stand in the crowd.

666 Word Design Tattoo
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Get a unique 666 tattoo such as the one in the picture above or mix and match a thousand other symbols and words and come up with your own personal design for your next 666-word design tattoo.

If you find these ideas interesting and are still looking for more ideas you can definitely try out the:

  1. Drake 666 tattoo (inspired by the artist).
  2. The teardrop tattoo meaning killing someone.
  3. Likewise, you can opt for a tattoo 21 which according to the Bible places a person who has sinned and has weaknesses.

Lastly, if you are wondering how to write 666 for tattoo so parents can’t read, well you can go for it. It is extremely difficult to hide a tattoo that is present in a place that can be viewed by all.

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