101 Amazing Seven Deadly Sins Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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The Seven Deadly Sins or ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’ is a wonderful anime following a fun cast of outcasts. The members of 7 Deadly Sins are the strongest knights of the kingdom. And if that isn’t cool enough for you, their tattoo symbols have to be! If you’re looking for some new awesome  anime tattoos, check out our top 9 Seven Deadly Sins inspired tattoo ideas down below!

What Are The Seven Deadly Sins?

What happens when you put 7 most cruel criminals together? You get the Seven Deadly Sins cast line-up! They were branded as the worst bunch in the kingdom, but later became heroes by adding the princess to save people from oppressive ruling. They even have cool tattoos they carry almost as branding for their, well, sins!

How Did The Seven Deadly Sins Get Their Marks?

This brutal order of the Holy Knights got their tats carved after being convicted of sinful crimes. Our protagonist, Meliodas represents dragon’s wrath. The cutest of them all Diane is actually the serpent’s envy. Mysterious Gowther is related to goat’s lust. Seductive Merlin bears the symbol of boar’s gluttony, while Ban is fox’s greed. The youngest King is a symbol of the grizzly’s sin of sloth and lastly we have Escanor with the mark of lion’s pride!

7 Deadly Sins Anime Meliodas Sin Black Ink Tattoo 

7 Deadly Sins Anime Meliodas Sin Black Ink Tattoo

The former owner of Boar Hat tavern and the captain of Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas sports a Dragon’s sin tattoo. The Ouroboros symbol of a dragon or winged serpent eating its tail may represent infinity or longevity, alluding to Meliodas looking like a child despite being 3000+ years old. Whether you’re a fan of the anime or Meliodas’ youthful appearance, we guarantee this tattoo will look great on you. Get it done in bold black ink anywhere on your arm! 

Large Meliodas Dragon’s Sin Tattoo Red and Black Ink Gradient

Large Meliodas Dragon’s Sin Tattoo Red and Black Ink Gradient

Have you seen the Seven Deadly Sins anime yet? Tell us in the comments below! In the meantime, check out this awesome Meliodas symbol tattoo! If you’re not a fan of the traditional black ink tattoo art, opt for a red to black gradient just like this one. The iconic tattoo will instantly be recognizable on your skin by Seven Deadly Sins fans. So show off your large Meliodas Dragon’s sin tattoo with a shoulder or calf muscle placement! 

Pokemon Inspired 7 Deadly Sins Tattoo Designs


Looking for creative ways to express your anime fandoms? If you equally love the Pokemon series and Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins anime, we suggest this unique mash-up of a design! This unusual Poliwrath carries a Meliodas mark mixed with the traditional whirl on its stomach. Bet your Pokedex can’t give you information on this one! Ask for a different colored ink, such as pink or purple to make the design stand out more. Now everyone will lust over your new cool tat! 

Seven Deadly Sins Tattoo Anime Black and Red Ink

Seven Deadly Sins Tattoo Anime Black and Red Ink

Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins is such a strong character in the series, he doesn’t even bother to fight with an actual sword. But he does love to flash his awesome tattoo though! The dragon Ouroboros has branded Meliodas with the sin of wrath. Wouldn’t want to come across this guy in a fight! If he’s your favorite anime character, why not get this cool tattoo design of him. The cratchy black lines really give off that manga vibe. And you can add a pop of color to spice things up a bit too!

7 Deadly Sins Tattoos Escanor Lion’s Sin of Pride Tattoo 

7 Deadly Sins Tattoos Escanor Lion’s Sin of Pride Tattoos

Speaking of seven sins tattoo designs, do you think pride is the worst of them all? Agree or disagree, Escanor has the best and manliest tattoo of them all! And who doesn’t find lions to be an amazing tattoo idea to get? His stylized black ink lion has a scar over the right eye and a luscious maine fit for a king! Meliodas got nothing on Esacnor’s pridefulness! Even if you’ve never seen this gem of Japanese animation before, we know you’ll love this lion’s sin of pride tattoo! 

7 Sins Tattoo Goat’s Sin of Lust Tattoo Art 

7 Sins Tattoo Goat’s Sin of Lust Tattoo Art

Take a look at this stunning ram ink art! If it looks familiar to you somehow, then you must’ve seen the Seven Deadly Sins anime or at least read the manga. This brand is worn by Gowther on his right side on the chest. You can get his goat’s sin tattoo at the same position or opt for an arm placement like in the picture! A black ink tattoo with clean lines always looks gorgeous. If you found this emotional character to be irresistible, get his mark as your next tattoo! 

All Seven Sins Tattoo Designs

All Seven Sins Tattoo Designs

Loved the Seven Deadly Sins anime so much you’re dying to get a new tattoo? Well if you’re struggling to find the perfect 7 Deadly Sins tattoo anime, you’ve come to the right place! We say get all of their sin marks! The seven deadly sins tattoo locations differ from each of the crew members, but you can group them all in one awesome new design! As this tattoo is elongated, it’s best suited for forearm and shin or calf muscle placement. 

Red X Fox’s Sin Tattoo Design

Red X Fox’s Sin Tattoo Design

The passionate and (sometimes) greedy Ban carries the mark of greed – a grinning fox design. Whether you like Ban as a character or are inspired by his stone hard abbs, this tattoo is fit for everyone. You can add your own creative touch to the design with some dots and scratches in the background. Add a pop of color with a red x-like scar to reference Ban’s scar from the anime. Cool tattoos like this one are ideal for any placement you so desire, so just go for it!

Hawk Seven Sins Tattoo

Hawk Seven Sins Tattoo

Do you feel sorry for Hawk having to clean up after Meliodas’ awful cooking? This talking pig is the star of the show! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’ll have to see the anime for yourself! With such an adorable design and charming role, who wouldn’t agree he’s the perfect companion to our protagonist! A tiny tattoo of Hawk will surely draw attention of both new and old fans. So prepare for some positive comments on your new Hawk tattoo, you’ll see!

Having Said All That

We hope you loved our top 9 pick for your new Seven Deadly Sins anime tattoo! With a wonderful cast and epic fighting scenes, we recommend to see it for yourself. You’ll be instantly hooked and come crawling to our list for inspiration. Most popular tattoo art ideas are the marks carved in the Seven Deadly Sins crew. So what are you waiting for? Call your trusty tattoo artist for a new appointment today!

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