101 Amazing Dishonored Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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If you’ve ever been a part of the video games community, you must have heard about the great Dishonored! Dishonored is a great first-person action game  you need stealth to beat. The perfect new game series to pick up. And if you already love it so much, why not get an awesome Dishonored tattoo design then?! For more inspiration, check out our top 15 down below!

Cool Black Ink Dishonored Mark Of The Outsider Tattoo Temporary Tattoo Ideas For Gamers

Dishonored Tattoo

We’re starting the list off with a simple and iconic Mark of The Outlander tattoo! This Dishonor tattoo is also great as a temporary one for your hand or back. We here support getting temporary tattoos if you’re not ready for the real deal. And Corvo would certainly approve of it too!

Corvo Dishonored Outsider Mark Design Tattoo Idea For Men Forearm Placement

Corvo Dishonored Outsider

Whenever you’re ready for a Dishonored tattoo, let us now! We suggest the iconic Outsider Mark as your first gaming tattoo! Everyone in the community will go nuts about it for sure. Get this Dishonored symbol tattoo done on your forearm or ankle!

Blue And Purple Inks Watercolor Galaxy Effect The Outsider Mark Tattoo Art On Ankle

Blue And Purple Inks Watercolor

Bring a pop of color to your Mark of The Outsider symbol tattoo with a watercolor gradient. You can have it galaxy like colors of blue and purple or choose your own combination. All we know it’s perfect for artistic gamers and fans of the Dishonored series!

Colored Inks Fall Skull With Dishonored Outsider’s Mark Symbol Creative Dishonored Tattoos

Colored Inks Fall Skull With Dishonored

Up for a fall inspired tattoo Dishonored? We got you covered with this creative one right here! Use all your favorite elements, from the season you enjoy to games you love. Afterall, tattoos need to be unique expressions of yourself! Perfect as a bicep or back tattoo idea!

Simple Gaming Tattoos Mark Of The Outsider Tattoo From Dishonored Hand Tattoo Idea

Simple Gaming Tattoos Mark

If you’re looking for hand tattoo ideas, lucky you stumbled upon our top 15 list then! The Mark of The Outsider is a perfect tattoo idea for you, if you love the Dishonored game series! This symbol is iconic in the community and you’ll fit just in with it on your hand or anywhere you’d love.

Artistic Dishonored Tattoos Mark Of The Outsider Tattoo With Blood Splatters Design

Artistic Dishonored Tattoos Mark

If you still weren’t satisfied with our previous picks on Dishonored Mark tattoo, then this one has to be up your ally! The blood like splatters add that element of interest you’ve been on the search for. The ideal Dishonored tattoo for your bicep or near the collarbone area!

Death Before Dishonor Cool Games Tattoo Art Dishonor Death Calligraphy Font On Shin

Death Before Dishonor Cool Games Tattoo

Would you rather die and clear your name or live in dishonor? Tell us in the comments below the answer to this moral conundrum! But before that, check out this Dishonor quote tattoo in a beautiful calligraphy font. Even if you’re not a gamer you can appreciate this one on your arm or shin!

Full Color Unique Dishonored 2 Tattoo Art Rat Eating A Skull Design For Arm Position

Full Color Unique Dishonored 2 Tattoo

Have you ever wondered the significance of rats in Dishonored? Well they brought the rat plague upon Dunwall. While they are a nasty sight to see in the game, they sure make for a cool Dishonored death tattoo. Just take a look at this one! Is this your new gaming tattoo or what?

Amazing Gamer Tattoo DIshonored 2 Art Work In Color Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Amazing Gamer Tattoo DIshonored 2

And if the previous Dishonored tattoo designs feature a rat didn’t catch your eye, this guy has to! The use of colors on this DIshonored death tattoo are awesome. It would definitely look good on any skin tone you might have. Think about getting it as a sleeve tattoo idea!

Awesome Arm Dishonored Tattoo Of Corvo Character Grayscale Arm Sleeve Design

Awesome Arm Dishonored Tattoo

Ready to devote your entire arm to the amazing Corvo from Dishonored? Then we have a tattoo idea you’ll like! Check out this grayscale Dishonored sleeve tattoo to die for! In Dishonored death is no joke, but we firmly believe you will survive with an awesome arm tattoo like this!

Creative Designs Black And Blue Ink Outsider’s Mark Dishonored Tattoo Ideas For Men

Creative Designs Black And Blue Ink

Back to the iconic Mark! You’d think a symbol tattoo would be simple, but the Dishonored tattoo community sure is creative! If you love dark colors of Dishonored, then this black and blue ink Outsider’s Mark tattoo might be for you! Perfect as your new hand or wrist tattoo!

Black And Gray Ink Dishonored Death And Rat Corvo Tattoo Sleeve Art Designs

Black And Gray Ink Dishonored Death

Now this is the stuff of nightmares! Wouldn’t want that image to pop in your head during a sleep paralysis session now would we! But it sure looks cool tattooed in black and gray as a sleeve idea. It looks so realistic, it will definitely send shivers down people’s spines!

Dishonored 2 First Tattoos To Get Skull And Outsider’s Mark In Red Ink Tattoo Designs

Dishonored 2 First Tattoos

On the topic of skulls and symbols from Dishonored, we hope you find inspiration in this particular idea we chose just for you! Add some red ink to the designs to make it more interesting to the eye. Fit for any Dishonored fan!

Dishonored Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men And Gamers Skull Designs From Dishonored 2

Dishonored Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Every Dishonored fan’s wish is to have this black and white skull style tattoo, right? Make your dreams come true this month and call your trusty tattoo artist today! Let our top 15 list on Dishonored tattoo be the inspiration you needed. You won’t find a manlier gaming tattoo than this!

Incredible Black And White Ink Dishonored Logo Tattoo Art Sleeve Design Ideas For Men

Incredible Black And White Ink Dishonored

We’ve saved the best for last! Noone can say no to this epic Corvo Dishonored sleeve tattoo art! Your search for the best gaming tattoo out there has officially ended. Let us know down below how many people flocked to tell you positive comments about your new awesome Dishonored tattoo!

Having Said All That

We hope you loved scrolling down our top 15 list on best Dishonored tattoos you’ll find! Whenever you’re ready for your new tattoo, choose one or two designs you liked from the ones we showcased above. And we promise you won’t regret it!

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