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What to Wear with Tan Shoes

by Jamie Wilson

Tan shoes are perfect for this season as they’re both vibrant and a lot more versatile than you’d think. Just follow our simple guide to see the some of the best outfits with brown shoes.

Tan shoes come in a wider range of tones than you might expect, and, depending on what style you go for, you can create everything from smart outfits, that are perfect for the office, to casual looks that can be worn for relaxed days out.

Still, what do brown shoes go with? Well, although they’re not always as versatile as black shoes, they can still go with a decent amount of tones, and colours that can look a little jarring next to black, like navy, can work especially well with brown and tan. Brown shoes with black trousers might not always be the best combination, but they’re enough colours that will match with brown that you don’t have to worry about versatility. 

What to Wear with Tan Shoes

While they’re not the kind of shoes you can wear with just anything, tan shoes can go with a lot of looks, including sharp, formal ones. Tan shoes with grey trousers are a good combination if you want to create a subtle, uniformed contrast, while still playing around with less conventional colours.

If you’re wondering what to wear with with brown shoes, and you’re not looking to create a summery style look, then an easy solution is to go for darker colours. Go for deep brown shoes and match them with a classic navy suit to create a sharp, put-together look that’s perfect for any formal occasion.

How to Wear Light Tan Shoes

Tan brogues have a unique blend of versatility and sharpness. Although they’re a classic design, they can be paired with various modern looks. This means you’re working with shoes that are both sleek and ideal for formal events but can also be worn with less conventional outfits. Brogues can also really smarten up a simple outfit due to their classic, slim fit design. This means even if you’re working with jeans and tan shoes, the refined shape of the brogues will keep things formal.

Jeans With Tan Shoes

Keeping your outfit’s colour scheme simple and the overall fit slim will ensure that your shoes take centre stage and don’t clash with bold colours or get drowned out by wide fits. You don’t need to stick with dark brown shoes either. While light brown shoes can create more of a contrast, they won’t necessarily look out of place with dark jeans.

Light blue jeans and tan shoes are a match made in heaven. Strong, pretty cliche words, but they really do work well together, and are ideal if you’re putting together a casual outfit. Light tones tend to give off a more relaxed laid back vibe, compared to darker shades, and are handy if you want to keep the fit tailored and refined while still maintaining a casual look.

Something as simple as a pair of light blue jeans, a white shirt and some tan shoes can create an outfit that’s both flattering and laid back. Add some subtle accessories, such as sunglasses or a neutral gold ring, to give the look a clean boost.

How to Wear Tan Loafers

Much like tan brogues, you want to make sure you’re working with complementary colours and simple, flattering fits. Loafers have an eye-catching design, so you don’t need to make the rest of your outfit stand out too much. Even simple pieces like a T-shirt and jeans can be elevated with a good pair of tan loafers.

The navy suit makes a return. Honestly, blue trousers and brown shoes are such a good combination that it really doesn’t matter what kind of design you’re working with. A classic navy suit will work perfectly with a pair of tan loafers, especially if you keep thing traditional and opt for a polished leather rather than more casual materials like suede.

If you want a look with a little more personality, go for some statement tassel loafers, or keep things sleek and slim fit with some traditional penny loafers.

How to Wear Tan Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have been making an impression in menswear since 1851, and they’re now available in a range of colours and finishes. Tan suede is a popular choice for Chelsea boots, and the soft texture and warm colour provides you with a perfect base for a casual outfit. Simply pair the boots with some jeans and a plain T-shirt and you’ve got a look that’s both comfortable yet not overly relaxed.

Changing up the colour and material of your Chelsea boots can make a big difference to their overall vibe and finish. A high-end leather and dark brown colour ensures the boots have a sleek, refined finish and won’t look out of place with a formal outfit. Pair them with anything from a classic suit to a smart casual jeans and shirt combination for a classic, flattering outfit.

So, if you’re wondering what to wear with brown boots, the answer is, pretty much everything. From slick suits to casual jeans and T-shirts, there’s an endless variety of outfits to work with.

How to Care for Your Tan Shoes

You can’t just throw some water on your shoes and hope that everything will be fine. Oh no, your tan shoes need some TLC every now and again. How you care for your shoes obviously depends on the material they’re made of. You need to make sure you’re choosing the right products for the right shoes.

How to Care for Suede Shoes

If you’ve got a pair of suede shoes it’s important that you protect them before you even step outside in them. Spraying them with a high-quality protective spray is vital, and will ensure that they’re water repellent (which makes sure they don’t get hard to remove water stains), and can easily be cleaned with a quick brush down.

If it’s too late, and you’ve already managed to get your suede shoes grubby, don’t worry too much. Yes, it’s a pain, but they can be cleaned. As long as the damage isn’t too severe you can get them looking box fresh once again. The important thing is to make sure you don’t panic and spray them with the first cleaner you come across. Real suede is delicate, so you’ve got to make sure you’re using a sensitive cleaner.

How to Care for Leather Shoes

If you’ve got your hands on some tan leather shoes you don’t need to spend a fortune to ensure they look their best. A clean rag and a good shoe polish can be enough to keep your shoes spotless. It’s really just good ol’ elbow grease that gets the job done.

However, if a simple scrub down isn’t going to cut it, and you need a more intensive clean, you might need to take a bit of time out of your day. Cleaning up your footwear isn’t something that should be rushed though, so it’s worth getting the best cleaners and making sure you’ve got enough time spare.

What to Wear With Tan Shoes

  • Blue and brown work well – keep this in mind when dressing up your tan shoes
  • Don’t be afraid to try brown with black – although some see it as a fashion mistake, it can be done if the brown is dark enough
  • Simple clothes don’t equal a boring outfit – and the eye-catching colour of your shoes can give your look a boost
  • Light tones show dirt easily – whether they’re made of suede or leather, make sure you know how to clean them properly
  • Know your browns – getting the right balance of brown to your outfit is very important, take your time when choosing which shoes to wear

On That Note

Tan and brown shoes are great as they can be worn with anything. In fact, they’re becoming more popular than what your black shoes ever were. The trick is all in the styling of your outfit and planning it around your chosen shoe. When wearing tan or brown shoes, you should always consider the event that you’re heading to. We have plenty of designs that will suit each occasion, so you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect pair. There’s something out there for every guy and event.

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