12 Shoes To Wear With Grey Jeans – December, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Shoes To Wear With Grey Jeanss

You try your best to coordinate your jeans, T-shirts, and jackets so why would you then fall at the last hurdle? A pair of shoes can really make or break your outfit so it’s worth putting the effort in to learn the basics.

The truth is that skinny grey jeans or grey chinos might look good for both casual occasions and formal outfits. It all comes down to pairing the outfit with the right black leather jacket, neutral color top, or even bright pastels! Want to find a cool outfit idea, and try out a combo that suits you? Just figure out how to ensemble an outfit.

In this guide, we will take you through the different types of grey jeans from their cut to their shade, and reveal the perfect shoes to style them with. You could say, we’re giving you a step in the right direction (pun intended).

What Shoes To Wear With Grey Jeans

We often don’t give as much thought to our shoes as we should before grabbing any pair and running out of the house. For moments like this, it’s good to know which type of shoe you should be reaching out to make sure you’re looking great from head to toe no matter how rushed you are. There are plenty of options when it comes to pairing men’s shoes with jeans, from sneakers and loafers to boots or brogues. The key lies in the color, style, and material of the shoe.

What Colour Shoes To Wear With Grey Jeans

The color of your shoes makes all the difference. Know how to choose the right color for a classic, sporty, stylish, or casual look.

Black Shoes Grey Jeans

Black Shoes Grey Jeans
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Black and grey is a classic combination, and depending on the type of shoe, it can be very sartorial and business-like. So generally speaking, black shoes go better with dark grey jeans as they look smarter and make less of a dramatic contrast than pairing them with light grey. A simple cream or white shirt can look and work so well, why not copy this inspiration?

Brown Shoes Grey Jeans

Brown Shoes Grey Jeans
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Brown shoes are surprisingly versatile. The deep, rich brown tones go well with almost any color of trousers and are far easier to match than black shoes. In terms of grey jeans, dark brown goes best with dark grey whereas light brown goes best with light grey, fairly simple right. Whether you choose loafers, boots, or brogues, every man should own a good pair of smart brown shoes.

Blue Shoes Grey Jeans

Blue Shoes Grey Jeans
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Following what seems to be the general rule when it comes to jeans and shoe color, dark blue shoes go best with dark grey and light blue works well with light grey. However, when it comes to blue we can make one exception, dark blue also pairs nicely with light grey. If you have something similar in your closet, why not show it off?

Grey Shoes Grey Jeans

Grey Shoes Grey Jeans
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This is a trickier look to pull off, as you don’t want your outfit to look completely washed out. So as long as you make sure the shades of grey are significantly different, you should be OK. It’s best to avoid a grey T-shirt in this case, as you don’t want to end up looking like a stone gargoyle. Sneakers or suede shoes are the way to go with this style. A sweater or some cool denim jackets will suit layer up weather, along with casual outfits.

Oxblood Shoes Grey Jeans

Oxblood Shoes Grey Jeans
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Oxblood is almost as versatile as brown, as it’s fairly similar but has more red tones. It’s also a good color for you to make a subtle statement by adding a bit of individuality to the traditional colors. Your best when going for this color is to stick to rich mahogany tones and wear them with dark grey jeans. This color looks great in most different types of shoes, including brogues, loafers, boots, or boat shoes. Grey denim or any tan darker shade will show off true sophistication.

White Shoes Grey Jeans

White Shoes Grey Jeans
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Driven by the athleisure trend, a more sporty look is desired by a lot of people. Being able to wear trainers to both casual and smart (ish) occasions has made the white trainer one of those pairs of shoes that you can grab at the last minute. It has become an accepted style for anyone to adopt and white sneakers have become a coveted item. This is a chic look with all these hues, don’t you agree?

What To Wear With Grey Jeans: Shoe Type

In terms of the type of shoe, there is a large range of potential shoes you can don when wearing grey jeans. The type of shoe will ultimately depend on how smart or how casual you want to go.

Loafers / Boat Shoes and Jeans

Loafers / Boat Shoes and Jeans
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These slip-ones are a great choice as they come without the fuss of having to do up any laces, perfect if you’re in a rush! Choose a leather version for a smart finish or canvas loafers for any casual occasion. Make sure you wear these without socks or invest in a pair of secret socks, as no one wants to see any package with your loafers.

Brogues and Jeans

If you want to go a bit smarter and be able to nail a smart-casual style, pair your casual jeans with a pair of smart brogues. A suede material will be far easier to match with your jeans but leather can work too if you choose your colors well. This look works best with very dark grey jeans (as they are smarter than light grey) and dark brown brogues.

Boots and Jeans

Desert and Chelsea boots go fairly hand in hand with jeans due to them both having a fair worker look. Whether you choose suede or leather, these shoes look great in black, brown, blue, grey, or oxblood. Wearing boots with jeans is way more versatile than you may think – a bonus. If you want something for a slightly more formal occasion, a pair of suede Chelsea boots will do the trick.

What Goes With Grey Pants: Shoe Material

When it comes to your shoes, every detail counts – including what they’re made out of, for example, leather and suede both suggest formality but suede can also be a casual option.

  • Canvas Shoes – Comfortable canvas is the go-to material for a casual, everyday look. Perfect for meeting your friends, going shopping, on a date, lunch, etc. This makes it the perfect material for sneakers or casual loafers.
  • Leather Shoes – Leather means business. Its formal, high-quality look makes it a smart choice for brogues. For a slightly less formal choice, pick leather boots or loafers.
  • Suede Shoes – Though smart, suede is more casual than leather. Sitting between casual and formal makes suede a very versatile material. It can be dressed up or down making suede shoes a basic staple for your wardrobe.

 How To Wear Grey Jeans

Every man should own a pair of grey jeans. Though not as popular as blue or black, it’s nice to see a change every now and again. Grey jeans are great for a casual or edgy look and particularly good for the spring or summer season, as they aren’t so heavy in their coloring.

Three Basic Jean Cuts:

  • Straight Leg Jeans – Straight leg jeans are one of the most casual styles due to their loose and relaxed fit. They’re very comfortable to wear and are perfect for your casual attire. Shoes that best suit this style are also casual, never smart. Wear sneakers or canvas loafers. This is a business-casual fit for most guys.
  • Slim Fit Jeans – Slim fit jeans are the smartest of the three, with just the right amount of fit they can look really good. They follow the shape of your legs without clinging too tightly, giving off a streamlined but smart look.
  • Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans can also be quite versatile, good for casual or smarter occasions but not quite as smart as the slim fit. Due to the tight fit of these jeans, they are not the most forgiving style to wear and are best suited to skinny legs. Usually, they look amazing with ankle boots.

What Shoes to Wear with Grey Jeans

  • The shoe style is the first thing to think about, do you want to go smart or casual? What’s the weather like? Will the style go with the grey jean tone? So much to think about but once it’s nailed you’re onto a winner with most styles.
  • The color of your shoes is the second thing to think about, black, white, grey, brown, you name it, as long as you’ve got the right shoe style to match you should be OK.
  • As a general rule that was mentioned throughout the guide is that dark shoes go best with dark grey and light shoes go best with light grey, stick to this and you’re good to go.

On That Note

Equipped with the information in this guide, you should be able to pick out the perfect pair of shoes to style with your grey jeans outfit. Just keep in mind the dress code, the grey tone, and the style of your jeans, and match them with shoes that complement that particular look. Grey jeans are likely to give you an edge over the majority, as they aren’t as common as blue and black. So if you get to grips with how to wear them right, you’ll be looking style-savvy in no time.

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