Don’t Know What To Wear To A Country Concert? Guys, Listen Up…

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What To Wear To A Country Concert

Whether it’s for a music festival or a one-off gig, it can be hard knowing what to wear to a country concert.

If you’ve never been to a country concert, you might be feeling worried about sticking out from the other fans. Go ‘too country’ and you’ll run the risk of looking like a cowboy parody, don’t dress up enough and you’ll miss out on the country spirit that the rest of the crowd are vibing on.

Luckily when it comes to country style, there are plenty of outfits to choose from, and it’s easy to find a style that suits your personality. From cowboy boots to blue jeans and western look jackets, our guide to the four best country concert outfits will help your look stay on key. Here’s how to put together the best country outfits for a concert: 

Wear To A Country Concert
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1. Denim Shirt Beneath A Worn Leather Jacket

Denim Shirt Beneath A Worn Leather Jacket
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A denim shirt will be the most versatile and easily wearable piece in your country music concert wardrobe (it’s no secret that we love denim shirts). For the proper country concert look, go for a shirt in a light blue faded wash, to give it that lived-in feel. Open up the top few buttons, you don’t want to look stuffy, and layer it under a leather jacket. For a country concert, you’ll want to opt for a leather jacket in a western style, like this studded one from Asos. Alternatively, go for a jacket where the leather has been pre-worn slightly, it will help your outfit tell a good country story. Wear with a light-coloured stetson hat for a full-on country concert outfit. 

2. Embroidered Black Jacket With Bootcut Jeans

Embroidered Black Jacket With Bootcut Jeans
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A country music concert outfit doesn’t have to be all plaid shirts and ripped jeans. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and enjoy a more old-school western look, go for an embroidered black jacket when putting together your country outfit. Western jackets use brightly colored thread to depict flowers, skulls and other iconography. Wear yours with bootcut jeans in either blue or dark black denim. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you could go for a matching embroidered country suit in a bold colour. Wear with a pair of cowboy boots and you’ll look ready to roll down to any country concert.

Embroidered Black Jacket With Bootcut Jeanss
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3. Heavy Duty Double Denim

Heavy Duty Double Denim
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If the thought of wearing double denim makes you want to run off and hide, you seriously need to read our guide on how to pull it off properly. The key to wearing double denim to a country music concert is to go for an ensemble in a tough, heavy-duty denim. This will give your look an authentic country feel, and keep your concert outfit well structured. If you go for denim that’s too soft your concert outfit will look sloppy and definitely out of place on a ranch. We would also recommend guys stick to dark blue jeans and a jacket, pairing two light colors is a double denim no-no and your country concert outfit will clash. So make sure you wear at least one dark colored item. Wear cowboy boots for a real western look and top off with a dark colored stetson for some proper country style. If you’re not feeling brave enough to wear a big hat, you can go for a smaller fedora style. Slip on a pair of dark brown hiker boots for an off-road country concert ensemble. 

Heavy Duty Double Denims
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4. Plaid Shirt Over A White Top

Plaid Shirt Over A White Top
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We couldn’t talk about what to wear to a country concert and not include the trusty plaid shirt, could we? Go for a plaid shirt in a dark blue or red and be careful in your choice of T-shirts, it’s easy for guys to accidentally clash colors when it comes to layering up and it’s safest to wear a white baselayer. Wear it with blue jeans and cowboy boots to look like you’re right at home at the country music concert. This is by far the easiest outfit to pull off and you will always look the part without having to make too much of an effort. We would recommend styling your ensemble with a few key accessories. Try out a simple silver necklace and a red bandana tied around your wrist. If you have tattoos on your forearms make sure to roll your sleeves up for a rock ‘n roll country look.

Plaid Shirt Over A White Tops
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What To Wear To A Country Concert: Quick Tips

When it comes to putting together your country concert outfit, you can’t go wrong if you have a few key staple pieces. The minimum you should wear is cowboy boots, bootcut jeans and a plaid shirt. Finish off your look with country accessories like a Stetson hat or a simple chain necklace. We know it can be difficult choosing outfits for concerts, that’s why we put together this style guide on what to wear to all kinds of gigs. Top tip – you can wear most of these country music concert clothes to a rock concert with a few little tweaks.

Wear To A Country Concerts
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