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How To Style A Turtleneck With A Suit In 2023

by Cressida meale
turtle neck with suit

Hey gents, looking to switch up your style game? You’ve come to the right place. Forget those dated notions that turtlenecks are only for your grandpa or for guys who’ve never left their liberal arts college campus. Trust me, you can pair a turtleneck with a suit and look like you just stepped out of a GQ photoshoot. From mastering the monochrome look to finding the right fit, this guide’s got you covered on everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

Turtleneck and Suit
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Elevate Your Suit Game: The Turtleneck Edition

Let’s cut to the chase: wearing a turtleneck with a suit is not just for the James Bonds or the GQ cover models of the world. It’s a straightforward way to dial up your style, and guess what? You don’t even need a tie. Here’s how you rock this trend without breaking a sweat.

The Basics of Turtleneck + Suit

Turtleneck and Suit
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  • Knit Matters: Opt for a thin knit to effortlessly layer it under your blazer, leather jacket, or wool topcoat.
  • Color Code: Stick to a darker palette—think black, navy, gray, or burgundy—especially during fall and winter. While a black-on-black combo screams bold, a navy suit with a lighter blue turtleneck strikes the right balance between classic and contemporary.
  • Hair Last: Since putting on a turtleneck can be tricky, style your hair afterward. Trust me, it saves time.
  • Get Double-Breasted: Want to take it up a notch? Pair your turtleneck with a double-breasted jacket. Just ensure that the neck fold is even and lays flat.

Why the Turtleneck and Suit Combo?

  • Versatility – First off, let’s talk about why this look works. The turtleneck and suit combo brings a level of sophistication that’s both modern and timeless. It’s a versatile outfit that you can dress up or down, making it ideal for anything from a casual office setting to a night on the town.
  • Comfort – We can all agree that ties can be a hassle. With a turtleneck, there’s no need for that extra fabric choking you all day. Plus, it adds an extra layer of warmth during those chilly months.
  • Simplicity – Less is often more. The clean lines and absence of a tie create a minimalist look that still packs a punch.

Choosing the Right Turtleneck

  • Material Matters – Whether it’s cashmere, merino wool, or cotton, the material plays a big role. Cashmere and merino wool offer extra warmth and a luxurious feel but often come with a higher price tag. Cotton is more affordable and versatile for different seasons.
  • Fit is King – A well-fitted turtleneck should hug your body without being too tight. It needs to sit comfortably around your neck without constricting it. If you’re drowning in fabric, you’ve got the wrong size.
  • Color Palette – Stick to classic colors like black, navy, or grey for a more traditional look. Feeling adventurous? Go for earth tones like olive green or burgundy to make a statement.

Styling Tips

  • The Monochromatic Look – One of the easiest ways to look sharp is to go monochromatic. A black turtleneck with a black suit creates a seamless, sophisticated look. Just make sure your suit is well-tailored to avoid looking like a blob of darkness.
  • Double-Breasted Sophistication – Want to add a layer of complexity? Opt for a double-breasted suit. Just make sure the turtleneck isn’t too bulky, or you’ll look like you’re smuggling a pillow.
  • Hair and Accessories – Your hairstyle plays a big role in this look, especially because the turtleneck covers a good part of your upper body. Go for a clean, well-groomed style. As for accessories, keep it simple. A nice watch and perhaps a pocket square are all you need.

Five Ways to Style a Turtleneck with a Suit:

Turtleneck And Suit In Similar Colors

Turtleneck and Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/9285802-Dr-Martens-Shoes-Zara-Suit-Turtleneck-Suit-Up

Turtleneck With A Double-Breasted Suit

Turtleneck and Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/7144886-Grenson-Gzero-Wingtip-Gieves-And-Hawkes-Double

Wear A Turtleneck In An Earth Tone With A Blue Suit

Turtleneck and Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/8142551-Warby-Parker-Sunwear-Howlin-Knitwear-Turtleneck

Grey Turtleneck With A Charcoal Suit

Turtleneck and Suit

Turtleneck With A Patterned Sport Coat

Turtleneck and Suit
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The Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make sure your turtleneck is a thin knit if you’re layering it.
  • Opt for a neatly folded neck. It needs to lay flat and even.
  • Always check the mirror before you head out. Confidence is key, but so is a lint-free outfit.


  • Overcomplicate with accessories. Your turtleneck is already a strong statement.
  • Go for a loose fit. It ruins the streamlined look you’re aiming for.
  • Forget to consider the occasion. Not every setting is turtleneck-friendly.

6 Ways To Style A Turtleneck Besides A Suit YOu Might Want To Try!

  • Turtleneck + Denim Jacket – Pairing a turtleneck with a denim jacket is a fantastic, laid-back approach. Ideal for those cooler evenings or casual Fridays. Add some slim-fit jeans and boots, and you have an effortlessly cool outfit.
  • Turtleneck + Leather Jacket – This combo is for guys who want that bad-boy edge without going overboard. A black turtleneck under a leather jacket is a surefire way to make a statement without saying a word. Finish the look with black jeans and some Chelsea boots.
  • Turtleneck + Bomber Jacket – Throw a bomber jacket over your turtleneck for a casual yet fashion-forward look. This works well for a night out or a weekend hangout. Please keep it simple with neutral colors to let the textures do the talking.
  • Turtleneck + Cardigan – Yes, you read that right—a cardigan. Opt for a chunky, open cardigan over a thin, ribbed turtleneck. This pairing offers a cozy, relaxed vibe perfect for those weekend coffee runs or strolls in the park.
  • Turtleneck + Waistcoat – For those events that are too casual for a suit but too dressy for just a turtleneck, add a waistcoat to the mix. It’s a killer combo that’s both unexpected and stylish. Ensure the waistcoat isn’t too formal; think corduroy or tweed rather than silk.
  • Turtleneck + Chinos – Try a turtleneck with a pair of well-fitting chinos for a stylish look but not overly dressed up. Add loafers or desert boots to round out the outfit.


6 Occasions Where A Turtleneck And Suit Combo Would Not Be Appropriate

  • Job Interviews – First impressions matter, and a turtleneck might not be the best choice in a conservative field like law or finance. Please stick to the classic Suit and tie to play it safe unless you’re confident the company culture leans more creative or relaxed.
  • Formal Events – Think black-tie weddings or galas. In these settings, a turtleneck—no matter how sleek—just won’t cut it. You’ll need to go formal with a tuxedo and all the traditional fixings.
  • Hot Weather – If you’re dealing with heat or humidity, a turtleneck and Suit can be uncomfortable, not to mention it’ll look out of place. Save this combo for cooler months and opt for a lighter shirt or a short-sleeved collared option for summertime soirees.
  • Traditional Settings – Let’s say you’re meeting your partner’s conservative family or attending a religious service that leans on the formal side. A turtleneck might be viewed as too avant-garde or casual, so gauge the atmosphere beforehand.
  • Strict Business Settings – There are still workplaces and business events where traditional business attire is the expected norm. In these environments, a turtleneck may be considered too fashion-forward or informal.
  • When You’re the Center of Attention – Consider your audience if you’re giving a keynote, sitting on a panel, or any scenario where all eyes are on you. While a turtleneck and Suit might convey confidence and style to a younger, more modern crowd, it could risk alienating or distracting a more traditional audience.

So, while the turtleneck and suit combo is an intense look, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Consider the occasion, the audience, and the setting before you step out. When in doubt, you can always go right with the classics.

7 Tips To Care For And Clean A Turtleneck Sweater

Taking care of your turtleneck isn’t just about keeping it clean; it’s also about preserving its quality so you can keep rocking it for years to come. Here’s the lowdown on how to give your turtleneck the TLC it deserves:

  • Check the Label – Before you do anything, check the care label. Different materials have different needs, so always know what you’re working with. Cashmere, wool, cotton—they each have their own set of rules.
  • Hand Wash or Gentle Cycle – Hand washing is usually the safest bet for delicate fabrics like cashmere or wool. Use cold water and a mild detergent. If your washing machine has a gentle cycle and you trust it implicitly, go ahead and use that. Again, cold water is critical.
  • Dry Flat – Never—let me repeat, never—hang your turtleneck to dry. It’s a surefire way to stretch it out, especially if it’s a heavier knit. Instead, reshape it flat on a clean, dry towel. Please keep it away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent shrinkage or color fading.
  • Use a Mesh Bag – If you’re machine washing, toss your turtleneck into a mesh laundry bag. This provides an extra layer of protection against snags or stretching.
  • Avoid the Dryer – Heat is the enemy of knit fabrics, especially natural fibers like wool. The dryer can cause your turtleneck to shrink or lose its shape. Always air dry, as mentioned above.
  • Storage – Store your turtleneck folded rather than hanging it up to avoid stretching the fabric. If you’re putting it away for the season, consider a breathable garment bag and toss in some cedar blocks for good measure—they repel moths and keep your sweater smelling fresh.
  • Pilling – All sweaters are prone to pilling, but more so if made from natural fibers. Invest in a sweater comb or fabric shaver to gently remove those annoying little balls.
  • Professional Cleaning – Sometimes, it’s best to leave high-quality or delicate materials to the pros. If you’ve got a turtleneck that’s an investment piece, consider professional cleaning once a season or after a handful of wears.

Take the time to properly care for your turtleneck; it’ll repay you by staying in top-notch condition for years. Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort. Cheers!


Alright, lads, let’s wrap this up. The turtleneck and suit combo is more than just a fleeting trend—it’s a bona fide maneuver any guy can pull off. Please keep it simple by opting for thin knits and darker colors. But don’t shy away from making a statement with a bold monochrome or a snazzy double-breasted suit. The only genuine “risk” here is the initial hurdle of pulling the sweater over your head—so save the hair gel for last. Remember, style is about individual expression. If Beckham or Glover can turn heads with this look, there’s no reason you can’t, too. So go ahead, elevate that wardrobe, and break out the turtleneck. You’ve got this.

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