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101 Simple Small Gun Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Simple Small Gun Tattoo Designs

Simple small gun tattoo designs have an appealing yet mysterious look and various meanings. Read on this article if you want to know more.

Simple Small Gun Tattoo
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Gun tattoos, without any doubt, have a go-to-vibe among tattoo lovers.

The tattoo world has a lot to offer to all tattoo devotees. Among the many designs, one tattoo idea that outshines all is gun tattoos.

Gun tattoos have a destructive beauty that greatly impacts the domain of tattoos. Before going deep into the gun tattoo meaning, let’s talk about guns, shall we? Since it entails bullets, a gun possesses a sense of personal protection from the outside world. Due to its different meanings, this gun tattoo idea has popularity among men and many women.

gun tattoo has a symbolic meaning. The apt representation of gun tattoos is physical strength, an approach towards the outlaw ways, freedom, and a fighting spirit. Although the meaning may vary from person to person, many girls tattoo this for style purposes.

Gun tattoos, such as in the above image, present a fine artwork of a simple gun tattoo. This young lady has inked this gun tattoo on her wrist, which looks seductive yet classy. Done in black ink, this one has a realistic look. So girls, have no second thoughts about what you like. If you prefer this tattoo idea, visit your nearest tattoo studio to ink it.

Eager to know more about the gun tattoo design that will fire everybody’s imagination? Keep on reading this list of options now.

Small Gun Tattoo

Small Gun Tattoo
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Gun tattoos, like the weapon, are primarily symbols of self protection. Gun tattoos represent strength and security. Apart from men, women also love to portray their perspective by tattooing a gun on their bodies. One of the prime projections of such gun tattoos is that one should not mess with that person’s life. Thus, strong-minded women often get tattooed with this art.

In the given gun tattoo picture, we see a simple tiny gun tattoo with a red hue. Now, this can indicate blood as well. It is up to your imagination as to what you want to accompany it with. It gives a vibe of young ladies affection because it clearly says not to mess with her or her close ones. The gun tattoo has been drawn on her arm.

Creative Gun Tattoo Designs

Creative Gun Tattoo Designss
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Want to create something that will make an impact? This tattoo is made for you. Well, tattoos are a portrayal of how creative you can be. You don’t necessarily need a lot of elements to add to your tattoo. A simple add-on is just enough to make it look spectacular.

Gun tattoos pictures such as this will look marvelous on your body. The gun tattoo comes with a burning rose that looks so beautiful yet fierce in the eyes of the beholder. Colorful ink is used to define the beauty of this tattoo on the arm.

Outline Simple Small Gun Tattoo Designs

Outline Simple Small Gun Tattoo Designs
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If you adore effortless and uncomplicated tattoos, tattoo artists recommend you go for fine line work. A fine line tattoo has a different vibe. Most people prefer this style since its sleek and minimalistic approach to the body has a charismatic look. A skilled tattoo artist can draw the lines with precision without inflicting much pain. Such gun tattoos are perfect for arms, shoulders, wrists, and fingers.

Gun tattoos, as shown above, represent the ideal example of a fine line outline tattoo. The gun tattoo is inked on her arm. Talented tattoo artists indeed do a recommendable job when it comes to the portrayal of fine tattoos.

Pistol Tattoos Design

Pistol Tattoos Design
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Pistols are one of the most well-known weapons in the category of guns. Pistols are small weapons equipped with bullet. Gun tattoos such as this refer to boldness, authority, and power.

In this given gun tattoos picture, we come across a simple pistol tattoo in a blue shade. It looks cool on the arms and provides a marine vibe altogether. Such gun tattoos can be inked on the back, legs, and ankles.

Genuine Looking Gun Holster Tattoo Design

Genuine Looking Gun Holster Tattoo Designs
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A gun holster, also known as a gun holder, is a body attachment pouch or device to carry your guns with you. This kind of gun tucked inside the pocket of a few people is usually meant for self-defense. Such gun tattoos generally symbolize rebelliousness and outlaw in nature, one who takes pride in taking risks and is bold enough to face the world.

The gun tattoos design, as shown above, picturizes an angel in a cowboy look with a gun holster. This tattoo looks cute yet portrays all the symbols of a gun in a comic manner.

Unique Gun Tattoos Design

Unique Gun Tattoos Designs
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Are you fond of the unique placement idea of tattoos? You shouldn’t miss this one. A tattoo is not just about choosing a design and inking it down on the body. Various people have different values and choices. Some prefer to go with the mainstream placement, while others choose the path of uniqueness.

Gun tattoos placement such as the above has a quirky approach to it. The gun tattooed on his forehead looks absolutely stunning and prominently visible. The tattoo has been painted in a black hue. It looks bold and cool at the same time.

Finger Tattoos Gun Tattoo Design

Finger Tattoos Gun Tattoo Design
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Finger gun tattoos definitely hit the tattoo lover in a different way. You can put any gun tattoos you like, such as smoking gun, rifles, and so on. A finger tattoo allows you to be creative and do things in a fun way.

This tattoo is again an example of fine work on the finger. It takes a little amount of time to get the ink on the finger, and not to mention, the pain endurance level is also less. Gun tattoos such as this are usually drawn in a tiny way. Often the most miniature tattoo makes the most bold statement.

Revolver Tattoos

Revolver Tattoos
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Who doesn’t know a revolver? It is one of the most famous weapons of all time. Revolvers are a common weapon in an action movie. Due to its popularity, revolvers in the form of gun tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. It shows a sense of pride, honor, boldness, and authority in a person’s life.

In this given gun tattoos picture, the tattoo has been drawn on the wrist. It looks absolutely stunning. Apart from inking it on the wrist, you can also craft it down on the chest, neck, and finger.

Machine Gun Tattoo Design

Machine Gun Tattoo Design
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Cute animations are often clubbed with weapons like machine guns to give a fierce yet casual look to the tattoos. For those people who love to experiment with different animated characters, this design is suitable for you. The animated character can be anything from cute cats to cartoon characters to game characters as well.

If you are into animated kinds of stuff, you will know how famous pusheen cats are. Here in this given gun tattoos picture, we see a pusheen cat holding a machine gun. This tattoo has a cute outlook with add-on details. This gun tattoos has been placed on the leg, or else you can also place it on the chest, wrist, and back neck.

Neck Gun Tattoo Designs

Neck Gun Tattoo Designs ideas
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Visually, neck gun tattoos have an appealing look. It immediately attracts the spectator’s eyes. Neck tattoos symbolize a broad-minded perspective, one who is bold and open to new changes, new beginnings, and adventurous life. It is one of the most popular designs for tattoo lovers.

In this given gun tattoos image, the gun tattoo is engraved on the neck just behind the ear. Fine lines are used to create a sophisticated look. It looks elegant and clean.

Gun tattoos are one of the best designs you can come across. No longer are those days where a gun represents evil nature only. It has multiple meanings. Moreover, the wild, rugged, rustic look yet realistic appearance makes the spectator go wow. It is a very creative concept where you can play with different styles, ideas, and motifs. Although, at one point in time, a few young ladies would go for such tattoos that present a gun, nowadays, girls love the idea of possessing a gun tattoo on their skin. A tattoo artist uses different art styles to ink such gun tattoos on a specific spot as per the wishes of the client.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an appointment at your nearest tattoo studio right now.

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What is a simple small gun tattoo?

A simple small gun tattoo is a design featuring a gun that is typically smaller in size and not overly detailed. These types of tattoos often feature basic outlines of the gun, with little or no shading or color added to it. They are usually placed on parts of the body where they can be easily hidden, such as behind an ear, on the inner wrist, or on the back of a shoulder. Simple small gun tattoos can be used to symbolize power, strength, and protection, among other meanings. In some cases, they are even seen as a tribute to those who have served in the military. No matter what it represents for you personally, a simple small gun tattoo can make for a great conversation starter.

How do I choose a design for my simple small gun tattoo?

When choosing a design for your simple small gun tattoo, the most important thing to consider is what it means to you. Do you want it to represent power and protection? Or perhaps honor someone you know who has served in the military? Think carefully about this before deciding on a design. Once you have an idea of what meaning you’d like to convey, you can start looking for designs. If you’re not sure what you want, look online for inspiration or visit a tattoo studio to see samples of their work. This way, you’ll be able to get ideas for your own design and find something that truly speaks to you.

How do I take care of my simple small gun tattoo?

Taking care of your simple small gun tattoo is important in order to keep it looking its best. After the tattoo is finished, your artist will give you instructions for proper aftercare. This typically includes keeping the area clean and moisturized with a mild soap and ointment. You should avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight or soaking it in water for long periods of time. Additionally, you should avoid picking at the scab that may form or scratching the area as this can cause infection and lead to scarring. By following these steps, your simple small gun tattoo will stay looking clean and vibrant for years to come.

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