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Top 10 Gangster Gun Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Gangster Gun Tattoos

If gangster gun tattoo ideas call to your heart and you just cannot keep calm because you need to get one, then we have a stock of these tattoo designs preserved just for you.

Gangster Gun Tattoo
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Tattoos are not just show-offs but also have hidden expressions, ideas, and meanings.

Sometimes they are just someone’s preference according to their likes and dislikes, other times tattoos are symbols connecting people of a certain organization or even culture. They represent a bigger motto, holding the members together by a single spirit.

Yes, even criminal organizations have tattoo designs to connect them so that they can recognize other members. Gangsters or mobsters are criminals of the mafia world who are notorious for drug trafficking, robbing, and illegal gambling. These criminals often wore tattoos. Maybe because of them, gangster tattoos got famous all across the world. The depiction of dangerous gangsters in books and movies has always shown them with guns, girls, and tattoos. Movies like Godfather and Scarface gave way to the popularity of gangsters among commoners. This provoked people to get badass tattoo designs just to feel strong and in control of their own life. Gangster tattoos often have a gangster, guns, and maybe cars or casinos. Some people also add masks and buildings to heighten the seriousness of the tattoo. These gangster gun tattoo designs below have flawless artistry and exact depiction of the criminal world.

Gangster Angel With Gun Tattoo

Gangster Angel With Gun Tattoo
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The angels with gun tattoos are not as rare as you might think. This is such a tattoo where a masked gangster angel is holding two guns in both hands. It is a beautiful tattoo in black ink. The subtle details on the wings and the piece of cloth on the angel create a brilliant effect.

Angels with guns is an ironic juxtaposition. This tattoo shows a cherub in a rebellious mood floating in the air with powerful weapons. Even though angels are supposed to watch over us and protect us, angels holding dangerous weapons symbolize something more threatening and dynamic. So the cherub gangster tattoos often symbolize war, security, and power. The need to protect oneself and rebel through life’s challenges may be the motto behind such tattoos. Men and women both can get this type of gangster tattoo to refuse the typical tattoo ideas and try something new.

Chicano Gangster Girl With Gun Tattoo

Chicano Gangster Girl With Gun Tattoo
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This tattoo of a Chicano girl gangster holding an assault rifle, probably the AK-47 is breathtakingly gorgeous. There is also another rifle beneath the tattoo, showing the love for weapons the tattoo bearer has. The girl looks bold and fearless, her face resting smugly as her challenging gaze pierces through the onlooker. Her hair covering her one yes makes the girl look sexy and daredevil.

If you think pretty girls don’t make scary criminals, you would be amazed to find how many beauties have been associated with organized crime and made plenty of money in the history of gangsters. Chicano girls who are American girls with Mexican backgrounds are no exception. Sandra Ávila Beltrán, or the Queen of the Pacific as she is popularly known, was a girl gangster who sold drugs in Mexico and thus became filthy rich. Tattoos inspired by such figures are bound to make a mark. This tattoo will be suitable for men as well as women who appreciate such powerful women criminals and their boldness.

Creepy Gangster Gun Tattoo

Creepy Gangster Gun Tattoo
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This tattoo looks like a cover of a sinister movie that is based on some mobster’s life. The dark silhouette of a gangster against the red background, the grinning half skull, and the red King of Chess together give off a contrasting effect that renders a gothic image. The skillful artistry of the tattoo artist has given this gangster tattoo an ethereal touch.

Although there is no clear face of a gangster this tattoo evokes a sense of thrill. This tattoo will be perfect for those who have an eye for aesthetic tattoos. It looks like a cover of a sinister movie that is based on some mobster’s life. A skull here represents the inevitability of the cease of mortal life when someone engages in the criminal world. But a gangster will always be the kind of that world whose death will be just an achievement to him. This gangster tattoo is for guys who love the damned life of a thug boss.

Gangster Gun Tattoo On Hand

Gangster Gun Tattoo On Hand
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This tattoo shows a zoomed-in face of a gangster who holds a revolver directly at the onlooker’s face. He looks like an omnipotent being taking the bigger picture here as a careful examination of the tattoo will reveal the real depiction of organized crime. The ink inspiration for this tattoo is black and grey.

This realistic illustration of the mafia world features perfect expertise and flawless style. The performance of the tattoo artist will be responsible for pulling off such detailed tattoos. If you like gangsters who sell drugs, make money, kill and gamble, then you should not wait to get such a beautiful tattoo like this one.

Gangster Gun Tattoo For Girl

Gangster Gun Tattoo For Girl
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The hype for Chicano gangster tattoos is quite a big deal. This tattoo features a woman wearing Joker makeup and holding a revolver. Her tongue is slightly out as if the adrenaline rush of just shooting a gun makes her excited. She too has a tattoo of “love” on each of her fingers. The ink inspiration for this gangster tattoo is black and grey.

The Joker has been the representation of evil. A gangster is also associated with everything evil. This common idea links the Joker and this Chicano girl gangster in this tattoo. The two images share a common idea. Even women gangsters sold illegal things to people and earned great fortune. The portrait of a female gangster symbolizes the change in the gender stereotype, often associated with criminal deeds. Guys and girls who choose this type of gangster tattoo ideas tend to learn more from life’s trials.

Skull Face Gangster Tattoo With Gun

Skull Face Gangster Tattoo With Gun
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This is one of the most popular gangster tattoo ideas. It is of a skull-faced gangster gripping a pistol with both of his hands. The swag of this skeletal gangster figure is on a different level as it clearly reflects the skill of the artist. The black and grey inks used to create this tattoo lends it a realistic style.

The symbolism of the skull and the gun often share the general ideas of death and power, linking the image of the gangster with them. Thus it enhances the seriousness of the tattoo. Gangster tattoos often bear the capacity to inspire people to improve their confidence and live life to the fullest, achieving whatever they wish for.

Godfather-Inspired Gangster Tattoo

Godfather-Inspired Gangster Tattoo
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This next tattoo is inspired by the 1972 Godfather movie starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. This gangster tattoo is so dramatically drawn on the whole back that it looks like a scene from the movie itself. The tools and skills used to create this magnificent effect prove to be worth it all.

Not everyone can find tattoo artists who are so proficient and organized at their job. The black and grey ink inspiration adds to this tattoo’s beauty. Al Pacino and Brando’s faces are drawn exactly as they are. This movie when it was released devised a new sub-genre of crime featuring gangsters and the mafia world. These characters are not only fictional but they left imprints on the hearts of millions. The account of the life of the crime boss and his surroundings were portrayed as subtly as possible.

Gangster Marilyn With Gun

Gangster Marilyn With Gun
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All Marilyn Monroe fans should see this next tattoo of Marilyn the gangster grabbing a gun in her hand. Her face is half hidden by a typical gangster mask. Her gorgeous hair is drawn exactly as it was. This tattoo is skillfully inked on the back of the tattoo-bearer.

Gangster gun tattoo designs are always done with a little twist but this one is something original and different. You could never guess how many fans have turned their favorite celebrities into someone else in their tattoos. This is one of those tattoo ideas that just click in our minds.

Famous Gangsters And Gun Tattoo On Back

Famous Gangsters And Gun Tattoo On Back
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The tattoo features two notorious American gangsters, Lucky Luciano and Al Capone. The entire back of the man is covered with intricate details of the blackwork tattoo. Apart from these two dangerous criminals, there is one dark figure pointing a gun at our faces.

The account of the mafia world is empty without Al Capone and Charles “Lucky” Luciano. Al Capone was originally an American gangster who was later popularly known as the Scarface. Although born in Italy, Charles Luciano went on to become one of the most sinister gangsters in the United States.

Bold Gangster Girl With Gun Tattoo

Bold Gangster Girl With Gun Tattoo
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Gangster tattoos with girls and shotguns are not really uncommon. This beautiful tattoo of this female gangster dares the crowd to look at her closely. Her power is reflected through the way she holds her strong grip on the gun. The girl is sitting inside a car that is drawn with perfection.

Female gangsters in the criminal records have often engaged in nasty crimes, risking their lives. They sell formidable things, loot banks, and employ themselves in illegal activities. Lovers of gangsters with gun tattoos often choose female gangsters to feature in the tattoos.

Gangster tattoos are not only super cool but also look realistic. One can also get tattoos of John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie Parker, and Griselda Blanco to get the exciting feeling of gangster life. The above tattoos are good choices if you decide to get one.

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