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101 Best Chest Mandala Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Chest Mandala Tattoos

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Chest Mandala Tattoo
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Do you want to have a chest mandala tattoo?

Mandala tattoos have been in vogue for quite some time. This complicated design spreads out well and has the power to draw attention easily.

Every tattoo design has its own unique meaning, and so do mandala tattoos. The mandala represents a circle. It is a Sanskrit word. Mandala tattoos not only have auspicious symbolic meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism, but due to their shape and style, these eye-catching mandala patterns also give calm vibes to the tattoo holder. Mandala tattoos give a sense of completeness through overlapping circles and intricate designs. Along with monochrome mandala tattoos on the chest, colourful mandala tattoo ideas are also very popular. However, tattoos can be inked anywhere on the skin, from shoulder to wrist and from neck to torso. However, the beauty of a mandala tattoo appears the best when the placement of the mandala is on the chest area showing perfect body art. Fortunately, we have collected the 10 most amazing mandala tattoo design ideas only for you.

Mandala Heart Chest Tattoo Design

Mandala Heart Chest Tattoo Design
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The style of the mandala heart tattoo design is unique. It can symbolize purity, auspiciousness, hope, and love. Fine strokes of colour are used to show the inner side of the heart. The centermost part of the heart tattoo is in the shape of a keyhole. There is a huge use of curves inside and outside of the heart. These curves are subtly taking the form of leaves. The right use of colour filling enhances the lightning effect while the dark strokes intensify the 3D effects. The tattoo artist has tattooed this design with fine detailing to its perfection. The speciality of this tattoo design is that you can carve it on any part of the body, such as your wrist, arm, shoulder, nape, collarbone, or neck. But since it is a heart tattoo, carving it at the centre of your chest is an ideal place.

Big Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Big Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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Big mandala tattoo designs are one of the coolest tattoos out there. You should definitely go for this fine art. This tattoo starts from the centre with an owl and covers the whole chest with ease. This mandala design then spreads further to the shoulders. The deep strokes of black ink are subtly making the geometrical shapes giving it a classy touch. This tattoo has a certain charm and elegance to it. The artist has done such fine work in covering almost the whole chest area.

Flower Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Flower Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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Flowers represent beauty in their simplest form. Hence, flower mandala tattoo designs are the symbolism of elegance with a tribal touch of ancient beliefs. The deep colourful strokes add lively meanings to this chest mandala design of the tattoo. The artist of the tattoo designs has used fine stroke lines to make the petal of flowers. The dots at the centre beautifully complement this whole mandala tattoo chest design. Dark shades of colours add an amazing depth to the inner parts of the petals and leaves. Flower mandalas are also present in a circle shape. Lotus flower tattoo is one of the many ideas for a flower mandala chest tattoo girls would love.

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Bird Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Bird Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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Do you want a tattoo that has a simple yet alluring style? The colourful mandala tattoo on the chest is the best example of the beauty of simplicity. This tattoo has been painted with various colours, although black and white are also available for their admirers. Dark strokes of colours are applied to the feathers of the bird, whereas the flowers surrounding the bird have been coloured with different shades of beautiful colours. The dot technique, which is one of the best tattooing techniques, is used on the outer sides of the flower petals. The bird mandala chest tattoo design is a beautiful combination of different things like birds, flowers, leaves, and stems, which are a symbol of life.

Sternum Mandala Tattoo Design

Sternum Mandala Tattoo Design
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Sternum mandala tattoo designs are one of the most popular mandala tattoo designs in demand. They are very trendy among the people who love their bodies and are confident enough to show them. The mandala sternum tattoo starts from the line in the middle of the front body and spread at both ends. It is painted with some floral and circular patterns to add more fine details to this mandala design. The central point of this mandala tattoo design has been connected to the Om, which is very auspicious in the Hindu religion. The sternum mandala design in this tattoo is unique. It is preferred for both men and women.

Tribal Mandala Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Mandala Tattoo Ideas
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Tribal Mandala tattoos on the chest are very appealing to the eyes of viewers. The tribal mandala chest tattoo design rightfully brings out cultural, spiritual, and traditional ideas together. Tribes and mandalas are inseparable duos. The tattoo work is completed using the dot technique. The first dot follows the other dots to create a web-like structure giving rise to a circular ball-like form. Each ball-like pattern has been connected to one another, spreading to the chest area. The central part of the tattoo mostly consists of light shades in comparison to the outer parts. The tattoo artist has beautifully designed the fine details with precision.

Owl Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Owl Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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If you love mysterious and dark tattoo designs, then the owl mandala chest tattoo is a perfect fit for you. Some people believe that the owl relates to all sorts of negative feelings. While for some people, the owl is one of the many intelligent creatures in the world. The owl in this mandala tattoo has been carved using dark and light shades of ink, giving the owl mandala chest tattoo a 3D effect. The ink strokes on the feathers of this mandala tattoo are slightly curved outwards. Fine work on the details gives a realistic touch to the owl mandala tattoo. You can either tell your tattoo artist to carve the flash tattoo, or you can have a custom mandala tattoo, too, according to your preference.

Wolf Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Wolf Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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The wolf works for a long life if we take folktales into consideration. Therefore, the wolf mandala tattoo on the chest gives people the inspiration to struggling until they succeed. In the above tattoo, the artist has used dark shades of black ink to highlight the wolf’s fur, shady background, and a stunning night view. A little amount of blue ink is applied to one of the eyes of the wolf. It shows that something good is about to happen in the life of the tattoo holder. Mainly, the fine line stroke is applied to the fur of the wolf in comparison to the dots. The black smoke creates a beautiful and mysterious night scene. It is adding more elegance and spiritual meaning to the mandala chest tattoo. 

Eye Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Eye Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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It is an age-old belief that the eye mandala chest tattoo provides a sense of safety and protection from evil or bad things that may include bad spirits, if you believe in them, of course. The eye is the central part of this mandala tattoo. It has been followed by various small patterns ending in a big circle. It has a deep black hue. This tattoo is a perfect combination of fine line and dot technique. It also has some curves on the circle giving it the shape of a flower. This art is done in soft black ink tones. At some places, the flash technology is used, while at the other place dot technique has been used to give the finishing touch. This eye mandala tattoo is an important part of the Hinduism religion. It will even look good on the wrist.

Lion Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Lion Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
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Having a roaring lion mandala tattoo is fascinating. This tattoo symbolizes royalty and power, just like a lion. Lion is an inspiration for many when it comes to bravery. Most of the work on this tattoo was completed using the dot technique. Slightly curved brushstrokes follow the darker brushstrokes to create the lion’s thick hair. This chest mandala tattoo design uses hand-drawn tattoo design techniques to some extent. Light shading of black colour at the ends of the hairs gives an idea of burning flames. This tattoo is a must if you want the never-ending spirit that leads to a successful path to eternity.

In this spiritual world, people are constantly experimenting with different mandala tattoos, which result in a wide range of tattoos available for everybody, from boys to girls and from men to women. Whether you are looking for coloured tattoos or monochromatic tattoos, animal tattoos or flower tattoos, flash tattoos or custom tattoos, fine line tattoos, or dot technique tattoos, they all are available in abundance. With the availability of these many options, you can definitely pick the perfect mandala tattoo for you. Mandala tattoos hold a special place in various religions, especially Hindu and Buddhist religions. The true beauty of a tattoo resides in its meaning. If you are looking for a tattoo with a beautiful meaning, then the above-mentioned tattoos can be the right pick.

Besides the 10 mandala tattoos listed above, there are many different-sized mandalas with their own symbols and ideas. In addition to the ones discussed above, here are some other best mandala tattoo ideas. You can definitely go for any of the tattoos that have your heart.

  1. Lower Chest Mandala Tattoo
  2. Geometric Mandala Chest Tattoo Design
  3. Elephant Mandala Tattoo Design
  4. Dream catcher Mandala Tattoo Design
  5. Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo Design
  6. Skull & Mandala Tattoo Design
  7. Shark Mandala Tattoo Design

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What is a chest mandala tattoo?

A chest mandala tattoo is a type of intricate, symmetrical design that typically features complex geometric shapes and repeating patterns. This style of tattoo art originated in South Asia and has been used for centuries to symbolize spiritual enlightenment, wholeness, and unity. A chest mandala can take on many forms depending on the artist’s interpretation, but typically features a variety of layered shapes such as circles, spirals, and squares that all have symbolic meaning. This type of tattoo is meant to be worn proudly on the chest, where it can serve as a reminder of one’s inner strength and purpose in life. Chest mandala tattoos are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to express a deep spiritual connection. They make for an eye-catching piece of body art that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

What is the meaning of a chest mandala tattoo?

Chest mandala tattoos represent a sense of wholeness, balance, and unity. They can be seen as reminders to stay connected to one’s spiritual side and to remain mindful of the importance of having a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit. They are often used as symbols of strength, protection, and growth as they are comprised of shapes that are thought to have powerful, symbolic meanings. For example, the circle is believed to represent eternity and infinity while the spiral can be a symbol for journey and growth. Ultimately, each person’s chest mandala tattoo will have its own unique meaning to them and can be used as a tool for spiritual reflection and self-discovery.

How much does a chest mandala tattoo cost?

The cost of a chest mandala tattoo will depend on several factors such as the size and complexity of the design, the location, and the experience level of the artist. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to be more affordable than larger ones. It’s also important to remember that experienced artists typically charge more for their work but may provide a higher quality of tattoo. On average, chest mandala tattoos can range anywhere from $50 to $500 or more depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s always a good idea to shop around before committing to any artist and make sure you feel comfortable with their work before going forward with the project.

How big is a chest mandala tattoo?

The size of a chest mandala tattoo can vary greatly depending on the design. Generally, small designs may only be several inches in diameter while larger ones could cover an entire area of the chest or even extend onto other parts of the body. It’s important to discuss size preferences with your artist before beginning any work so that they can better understand your vision and provide a tattoo that you are happy with.

How long does it take to get a chest mandala tattoo?

The amount of time it takes to get a chest mandala tattoo will depend on the complexity of the design, the size of the tattoo, and the experience level of the artist. On average, small tattoos may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete while larger ones could require several hours or more depending on how much detail needs to be included. It’s best to discuss the estimated timeline with your artist prior to beginning any work so that you can plan accordingly.

What type of ink is used for a chest mandala tattoo?

The type of ink used for a chest mandala tattoo will depend on the preference of the artist and their client. Typically, tattoo artists will use professional grade inks that are specifically designed for body art as they provide a longer lasting and brighter finish. It’s also important to make sure your artist is using safe and sterile equipment to minimize the risk of infection or other health concerns.

Does a chest mandala tattoo hurt?

The sensations associated with getting a chest mandala tattoo can vary from person to person. Generally, tattoos on the chest can be uncomfortable due to the thinness of skin in the area and the proximity to nerve endings. However, many people report the pain as being manageable and temporary. It’s best to discuss any concerns with your artist before beginning the tattoo process so that they can provide pointers or recommendations on how to make it more comfortable.

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