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Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends To Try in 2023

by Cressida meale

This post will illuminate the top 10 men’s fashion trends from this season, and by the end, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to discern these timeless looks. Whether you’re a seasoned fashion aficionado or a curious newcomer, this post promises an exciting blend of nostalgia and fresh insight. Let’s dive in.

Nautical Stripes: Ahoy, Sailor!

Nautical Stripes
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/9208072-Converse-Sneakers-Weekday-Pants-Longsleeve-Rayban

Street style has recently made waves with nautical-inspired stripes, especially in bold reds, deep navies, and pure whites. I remember donning a striped sweater on my visit to Cape Cod; paired with dark sunglasses, it was a beachside hit! Try pinstripes for a subtler look or bold stripes on t-shirts and jackets. And here’s a secret: stripes on a cardigan? Always a win!

Brown Suede Shoes: Step Ahead

Brown Suede Shoes
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/7424404-Light-As-Air

Sorry, Elvis, but brown suede shoes deserve their chart-topping song! I’ve worn my favorite brown suede loafers from spring picnics to summer dinners. They blend effortlessly with spring and summer hues. For an everlasting charm, opt for round-toed shoes in dusty browns. They’re particularly dreamy with shades of blue.

Beige Blazers: The Chic Neutral

Beige Blazers
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/5105116-Brooks-Brothers-Suit-Timex-Watch-Allen-Edmonds

Seeing beige blazers dominate Milan and London street-style scenes brought back memories of my treasured piece. Whether it’s a dinner downtown or a casual brunch, it always elevates the game. Pop in a vibrant pocket square or a slim crocheted tie to add flair.

Fedoras: The Timeless Topper

Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/8017102-H&M-Coat-Acne-Studios-Sunglasses-Fedora-Hat

Not only are they lifesavers on bad hair days, but they’re also street-style stars. Take it from me: a classic beige fedora can be a summer game-changer. Feeling bolder? Rusty green or dusky navy might be your color.

Ginghams: Country Meets City

Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/8309847-Scotch-Soda-College-Jacket-Shorts-Fracap-Sandals

I’ve always connected with ginghams, perhaps from my countryside holidays. Modernize this classic print with fitted silhouettes. Feeling playful? Gingham belts or ties can be your signature style hint.

Denim: The Ultimate Classic

Denim Shirts and Jackets
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/4965170-Similar-Here-Denim-Shirt-Clubmasters-Httprstylemewtluxg

SS16 was a clear reminder that denim shirts and jackets will never fade away (pun intended). A recent weekend getaway saw me pairing a light denim shirt with shorts. Pro tip: A tailored denim jacket is the streetwear staple you never knew you needed.

Tartans: School’s Back in Session

Tartan blazers
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/7214582-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Blazer-Slippers-Check-And-Slippers

Tartans always remind me of my school days. As adults, tartan blazers are the grown-up twist, making a powerful statement. Be it traditional tones or vivid ones, they’re show-stoppers!

Round Sunglasses: Circle of Style

Round Sunglasses
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/9149424-Zara-Camel-Coat-Topman-Belt-Grandpa-Sneakers

There’s something endlessly cool about round sunglasses. I recall wearing mine at a summer festival, and they were an instant hit. They’re versatile, adding panache to almost any ensemble.

Double-Breasted Blazers: Twice as Nice

Double-Breasted Blazers
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/5323814-Thomas-Pink-Blazer-Bow-Tie-Shirt-Pocket-Square

Every time I wear my double-breasted blazer, there’s a touch of vintage elegance. Fitted versions give a fresh take on this classic. If you’re feeling adventurous, radiant-colored double-breasted blazers can be your next showpiece.

Bold Sneakers: Dash of Daring

Bold Sneakers
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/9284898-Salomon-Sneakers-Acne-Studios-Suit-Pants-Rains

My collection of bright sneakers can vouch for my love for them. Elevate those blacks and greys with a vivid pair. Trust me, reds and neon blues are your best friends here.

What Are Some Tips for Styling These Fashion Trends in a Modern Way?

Bringing past fashion trends into the present requires creativity and a keen eye for what’s current. Let’s explore how you can reinvent and style these trends for today:

1. Nautical Stripes:

  • Mix and Match: Try pairing striped tees with modern patterns like florals or plaids for a dynamic look.
  • Accessories: Add minimalist gold or silver jewelry for a touch of contemporary elegance.

2. Brown Suede Shoes:

  • Sporty Twist: Pair them with joggers or sporty trousers for a casual yet refined look.
  • Socks Game: Try patterned socks peeking out for a playful touch.

3. Beige Blazers:

  • Casual Pairing: Wear them with a white tee, distressed jeans, and sneakers for a relaxed yet polished look.
  • Layering: Add a thin turtleneck underneath during cooler months.

4. Fedoras:

  • Modern Materials: Look for fedoras made with textured or unique materials.
  • Hair Play: Style your hair in loose waves or a sleek back look to complement the fedora.

5. Ginghams:

  • Scale Play: Mix small and large gingham prints in one outfit.
  • Edgy Pairing: Gingham shirt with leather pants or skirt.

6. Denim Shirts and Jackets:

  • Layering: Wear the denim shirt under a chunky knit cardigan.
  • Double Denim: Go for the denim-on-denim look, but play with different shades.

7. Tartans:

  • Dress Down: Pair tartan blazers with graphic tees for a relaxed vibe.
  • Accessorize: Use statement belts or bold jewelry to break the pattern and add modern flair.

8. Round Sunglasses:

  • Edgy Frames: Look for ones with metallic finishes or unexpected color pops on the frames.
  • Pairing: Round sunglasses with a sharp, tailored suit can create a striking contrast.

9. Double-Breasted Blazers:

  • Texture Play: Choose blazers with modern textures or unexpected materials.
  • Casual Down: Pair them with casual bottoms like joggers or cargo pants.

10. Bold Sneakers:

  • Monochrome Outfit: Let the sneakers shine by wearing them with a monochrome outfit.
  • Mix it up: Wear them with tailored blazers or trousers for a sporty-chic look.

Always remember that the beauty of fashion lies in personalization. While these tips offer a guide, the best styles often emerge when you aren’t afraid to experiment and let your personality shine.


While stripes and tartans might have been a hit, the key is finding what resonates with your style. Remember, every trend comes with its risks. It’s all about balancing what’s in vogue and what feels suitable for you. A beige blazer might be on-trend, but the confidence you wear it with makes it shine. So, as you explore these throwback trends or any other, wear them authentically. Trust your instincts, experiment a little, and most importantly, have fun! After all, every day is perfect for making a style statement. Until next time, stay stylish and keep inspiring!

Feature image by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

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