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How To Wear Duck Boots – 3 Looks Any Guy Can Pull Off

by Jasmine Waters
How To Wear Duck Boots

Hold the googling of ducks in cute boots – you’re down the wrong path.

An ideal for a lot of guys is to have one pair of boots that can be go-to shoes for absolutely everything, ready for any occasion. Whether that’s fighting off a snowstorm or taking it easy with a stroll on a spring day, you want any action to be covered.

Step forward to the duck boot – something you have probably already seen, even if you don’t recognise the name. If you feel you’re missing a pair of boots that are reliable and can still be versatile for an outfit, these may be your unsung hero.

We’ve put together three looks any guy can pull off while wearing duck boots so you’re never left high and dry for style inspiration. 

What Are Duck Boots? 

How To Wear Duck Boots
@James Fitzgerald via Unsplash

Having been around for over 100 years, duck boots are the figureheads for tackling adverse weather conditions. Made as a hybrid between a waterproof, rubber sole and a more flexible boot shaft fabric, duck boots strike the balance between practical and preppy. 

Many guys love duck boots for their warmth, water protection, and excellent grip traction. Like their distant waterproof boot brothers, duck boots are comfortable and easy to move around in, while also being shoes you can seriously travel in. 

For duck boot outfit ideas, look no further than Usher. For a more smart-casual look, trade the jeans for a denim jacket and wear low-slub cargo pants in neutral colours. Finish the look off with a scarf and sunglasses for full-on fall chic. 

Outdoorsman, Duck Boot Style

Outdoorsman, Duck Boot Style
@Maxim Hopman via Unsplash

Duck boots fashion at its best is always going to be in the great outdoors. Originally created as men’s hunting gear, styling duck boots is most easily achieved with classic outdoor staples such as jeans and wax jackets. 

Sperry duck boots and Saltwater duck boots are perfect picks for a true outdoor experience, creating a look that seasoned hikers know and love extremely well. To copy the traditional style, choose a colour palette of dark blues, olive, or browns to wear with long socks with the option to tuck into the jeans.

If you’re asking ‘are duck boots good for hiking?’, the answer would be a resounding yes – but the devil of detail lies in what socks you pair with them. Non-insulated duck boots are better for rainy or stormy weather, meaning you are more likely to need a thicker pair of socks. If you’re looking to brave the snow, super-insulated duck boots will be what you’re looking for, meaning your feet will be uncomfortably warm if your pair of socks are too thick.                                                        

Bean Boot Casual

Bean Boot Casual
@RODNAE Productions via pexels

Much like the Sperry duck boot outfit Usher wore, duck boots can be dressed up while still keeping the overall style casual. Jeans can be an anchoring point of any duck boots look, with the L.L Bean boots a great choice for making duck boots feel a little more special for walking the streets of any city.

When thinking about how to wear bean boots, a sweater and shirt combination is a classic choice for a signature fall look, with a cardigan and t-shirt providing a more relaxed choice of duck boot outfits. Wear a signature plaid scarf to get that extra fall chic, or choose to wear duck boots that are shorter to match to chinos or black pants. 

Duck boots with jeans are always going to be a foolproof fall style, but that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable or boring. Tuck in your pants to your boots to give them the spotlight to shine or cover them up to wear more layers on your upper half. For a mens duck boots outfit, classic and casual is always going to look cool through the fall months. 

The Smartened Duck Boot 

The Smartened Duck Boot

Another way to address how to wear duck boots with jeans can be to smarten up the rest of your fall look. Style your duck boots with a blazer or long coat for a more sophisticated feel and for something to wear through any kind of day without getting wet. Don’t be afraid to get creative with size and silhouette to bring an extra dimension to your duck boots outfits. 

Like the outdoors styling, Saltwater duck boots are still a great choice when it comes to a more formal angle, keeping you dry and ready for anything throughout a working day. Staying cool, classic, and comfortable, it’s no surprise to see duck boots at fashion week just as much as you might see them on a trip to the national park. There’s also the option to wear pull-on duck boots in the look of the traditional Chelsea boot to get the full head-to-toe feel of looking your best.

The Smartened Duck Boot
@Arina Krasnikova via pexels

Timberland or Ralph Lauren duck boots may be another great way to achieve this, with their take on the boot infusing modern style with traditional practicality. They look less obviously like other duck boots mens fashion choices, meaning they can blend seamlessly into an outfit where another item of clothing is taking centre stage. All practicality, all glamour, all of the time. 

How Do You Wear Duck Boots In Style?

Nowadays you can see a ton of different & cool ways how to wear duck boots all over social media. Nowadays, it all comes down to wearing the right accessories and wearing them all with confidence. You can go for skinny jeans or even a chunky sweater to enjoy both style and comfort. You will enjoy this fit for December or colder months. If looking for cool winter outfits, this is a pick! Consider different ootd’s for different adventures.

The How To Wear Duck Duck Boots Debrief 

The main thing to remember when it comes to men wearing duck boots is that they are a style that’s going to see you through any circumstance and any condition for a very long time. Get investing by choosing a classic brand such as Saltwater duck boots to be able to adapt them to any kind of look you’re after.

What clothes to wear with them are extremely flexible but socks with duck boots are a must to get absolutely right – wear the wrong ones and your feet could be unnecessarily suffering in what could be one of the most classic and comfortable boot styles of all time.

Feature image from Pexels

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