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How to Measure Jacket Size In 3 Simple Steps!

by Jamie Wilson
How to Measure Jacket Size In 3 Simple StepsHow to Measure Jacket Size In 3 Simple Steps

Jacket measurements can be a bit tricky to get correct and with every brand having it’s own cut it can make life pretty tricky. For example, your chest could be an XXL in one brand, but a simple XL with another. Find out how to measure chest size for a jacket, find the perfect formal wear, and make sure you enjoy a perfectly fitted suit for every upcoming event! This article and our guide will help you with any future online or in-store shopping, see for yourself!

How Do You Measure Men’s Jacket Size?

How to measure jacket size? Well, before you start to measure anything, you should know two things:

  • A tape measure and a friend, girlfriend or mom will help you get the job right
  • Make sure you measure your other jackets to get the perfect fit

Your friends should help you write these numbers down. Measure how big, tall & wide you are in every jacket or top you own. This will help you understand your true size.

How To Measure A Jacket Chest Size?

How To Measure A Jacket Chest Size
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Well, this is the most important measurement that you need to think about. This is where everything starts since your chest is the main focus of your suit look. Always make sure that you are standing up and that you put your arms straight and then on the side. Wrap the measurement tape around your chest area and then wrap it around your body. Make sure that your measurements are properly measured before you write them down on a paper. Your jacket shouldn’t be too tight around your body or your chest (unless you are going for a well-fitted and tight look.). Let someone help you in case you can’t do this on your own. It is always good to ask someone who works in retail for their opinion & their help.

How To Measure Shoulders And Shoulder Width?

Try to measure shoulder width whenever shopping for a new jacket or suit. Your perfect size can change every two months, which is why it is essential always to measure up. Your jacket around your shoulders should fall smoothly and should allow you to move arms with ease. To check for the perfect size & measurement of your jacket, try to stand relaxed and place your tape measure across your back from one shoulder to the other. Also, make sure that your neck is not too snugged in.

How To Measure Jacket Length?

How To Measure Jacket Length
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How to measure for a jacket? Use the tape measure and place it over the top of your shoulders. However, make sure you also wear a simple shirt underneath since a blazer or your jacket size will switch once you have a shirt underneath. Make sure that your entire hip area is properly covered. Your waist should also be covered if you go for the right jacket size & length.

How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket?

How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket
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A jacket with sleeves can be a bit tricky to find & purchase in the exact size. This is why a lot of men get their jackets tailored. Your sleeves shouldn’t be too long or too short. Make sure you place your arms flat against your body and check for the size. Now, put them up in the air, and then place them on the sides. Try to measure from the center of the back of your neck. Place your tape along your arms & to your wrist. Longer sleeves can be a good idea if you are purchasing a jacket in the winter.

How To Measure A Suit Jacket?

If you are purchasing a suit jacket for a specific meeting, wedding, or any other formal event – make sure you measure it properly. If you are getting a tailored fitting jacket, make sure you know your measurements. A suit jacket should be a bit smaller than your coat, sport coat, leather jacket, or your vest. Make sure it is well fitted, and that ti emphasizes your chest & muscles. Sizing can be a bit confusing overall. This is because sizes are different for every store. You could go for a size 40 in one store, and in another, you can be a size 42. Always try your go-to number and one size up and one size down till you find your perfect blazer. These are just some of our tips.

How To Measure For A Sport Coat?

How To Measure For A Sport Coat
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Sports coats are a lot like suits & blazers. A blazer is very well-fitted, and a sport coat is also a bit tighter around the chest area. Make sure it suits your arm s the best, and don’t let it be too tight around your neck. Also, guys who prefer a collared shirt will easily make it work with this sports coat. This measuring system is not too hard; just make sure you have a thicker shirt underneath the blazer or underneath your jacket before you commit to your purchase.

How To Measure A Coat?

When buying a coat, try to consider everything: proper chest size, waist measurements, hip-width, arm space, as well as that you have space for your collar. A coat is a go-to for the winter, which is why it should be a bit thicker & bigger, which is why you should look into different chest measurements, along with a larger width of the coat. Go 2-3 inches bigger in size, but avoid looking too slouchy.

How To Measure Jacket Size

In the end, make sure that you take these tips & rules into consideration:

  • Chest measurements are super important, and they all start at your chest & shoulder area
  • Always wear a blazer underneath your jacket
  • Always wear a dress shirt with a collar underneath your blazer and your jacket when trying out the combo 
  • Add one or two inches more to the jacket if you want to have a loose, but not slouchy fit
  • Write down your measurements so you can read them & memorize clearly for future purchases
  • You can go for an accurate (and tight) blazer around your chest area, as well as a tighter sports coat. These clothing items can fit a bit tight.

On That Note

Jackets can be a bit tricky, but they are essential for every guy & every woman in their wardrobe. Make sure that you know everything about your measurements since every inch is important! Coat measurements can be a bit different than your chest measurement, or your lightweight blazer suits. This is why it is essential to measure your body every time correctly. Try to shop as little as often online & try to shop for your jackets in store. There, a worker will help you with their tips until you are left with the perfect measurement jacket and coat.

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