How to Dress Like Leonardo DiCaprio in 3 Simple Steps

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One of the most successful men in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio is know for his incredible performances both on and off of the screen. We’re going to narrow down some of Leonardo’s best looks and how to get them. 


Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street

One of the most iconic films of the 21st century, Wolf of Wall Street depicted a man who was on a mission to make himself a millionaire. He succeeded, but not without a few hiccups along the way. Based in the early 1990’s, Wolf of Wall Street was a film full of sharp suits, slicked back haircuts and a lot of partying. To achieve a Wolf of Wall Street outfit, simply grab a well cut, classic suit that you can always fall back on – a wardrobe essential for every man.

leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street suit


If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street then you’ll know the famous scene where the FBI question our man Leo on his very large and very luxurious yacht. This scene is noted for a different reason as well, his character’s casual dress sense – casual, yet still very smart, he incorporates the classic 90’s aesthetic with a white polo shirt and beige chinos topped off with a classic penny loafer. Even Leonardo DiCaprio t-shirt looks are one to copy.

leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street casual outfit

Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet

Probably not a film that you could draw much style inspiration from, but Leonardo certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to displaying some iconic looks as he’s trying to win the heart of Juliet. We’re not talking about the suit of armour that he dons at the beginning of the film, but more the printed shirts and tapered trousers.

Although we don’t have the exact shirt for you to purchase, this printed number from HUF is just as good. Because of the neutral colour and tone of the print you can easily pair if with a multitude of colours and looks. Throw on a pair of white trousers to top the look off and you’ll be good to go.

leonardo dicaprio romeo and juliet

Leonardo DiCaprio The Great Gatsby

Leonardo’s performance in The Great Gatsby was incredible, as was his wardrobe. At the height of the 1920’s money was in abundance, the clothes were well made and incredibly stylish. A lot of the 1920’s styling can still be seen today, and Leonardo in this beige suit is a very stylish moment of the movie. Channel your inner Gatsby with a sharp beige suit, and a crisp white shirt and remember to keep your accessories to a minimum and make sure they’re classic. A pair of brogues, a ring, a waistcoat, and if you feel like it, a cane.

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby brown suit

Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic

Probably one of the mot iconic Leonardo DiCaprio movies to have ever been made, it made every person invested into the Rose and Jack love story (debate still circles on the available space aboard the floating wardrobe). Of course, these are looks that are made to look like the early 20th century, so unless you frequent costume shops, then you’r going to find it difficult to find something that he would of worn.

However, what hasn’t changed much in over 100 years in the classic dinner suit, or tuxedo – and Leonardo DiCaprio in a tuxedo has to be one of the most stylish moments in movie history. Take a well-cut tuxedo jacket and trousers and team them with a crisp, formal white shirt.

leonardo dicaprio titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio Inception

Inception baffled audiences across the world leaving them slightly perplexed whether or not Leonardo’s character was actually still in the dream. However, it was his casual style that caught the eye of fashion followers alike. Teaming classic flannel shirts with simple and timeless denim jeans made for a great, easy-to-wear look that was relatable and stylish.

leonardo dicaprio inception

Leonardo DiCaprio Suit

No-one looks better in a suit than Leonardo DiCaprio, whether it’s Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars or Leonardo DiCaprio at the Baftas, he nails it every time. This is a man who know what suits him and what works with his body shape. Always seen in the sharpest tailored numbers on the red carpet, Leonardo suits almost every colour and style going for suits (certainly a man who makes it difficult to look bad).

If you want to channel your inner Leo, then why not go for a classic grey suit in a slimmer fit. Go for a tie in a dark navy or red as a contrast to the dark grey of the suit.

leonardo dicaprio black suit white shirt and tie

Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

I think we can all remember when speculation arose when Leonardo started to sport a rather scruffy and unkept beard. But, now that we know that it was for his Oscar winning role The Revenant we let that one slide; but when he played the formiddable Calvin Candie in Django Unchained, he had to grow a very stylish goatee, which n many people’s opinion, suited him a hell of a lot.

leonardo dicaprio goatee beard

How to Get a Goatee Beard

The trick with obtaining a goatee beard is to let your facial hair grown for a short while – until it’s long enough to se a defined style to it. You’ll want to take a razor, or even an electric razor, and shave the hair on your cheeks completely off. Then decide where you want your goatee to start and shave around that area.

If you want, you can leave a line of hair along your jaw line for extra added detail to your goatee, but the majority of men usually shave that off as well.

leonardo dicaprio beard

How to Dress Like Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashion and style is influenced by his movies.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s T-shirts and casual wear is always stylish.
  • His movie roles produce iconic style choices for Leonardo.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s suits are sharp and well made in neutral colours.

how to dress like Leonardo Dicaprio

On That Note

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Bafta performances shows he is definitely a man of may talents. His acting is award winning and his style is iconic. He’s a man who knows how to pull off a tuxedo with ease and style whilst channelling a 1920’s millionaire at the same time. Adaptable to all of is roles, Leonardo certainly makes a massive impact both on the screen and on the red carpet; so why not take a little style inspiration from the man himself, and who knows, you may be picking up an Oscar sooner than you think.

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