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How To Measure Inside Leg – The Ultimate Guide

by Joseph Birch
What Is A Normal Inside Leg

So, you’ve finally found the confidence to wear cropped trousers, or you’ve just figured out which ones go best with your favorite blazer. However, how can you know if you are working with proper pants in terms of their length? Is there a need for accurate measurement work?

If you’re wanting to find the chest measure on a jacket, look at our recent guide and you’ll be an expert at measuring clothes in no time.

Measure Inside Leg
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How Do You Measure Your Inner Leg?

How Do You Measure Your Inner Leg
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What is the true leg length, and how to find the best mens trousers? You have to take a ruler, fix up your posture, and measure your ideal pants size. Here is how to do it:

  • Stand up straight with your legs slightly open. Place your tape on your inner thighs and try to stay close to the crotch area.
  • You can measure in either centimeters or inches. You can also ask a friend to help you with the true and accurate lengths of your legs.
  • Pull the tape measure tight and run it down to the bottom of your ankle. Your ideal inseam is the number between the bottom of your ankle and your crotch/groin area.

How To Measure Leg Length Of A Pair Of Trousers

 Measure Leg Length Of A Pair Of Trousers
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Inside leg length or inside leg measurement numbers are just as important. Watch out for your outseam and pants inseam when doing your own measurements. You should take a look at this picture for a reference point. Also, make sure that you:

  • Fold the top leg up over the waistband. By doing this step you will have an accurate measurement of your inner leg length.
  • Watch out for the bottom of the crotch, and make sure that it is visible. Use your hands to straighten out and flatten the bottom pant leg.
  • Also, watch out for where the inseams meet and measure down the inside of the leg to the bottom of the leg opening.

What Is A Normal Inside Leg?

What Is A Normal Inside Leg
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In a nutshell, this can truly vary depending on your height. You can measure this in inches or centimetres, watching out for any stiffness around your inner thigh, but also the waist area. Here is a common frame size that you should know of:

  • Standard – means that the inside leg length is 81cm or 32”.
  • Minus – it means that you are a bit smaller than the average person. Your length is 76cm or 30”.
  • Plus – if you are super tall and need 87cm or 34” of room, this is for you.

Having Said All of That

Are you ready to get the right and precise measurement numbers? With the right approach, there will be no discrepancies in your look! It doesn’t matter if you need 79cm or 71cm long trousers, just avoid doing a bad measurement job in the future, and you will easily rock any type of wear!

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