How To Measure Inside Leg – The Ultimate Guide

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Measure Inside Legs

So, you’ve finally found the confidence to wear cropped trousers, or you’ve just figured out which ones go best with your favorite blazer

The next step is making sure you get the right fit, and be warned that only knowing the waist size is not enough. The waistband measurement is one thing, but make sure to follow this trouser fitting guide to find out how to measure trousers inside leg length as well and be sure to get the perfect length for you. 

If you’re wanting to find the chest measure on a jacket, look at our recent guide and you’ll be an expert at measuring clothes in no time.

How Do You Measure Your Inner Leg?

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We’re going to split this guide into two sections, one for each way that you can measure the inside leg. You’re either wanting to measure one of your actual legs which is the first part of this guide, or the measurement of a pair of trousers that you’ve got to hand, which we will cover second.

Firstly, get hold of a tape measure. A great addition to every household, they’re super useful if you want to find out other things like how to measure mens waist measurements, and in general for different kinds of garment lengths. Make sure to hold the tape measure flat but not to pull it too tightly or you’ll get the wrong reading. Ideally you’d get a friend to help you out, as it’s much easier than trying to reach down with a measuring tape yourself. Stand up straight and don’t bend your legs.

Starting from the crotch, measure downwards from the top until you reach the desired length (where you want your trousers to end), or typically to the ankle bone to find your true inside leg measurement. Remember that the crotch of the garment should hang a little lower than your actual crotch, so bear this in mind when measuring inside leg lengths. It helps to repeat this task two or three times to make sure you’ve got an average reading that will provide you with the most accuracy. This way you’ll easily know if you’ve made a mistake. 

When it comes to mens trousers sizes, the average inside leg measurement (and standard size) is 32” or 81cm. If you’ve got longer legs then you might want to go for the taller 34” or 87cm, and if your legs are on the smaller side then the shorter leg length of 30” or 75cm will suffice. Remembering the three lengths that make up that size guide will be really useful should you ever find yourself buying a new pair of trousers, or checking how some will fit you. Refer to the inside leg measurement chart below.

SHORT 30” 75CM



How To Measure Leg Length Of A Pair Of Trousers

Pair Of Trousers
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Aside from measuring your own actual leg, you also might wish to know what the inside leg length is of a pair of trousers you have. Maybe you want to be measuring jeans in order to compare them to another style which you want to fit differently, or you’re getting a custom pair of trousers made and you want them to be exactly the same as your favourite pair. It’s a great idea to know what the measurement is on a pair that you’ve got in your wardrobe for future reference to use as a starting point when trying on trousers in-store, or to improve your chances of getting the right size when you order online.

Similarly to measuring your own leg, find the crotch seam on the trousers (the part at the bottom of the rise where there is a cross-section) and start to measure from there. Work your way from the top along this seam all the way down to the hem of the trouser to find the measurement. This length will depend on the style of trouser, and you should take this into account when measuring in this way. 

If you’re dealing with a pair of cropped chinos then this length is likely to be on the shorter end, and if it’s a baggy air of jeans that stacks on your legs or sits fairly far down onto your shoe, then chances are it will be longer. Smart trousers that come as part of a tux might have a really high waist and be tighter around the crotch, something which may also lead to a longer than usual inside leg length. 

The Basics: How To Measure Your Inside Leg

Whichever method you find yourself needing to use, the concept is essentially the same. If you want to know how to measure inside leg then start from the crotch, and measure down to the hem or where you would want the trouser to end on your leg.

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