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Essentials Hoodie Sizing: The Ultimate Guide In 2024!

by Cressida meale
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Hello, fashion enthusiasts! Ah, the humble hoodie — a universal staple that, despite its simplicity, often leaves us scratching our heads in the fitting room. Ever found yourself drowning in fabric one moment and then feeling like a shrink-wrapped potato the next? Hoodie sizing can be a veritable maze of dimensions, especially with the rise of global brands and the interplay of diverse sizing standards. But fret not! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of hoodie sizing. This post is your ultimate roadmap, unraveling the nuances of fit, design, and dimension. By the end, you will not only know your ideal size but also understand the art and science behind why a hoodie fits the way it does. Ready to embark on this sartorial adventure? Let’s unravel the threads together!

The Lowdown on Sizing

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There’s a sweet spot between channeling ’90s baggy vibes and looking like you’re wearing your younger sibling’s clothes. Nailing that hoodie size isn’t just about looking snazzy but also about comfort. Think about it: something too big can make you seem like you’re swimming in fabric, while a tighter hoodie can rob you of the joy of snuggling into its coziness.

Functionality matters, too! I wore an oversized hoodie on a chilly day, thinking I was all set. Spoiler alert: I froze. The hoodie was so large that it didn’t trap any warmth. On the flip side, I’ve also mistakenly chosen sizes that barely let me lift my arms. Fun times!

Here’s the curveball: Not all hoodie sizes are equal. Different brands, different quirks. So, always give a nod to the brand’s size chart. And hey, if you can, try it on. Nothing beats the age-old trial room hustle.

The Hoodie Measuring Manual

The Hoodie Measuring Manual
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Buying an Essentials Hoodie is like crafting the perfect latte – you need the proper proportions. Here’s a guide based on many a shopping trip and maybe a few too many coffees:

1. Chest Measurement: With a measuring tape, circle the broadest part of your chest. Ensure it’s snug, but there’s no need to go corset-level tight. Jot down that number!

2. Shoulder Showdown: Measure edge to edge, shoulder to shoulder. It’s like giving yourself a mini embrace.

3. Sleeve Sleuthing: Start from your shoulder’s peak, down to your wrist. Arm relaxed, of course! No superhero poses are needed.

4. The Length Litmus: From your shoulder’s top, straight down to where you’d like your hoodie to end. Everyone’s got their preference.

Once armed with these numbers, peek at the sizing chart from Fear of God Essentials or your chosen retailer. A quick tip: FoG Essentials hoodies have a roomier flair, so if you’re eyeing a snugger fit, consider sizing down.

The sheer joy of finding that dreamy hoodie sometimes turns into a mini-meltdown in the fitting room. Too tight? Too baggy? The struggle is real! But guess what? Today, we’re diving into the world of Essentials hoodie sizing, and I’m here to sprinkle some of my hard-earned wisdom (and yes, a few fitting room stories) to ensure you get that spot-on fit.

Essentials Hoodie Sizing 101

Here’s your go-to sizing chart for the Essentials hoodie range:

SizeChest (inches)Length (inches)

Fun fact: Essentials hoodies are a fan of the oversized flair. For those who lean towards the form-fitting side of life, sizing down is your game. If you’re here for the oversized charm, play it classic, or even size up!

And let’s talk fabric. Do you know that favorite cotton tee of mine that went from oversized to toddler-sized after one wash? Yep, materials matter. Cotton hoodies might pull that same trick, so always keep an eye on care instructions.

Snagging the Perfect Hoodie: Tips & Tricks

Snagging the Perfect Hoodie
Photo by Waldo Kleyn on Unsplash

1. Measure Up: Always a good plan to know your measurements – chest, waist, hips. Your tape measure will become your best friend. Trust me!

2. That Perfect Fit: Remember, Essentials hoodies play the generous card. So, if snug is your jam, consider sizing down. But if you’re vibing with the relaxed fit, embrace it.

3. Reviews, The Unsung Heroes: Other shoppers spill the beans! Scour those reviews. Found someone with a similar build to yours? Bonus! Their two cents can be a gold mine.

4. The Fitting Room Chronicles: When in doubt, try it out. If you’re online shopping, order a size up and down and host a mini fashion show at home.

What Are the Unique Sizing Quirks of Different Hoodie Brands?

Diverse in brands, styles, and yes, those sometimes befuddling sizing quirks. As a casual fashion staple, hoodies have evolved with different brands, often having unique sizing characteristics. Let’s navigate through some famous brands and their distinct sizing tendencies:


  • It tends to be true to size.
  • However, their athletic fit items might feel a tad snugger, especially around the chest and shoulders.


  • Generally true to size.
  • Influenced by retro aesthetics, the Originals line can sometimes have a more relaxed fit.


  • Classic styles can feel oversized, embracing that comfy, baggy look.
  • Their modern or athletic lines lean more towards a true-to-size fit.

Under Armour:

  • Often a snugger fit, designed with athletes in mind.
  • If you’re looking for a relaxed fit, consider sizing up.


  • It tends to fit true to size but with a slightly boxy cut.
  • Given its streetwear vibe, some items might lean towards an oversized aesthetic.

Fear of God Essentials:

  • Known for its oversized and relaxed fit.
  • If you’re aiming for something more fitted, consider sizing down.


  • Generally true to size.
  • Their sport-specific gear might have a more tailored or snug fit.


  • Designed with workwear in mind, their hoodies tend to be roomier.
  • They are durable and often bulkier due to their robust material.


  • It is a favorite for custom prints and tends to be true to size.
  • However, certain styles might shrink post-wash, especially if they’re 100% cotton.

H&M and Zara (Fast Fashion Brands):

  • Sizing can be inconsistent, and it’s common to find variations even within the same brand.
  • Always a good idea to try before you buy or check their specific size charts.

Remember, these general observations might not apply to every single hoodie within the brand. Factors like collaborations, limited editions, or specific collections can introduce variations.

It’s always smart to check size charts, read customer reviews, and try them on. After all, the perfect hoodie is a blend of comfort, style, and that just-right fit. Happy hoodie hunting!

How Can You Ensure That Your Hoodie Doesn’t Shrink After Washing It?

Ensuring your favorite hoodie stays the same size post-wash requires a combination of understanding the fabric, adopting the right washing techniques, and exercising some patience. Hoodie shrinkage is often a sad tale of many, but here’s how you can sidestep that fashion tragedy:

  1. Check the Label: Always begin with the care instructions. The label often provides invaluable guidance on washing temperatures and methods suitable for the fabric.
  2. Cold Water is Your Friend: Warm or hot water can cause fibers to tighten up, leading to shrinkage. Opt for a cold wash to be on the safer side.
  3. Gentle Cycle: A delicate or gentle cycle reduces the agitation, which can otherwise stress and shrink the fibers.
  4. Skip the Dryer: Heat is often the prime culprit behind shrinking garments. Instead of tossing your hoodie into the dryer:
  • Lay it flat on a clean towel to retain its shape.
  • Avoid wearing clothespins at the bottom edge if hanging, as this can stretch the hoodie out.

If Using a Dryer, Be Cautious

  • Use the lowest heat setting or an air-only cycle.
  • Remove the hoodie while it’s still slightly damp and shape it by hand before allowing it to air dry completely.
  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Don’t leave your hoodie in direct sunlight for extended periods if air drying. Sun can not only fade the color but heat the fabric, causing some shrinkage.
  2. Fabric Softeners: While they make your hoodie feel soft, they can also break down fibers over time. Consider using them sparingly or opting for natural alternatives like white vinegar.
  3. Pre-Shrink at Purchase: If your hoodie is 100% cotton, consider intentionally shrinking it when you first get it. This can make subsequent washes less likely to alter the size.
  4. Hand Wash: Hand washing can be a gentler alternative to machine washing, especially for more delicate or premium hoodies.
  5. Stay Informed on Fabric Types: Hoodies made from synthetic fibers (like polyester) or blends tend to shrink less than natural fibers (like cotton). Understanding the material can help set washing expectations.

Lastly, remember that all fabrics have a lifespan. Even with the utmost care, wear and tear and some changes in size or shape are natural over time. But with these tips, you can significantly extend the life and fit of your beloved hoodie!


In fashion, the hoodie is a timeless essential, and finding the right fit can elevate comfort and style. Hello, fashion enthusiasts! Remember, knowing your measurements and considering the brand’s unique fit is key. While Essentials hoodies have a penchant for a more generous silhouette, the ultimate choice lies with your preference. Dive into reviews, experiment with sizes, and always keep an eye on fabric care to avoid those sneaky shrinkage surprises. Fashion is as much about feeling good as it looks, and armed with these insights, you’re poised to make confident choices that celebrate your unique style. So, here’s to your next hoodie adventure – may it be cozy and chic!

Feature image by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

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